Exclusive Interview: Tera Patrick

What’s it been like working with Vivid so far?

Actually I started my own company before I started with Vivid. It’s called Tera Vision. I signed with Vivid a few months ago and it’s been great. I’ve done four movies so far and they’ve all been co-productions with my company, Tera Vision. It’s good because I’m on my own and I get to do what I want. I have all the creative control. Steve Hirsch is just a great guy. It’s been an amazing experience. I get to work with the Vivid Girls. Contrary to what people may think, they’re just the nicest girls you could ever meet. I just finished doing a movie with Briana Banks and she’s so funny and goofy and sexy. I felt like I was making love to a man in a woman’s body! She’s such a guy but she’s a beautiful woman at the same time.
I did my first girl-girl scene in February. My first movie with them is called “Tera Tera Tera.” It had my first girl-girl scene which was with Savanna. She was great. She walked me through the whole thing, although she said I was a natural! It’s shocking to me but I guess I was. Everyone said, “What was it like for you?” I just started kissing her and then I immediately wanted her so bad that I just went down on her. It was something that I really wanted to do so I just dove in there and did it! That’s always how I’ve done things, 300%. She was great and really fun and sexy. I’ve worked with Tawny Roberts. We did a shoot for my website. She was great because she was so shy. She was real giggly and I was real giggly with her. It was like two girl scouts in the tent asking each other, “Can I touch yours?” Mercedes is the latin lover. She’s real smooth and she takes over and takes charge. She’s a really sexy voluptuous woman. The only woman with Vivid I haven’t worked with is Sunrise. I’m gonna get my hands on her really soon! You come into a company like Vivid and there’s all these beautiful women everywhere. I knew I was bringing something to the table but I was kinda nervous. They all welcomed me in and it’s been awesome. Now I can call any of them up and say, “Hey, do you wanna do a movie together?” They’re like, “Fuck yeah! Let’s do a movie!” I don’t have to worry about gettin’ some ever again! You know what I mean? I have in-house pussy! (laughs) It’s really cool!
I’m only working with my husband, Spyder Jones, with my boy-girl scenes. He took to sex on camera like a fish to water. I was really nervous on the first movie we did together. I didn’t want him to get nervous and not be able to get it up, ya know? He’s been fine. He’s great. He gets up there and he rises to the occassion. It’s cool because I really get to do what I want with him. He gets to do what he wants to me. It makes it really exciting and refreshing. We add girls to the mix when we do our scenes together. I’m not a jealous girl. He doesn’t have sex with the other girls but I’ll let the other girls give him a blowjob. Why not give him something extra? He’s so good to me.

Holy shit, why can’t all girls think that way?

It makes it fun. I’ll be honest with you. A couple of years ago I was definitely one of those jealous girlfriends, ya know? I’m really secure with our relationship. We have a really strong marriage. A lot of guys always ask me how to get their girl to have a threesome. I’m like, “Dude, if she doesn’t trust you it’s never gonna happen. Your girl has to trust you and you have to prove it to her.” I know if I let another girl give Spyder a blowjob that he’s not gonna leave the set and tell me he’s going home with her. I know he’s going home with me. I know he’s excited and kind of grateful to me to let him have that. It turns me on too because then I know I’m in control.

How in-control are you as far as scripts for your movies?

Spyder comes up with most of the scripts for the movie. We’ll then collaborate and put some ideas together. Then we’ll pick the director we want to work with. We just worked with Skeeter Kerkove. Skeeter and Bridgette are very hardcore. They’re known for extreme sex – like fisting, a lot of anal, gang bangs, and stuff like that. I thought I was gonna show up on the set and he’d want to stick 100 chop sticks in my butt! I was a little nervous. He was great. Each director brings something new to the table. Getting the opportunity to work with a new director each time is refreshing and it stimulates me more.

What’s the next title you’ll release?

The next one I believe will be either “Collision Course” or the first production that Tera Vision did without Vivid called “Asian Love Palace.” That’s gonna be my new signature series and will have, as you can imagine, all asian girls. Spyder plays a pimp and I play a madame of this asian brothel that has all these beautiful asian girls that’s set in a secret location. Guys sign up to come to the brothel through AsianLovePalace.com, which is also gonna be our new website. The guys get to come if I select them. Spyder runs the brothel but let’s me think I run it! We actually have a 16 girl orgy that’s really hot. I’m in that and I also do some hot boy-girl scenes. It’s really interesting because working with all asian girls was so easy! Asian girls are so nice and so sweet. It was the most drama-free set I’ve ever been on.

That’s gotta be good – especially when you’ve got 16 hot chicks in the same scene!

Oh, yeah! We first thought it would be rough and all the girls would start demanding and pulling the diva stuff. Everyone was giggling and so happy. A lot of the girls were my friends. My girl-girl scene in that movie was with Charmane Starr. She was one of the very first girls in the industry that I ever became friends with. That was in 1999. We lived in the same apartment building together. We were really good friends but we ended up going our seperate ways. We go reunited on the set of Asian Love Palace. It was cool to finally work with her and get to know her again. She came to my birthday party that I had recently. She’s one of my best friends that I have in the industry. She’s a great girl.

Is it easy to have a keep friends in the adult industry?

The industry is very competitive. A lot of girls get jealous of other girls. I always look at women and I never see the competition. I’m just not a very competitive person, unless it comes to poker or sports! I embrace a lot of the girls. I would say it’s hard to have friends because there’s really not a lot of time. We’re all racing from set to set. I feature dance all over the country. I was just in Pennsylvania. Next week I’m in California and the week after that I’m gonna be in Kentucky.

Tell me more about dancing and your show.

I love dancing. That’s something that I’ve really embraced. Girls always asked my why I didn’t dance. I didn’t know how! They told me I just had to get up on stage and collect some money! I thought it sounded easy enough! I had my first dance gig in November of 2003 in Chicago. I’ve been going across the country ever since and making a lot of money. My advice to girls starting out: Do your movies. Get on the box covers. Hit the dance circuit as soon as you can! There is a lot of money to be made. I’m buying another house next week and real estate is a good investment. I never dreamed that I would make that much money dancing and it’s great.

Us guys just don’t stand a chance, do we? Nobody will pay us to get up on stage and shake our ass!

(laughs) I hear Chippendale’s dancers make good money. You’ve got to turn your body into something else, though. Have you seen those guys? I’m not into muscular type guys. I like guys that are fit but the guys that have those really buff bodies – and there’s quite a few in the industry now – have never turned me on. It doesn’t feel right.

You’ve got a ton of stuff going on with ClubTera.com, too. How’s your website working out?

It’s very important that everybody knows that my official website is ClubTera.com. I don’t have anything to do with any other websites. At ClubTera.com I do a daily diary. I’ve invested a lot of time and money into Club Tera. I do photo shoots every week for it. I update the photos every week. I do live chats and I have a new live message board, too. ClubTera.com is my little baby. I also do answer my own email. It’s Tera@ClubTera.com. It may take me a while to respond because I travel back and forth but I do eventually respond to all my emails. I will get back to you. I have something going on that a lot of fans have asked about. They can go to ClubTera.com or ErosBids.com and I sell Tera Patrick underwear, shoot clothes, dildos that I’ve used on sets, and personalized clothing items. I have a guy that’s dying to buy a pair of my boots but he won’t buy them because they’re not stinky enough! He wants ‘em stinky and really worn in. I’ve gotta make a couple of more dance appearances before he’ll buy ‘em from me. I can’t believe he wants them very stinky! I get requests for my panties and my dildos. Somebody wanted the shirt I wore on Howard Stern. It’s all for sale.

What’s the press been like for you? What stands out in your mind as a major press event?

Oh man! You’re gonna make me have to think!

And it’s Friday, too! What was I thinking with that question? You shouldn’t have to think too hard at the end of the week!

I know! I’ve got to be honest. Radio interviews are tough for me to be do because a lot of DJs aren’t very friendly. That’s why I was really nervous doing the Howard Stern Show. I thought he was gonna be really mean. He turned out to be really nice and really friendly. I get more compliments on that show. I didn’t even realize the big influence he has on radio listeners. That was definitely one that stands out. I did Eddie Trunk’s show a couple of weeks ago. He is the nicest guy ever. I had such a blast doing his radio show with him. We hosted a Biohazard concert together. He’s really cool. And, of course you Jesse!

I’m blushing…What kind of music do you dance to and what do you listen to when you’re just out driving around?

My shows are – I used to do my music according to the demographics. I dance to Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, the Rolling Stones, AC/DC. One set may go Linkin Park, Danzig, Korn, and I’ll finish with Ludacris. I’ll try to pick a big upbeat song for the fourth song, like Beyonce. The big shows are the rock shows. I go a little crazy and pull my hair and bang around the stage. My knees get so bruised up. When you come see me you’ll see how bruised and bloody my knees get. I’m on my knees quite a bit.

Oh, really? (laughs)

I like dancing to Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails. They’ve got a slow groove. When I’m driving around in the car I’ve got on the Rolling Stones or AC/DC. I love Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

Please tell me you’re a KISS fan.

I’m not a KISS fan. Spyder has his KISS shirt on right now. I am not a KISS fan. They just never did it for me. I started listening to metal when I was around 13. I listened to Ozzy, Judas Priest. I’ve seen AC/DC like 10 times. One of my favorite concerts was the Grateful Dead.

I’ve gotta tell you. KISS, Nugent, Motley Crue, Ratt, Van Halen, Poison, Ozzy, and the Stones always did it for me.

I dance to Motley Crue. I dance to “Kickstart My Heart.” I do a nurse routine and my first song is “Dr. Feelgood.” I do a schoolgirl show and I play “Hot For Teacher,” and “School’s Out.” As I’m dancing I can see a lot of guys getting into Alice Cooper. It’s cool to see what kinds of music works in different cities. I was just in Pennsylvania and they love Ratt and all the 80s rock. They were all screaming “Pour Some Sugar On Me” so I had to pull out my 80s CDs and decide it was gonna be a Def Leppard show! We bring a lot of CDs with us when we’re on the road. I love picking out my music.

If you ever get a chance, listen to “If You Think I’m Sexy” by the Revolting Cocks. I think that is the perfect song to dance to.

Somebody did a remake of “Ace Of Spades” and I danced to that one time. It was like a techno version. A lot of remakes sound really good. Marilyn Manson is really good at that. He did a cool remake of “Tainted Love.”
When Spyder and I first started dating he played Carnivore. I just about lost my mind! If he hadn’t pulled the CD out first I would have pulled it out and thrown it out the window! Trip out on this. I was actually on a CD cover of a lot of harcore bands that was released in Brazil. Biohazard had a song on it and I really like it. Then we started dating and I went on tour with him a couple of times. People always ask me to dance to Biohazard and Spyder doesn’t want me to. In Pennsylvania they were screaming for me to dance to it! I also like Agnostic Front. They’re really cool.

What would you like to say to all your fans?

I did take a year off but I’m back. I want to thank all the fans that have joined Club Tera and are still supporting me and buying movies. I’m here, I’m back, and I’m making the best movies ever. Thank you for the support and keep watching and joining!

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