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TANYA TATE AT Exxxotica Chicago – Photo by MorbidThoughts / EMMReport.com

Tanya Tate launched her adult career in 2008 and quickly became a popular performer in the MILF genre. She began filming for top tier adult companies such as Digital Playground, Vivid, Wicked Pictures and Brazzers. After firmly establishing herself as an in-demand performer, Tanya made the move to the director’s chair, specializing in lesbian-themed erotica for Filly Films. As evidence of her strength in the genre, she won Best Lesbian Performer at the 2016 XRCO Awards.

Tanya has also become a noted “geek” personality stemming from her high profile hobby of cosplay and pop-culture filled blog, JustaLottaTanya.com. Tanya has a 5-inch figure available for fans based on her own superhero character, Lady Titan.

On top of her impressive career as an adult actress, Tanya is also the owner and operator of the public relations firm; Star Factory PR. Representing some of the hottest performers in adult, Tanya Tate has proven to be a remarkable success in all facets of the adult industry.

Rock Confidential spent some time with Tanya to talk about her expansive career, growing the Tanya Tate brand and why she loves being such a geek.

Tanya, it’s great to catch up with you! Let’s start off by finding out what you were like in high school.

I was always an extrovert when I was at school. I was the opposite of shy. I am still outgoing and love to perform in movies, but now I enjoy relaxing at home and have become much more of a stay at home type of girl.

When did you first become comfortable with your sexuality?

Experience makes you comfortable. Once I started having sex it just felt so natural that I became comfortable.

Do you remember the first time you saw porn or any adult material? What was your initial reaction?

I stayed at my friend’s house and we found her older brother’s stash of adult magazines. We were both shocked and excited. I started off by watching soft porn on satellite TV. I had a male friend at school who gave me my first hardcore porn movie on VHS cassette tape to watch.

Did you have any misconceptions about the porn industry before you started?

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I just dived in and hoped for the best and made my career a success.

Looking back, how do you remember your very first year in adult?

My first scene was for Joy Bear Pictures in October 2008. It was a boy girl scene with Danny D. I was really nervous. But once we got into making the scene I began to relax and forget the camera was there. The first year I was finding my confidence in front of the camera and how to position myself. Now it all comes natural to me, like riding a bike. You don’t have to think about it, it just happens.

If you were to write your own sex scene with just things you get off on, how would it go?

I have written many scenes for the movies I have directed. I have a dozen movies for Filly Films and my new one is being released, Girl Fiction for Smash Pictures. I have incorporated things that I love and many naughty scenarios. I would love a vampire scene where I am lying on a bed having a whole bevvy of hot girls seducing me.


What about your career is most appealing?

I love being able to dress up in sexy clothes, with beautiful makeup and have amazing orgasms with hot partners. Now, I’m really enjoying directing. I can come up with my own concepts, bring to life the fantasies that I’ve imagined and hand pick the performers I personally want to work with. I had a crush on Jenna Sativa since I directed her in Baby Sitting Academy. I got her for Girl Fiction in my girl-girl scene. The chemistry is so strong, you can see it when you watch the scene. I also own my own publicity company, Star Factory PR. I feel privileged to help other adult stars with their branding and promotion. It makes me feel proud when they are nominated for awards.

What’s been the biggest challenge as you’ve grown your career in Adult?

When I first started, directing was a big challenge. When you are performing you are relying on direction from the director. When you are performing and directing you have to have balance both thoughts in your mind, along with everything else you have to do to make a shoot happen. It really helps to work with good professional people who you have good relationships with, and who are supporting team players. I have found a real nice group of people I work with. It shows as my Lesbian Family Affair series of movies have been nominated in all the big awards including AVN, XBIZ and XRCO awards. It is very exciting and rewarding to know that my work as a director and a performer has been recognized.

You’ve really taken charge and turned yourself into a brand. Was that your initial vision or something you realized after you entered Adult?

This was not my initial plan when I first got into the industry, but I soon realized the successful stars made themselves into brands, so that seemed to be the right way to go. You have to work at this by having good partnerships. From my own online marketing through social media, to having my own members website TanyaTate.com. I was approached by Fleshlight to have my own branded men’s masturbator toy. This was followed up by Kirroo adding on the Tanya Tate Experience with a toy where guys can be interactive with me. I have partnerships in directing movies for Filly Films and Smash Pictures. My work has been nominated many times and I am honored to say I am a 10 time MILF Of The Year winner and now Best Lesbian Performer has been added to my list of awards. I have a weekly radio show “The Tanya Tate Show” on Vivid Radio and Sirius XM. Being personal with my fans by being accessible to them via texting, phone chat and webcam chat opens up a channel for them to get to know me more on a one-on-one basis. As well as personal hard work, I have an amazing publicity team that assist in promoting my achievements.

Besides being a publicist, does working at Star Factory give you the opportunity to share advice with your clients? Does the industry need more mentors for new performers?

Part of being a publicist is about providing advice and presenting opportunities to my clients. I think there is a need for more mentors. The first piece of information I would give is to surround yourself with good people and listen to good advice.

Your talent is also in place behind the camera as a director. What made you want to pursue directing and how have you been able to grow that aspect of your career?

I was given the opportunity to direct for Filly Films. The niche was lesbian which evolved to include taboo relationships. I have directed boy girl scenes for Penthouse and I am open to managing sets involving these type of scenes. However, directing lesbian themed erotica seems very natural to me. I never thought I would win an award for Best Lesbian Performer, which is why I was so honored to win this title at the XRCO Awards. I have added working for the production company Smash Pictures to my director credits, with my first movie for them being Girl Fiction.

With the rise in popularity of “free” porn on tube sites, the business model has been destroyed – very similar to how torrents and YouTube have destroyed the music industry. What is the most effective way for performers to make a living in Adult?

Free porn has destroyed budgets. Fans that don’t pay for their porn don’t realize the damage they are causing. Less return for a movie has reduced company budgets. Now, the way for a performer to make a living is through virtual interaction. By providing an interactive platform through such channels as webcam, phone chat, texting and custom movies, I can provide an authentic experience that the tube sites cannot.


You’re a proud pop culture “geek” – from collecting memorabilia and toys, cosplay – you even have an action figure based on your superhero alter-ego Lady Titan! Please tell me more about this and why it brings you so much pleasure.

I have a love for dressing up as sexy super heroes. I started a cosplay blog JustaLottaTanya.com after I went to San Diego Comic Con dressed as Emma Frost from the X-Men. Fans loved the pics so the blog started there. I review cool stuff, movies, vinyl toys, Blu-rays and these post on my YouTube channel YouTube.com/TanyaTateTube. I like to go to conventions. I think I have dressed as every character that I wanted to like She-Ra or Catwoman. I want to do more in horror, to show my love of Hammer Films, but there are not that many iconic costumes for female characters. If my hair gets darker I might dress up as Emma Peel from The Avengers TV show of the 60’s but people in America would probably just think I was Black Widow! I will continue to dress up as my own character, Lady Titan. I started my character as I wanted something to wear that is recognizable as me. The fans were also asking for me to do my own superhero. Now I have an action figure of her that can be purchased via MyHeroToys.com and I’ve been working on a comic book for her.

I’ve heard that you love 80s music. Who are some of your favorite artists?

My taste ranges from The Beatles to The Smiths, and yes I love 80s music. I have watched UK band Spandau Ballet several times in concert. I enjoy soft rock such as Fleetwood Mac, and Queen. When I workout at the gym I listen to House music.

What was the first album you bought with your own money when you were younger?

The first singles I remember being in my collection are Madness “Our House” and “It Ain’t What You Do (It’s The Way That You Do It)” by The Specials / Bananarama / Fun Boy Three, but I did end up with a lot of my Mum’s music in my collection. My first album was one of the Now That’s What I Call Music compilations from the mid 80s.

What are you up to next?

I am excited for my new movie I directed to be released, Girl Fiction from Smash Pictures. I think the fans and critics will love it. I am nominated for MILF Of The Year at the UK awards shows SHAFTA and also Paul Raymond Awards, and also Nightmoves. These are fan voted, so if I get enough votes I could become an 11-time MILF Of The Year recipient. All the info to cast your vote is on VoteTanya.com, I am appreciative for everyone who votes Tanya Tate!

Thank you Tanya! What would you like to say to your fans to wrap things up?

Thank you to all my fans for being loyal #TanyaTaters and keep wanking for Tanya Tate!

TANYA TATE AT Exxxotica Chicago – Photo by MorbidThoughts / EMMReport.com

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