Exclusive Interview: Shy Love


Hey Shy, it’s very cool to catch up with you! I’m not going to pretend that I know everything, so tell me a little about yourself, please.

I’ve been in the business for about 13 months now and I’ve done about 300 scenes. About 260 or 270 of them are all anal! I have two Master’s degrees and I own my own accounting firm. I just started producing my own line which is directly connected to Madness Pictures. I became their first non-exclusive contract girl. I have so much going on!

It sounds like you’re staying pretty busy…

Yeah, pretty busy. The busier I am the more it keeps me younger and alive so it’s something I’ve learned – keep busy and don’t get bored!

So you own your own accounting firm?

Yes, I do! None of my clients know that I do porn. One day they’re gonna find out but hopefully they won’t judge me on that because I’m a great accountant! (laughs)

How long have you been doing that?

I have actually been an accountant since I was 16. I became a CPA a few years. I’ve been doing it for a while.

As we grow up we always hear people tell us, “Make sure you have something to fall back on.” It sounds like you have that taken care of!

I always have something to fall back on! You’ve got to keep yourself bright. When your looks don’t work anymore you’ve got something else going on. That’s why I like to produce now. When my time is up I will gracefully resign from being talent and let my new talent take over. That way I’ll make sure I’m still out there.

It’s different to see someone who thinks that far ahead. A lot of people don’t take things seriously enough to put that much thought into it.

You know what? Everyone has – regardless of beauty – a time when their run has to end. It’s just smart to make sure that when that time ends that you leave gracefully and have other things to fall back on. Most people don’t realize that their time is limited in this business. Hopefully, my time isn’t limited too much!

So you’ve been in the business 13 or 14 months. How did you decide to make the step from playing with numbers to playing with porn stars?

It was a weird situation. I used to work for this pharmaceutical company. The company was close to bankruptcy and 13 of us went in there and reformatted the company. We changed it to be a really good, profitable company. Unfortunately, I got a boob job, removed my braces and wore contacts instead of glasses. I kind of intimidated the men and women at the pharmaceutical company and I was asked to resign. I resigned and moved to LA. When I was in LA I kept trying to get jobs. I was told that my experience was absolutely amazing and I would do a good job but my age and the way I looked would cause a complication on the job. A lot of the women that would be under me wouldn’t understand the situation. I started off my trying to get into Playboy magazine. Playboy really loved me but I didn’t know if that’s what I really wanted to do. I started doing porn magazines. Finally, they’re all coming out now. I decided to take it to the next level and try one scene and see how it goes. If it was something I could deal with I wanted to try it. Prior to porn I was only with two men in my entire life. I tried it and it was a good scene. I was offered a contract my first day but I didn’t take it. (laughs) I just decided to take it a day at a time and every day I love it more and more. That’s how I got thrown into it.

I can already tell, but how enthusiastic are you when it comes to being involved in the adult industry? Are you constantly aware of it or you do see it as a job?

I don’t ever think, “Oh no! I’ve got to go to work!” I’m very enthusiastic about going to work every single day. I still get the jitters before every scene. It never changes. I could have worked with the guy 50 times and it still doesn’t matter. I think that’s what makes my scenes great – I still get that jitter. As long as things keep happening the way they are and I still enjoy it I’ll always have that thrill.

Why do you think you get the jitters? Because you’re getting ready to have sex, the cameras, what?

In reality, in my personal life, I’m very shy. I’m not the person that I am on camera. On camera it’s the image of me that I always wanted to be – the wild, extreme girl that doesn’t care. Before that camera comes on I become the real me. That gets me a little scared and I may think, “Oh god, what am I doing?” Then I realize I’m doing what I always wanted to do. I wanted to be the wild, extreme girl. It gives me two different images of myself. The girl on camera is who I really am but I don’t show it very often. It’s just a different experience.

Some people think that all porn chicks have personal issues or a strange or abusive childhood that makes them want to get into porn. They don’t realize that it can be a power move, like what you’re talking about.

They wouldn’t believe how much power it is to have fun and not worry what anybody thinks about you. Most people think we’ve been abused or raped. I had a wonderful childhood. My parents are great. I’ve never been abused. I’ve never been raped. I’ve always been a straight-arrowed girl. I was the nerd that went to college and to the right job. This gives me the opportunity not to be that.

So those are some of the good things. Has anything ever happened that’s discouraged you at all?

I’ve had a few things that have. I overcome them. When I first got into the business I had a director who made me cry on set. I knew I couldn’t do that scene and he was very volatile with his language. I walked off and then I thought about it. I decided I would just blow him off and not shoot for him. I’ve had days where I’ve gotten hurt on set. It’s not because the guys have been abusive. With everything you do there is a risk. I tried something and it didn’t work. It discourages you because you’re taking a risk at hurting yourself. It’s that way with every job. If you’re a police officer you take a risk that you could get shot.

That’s something that you’re aware of when you get into it…

Yeah, you just make sure you pick and choose your battles!

How far do you want to take your stardom? How far do you wanna go?

I wanna go as far as I can go. I’m very goal-oriented. I don’t ever settle. I master everything. If I can’t master it I continue at it until I do. With every career I choose, I choose to be at the top. It’s not that I’m stuck up. I believe that everybody has the ability to be the best – you’ve just got to do it. I’m hoping to build an extremely huge name and a huge fan base. Hopefully I’ll be able to give other girls the opportunity to do the same thing.

It sounds like your partnership with Madness Pictures and your drive to do things on your own that there is no other choice except for you to be successful!

I’m praying to God that it does!

Tell me about some of the recent things you’ve done.

I just directed my first movie line for Metro. It’s a bi-sexual line called “Switch Hitters 11.” I’m getting ready to work on a very different line that many people have attempted to do. I’ve been working on it consistently for weeks. It’s a latin line with a different vibe. I’m going to present it in the point of view from my eyes. The way I think and the way I see things. I participate in every scene. I’m pretty naughty when the camera’s on. You usually only see the male directors and the male talent’s point of view. You only see the beauty of the woman and the woman getting fucked. You don’t see…how does the woman feel about this? What does she like? Most women are very dominant, very aggressive, very freaky. They’re just scared to show it. I’m going to give everyone a chance to see that side.

You’re gonna scare the hell out of us guys, right?!

I’m not gonna scare anyone. I’m just gonna show people a side they don’t really see that often but it’s really me. I’ve been working non-stop on so many different projects. I finished a movie a little while ago called “Put It Wherever” that’s doing well. It’s a line I helped create with my husband. I tell the guys to do whatever you want, wherever you want. I don’t give the girls an option with this movie. This new one is kind of a different thing from my first movie. The first one had no options. The guy does what he wants. The second one is all about the female and what she wants. Girls can be nasty and just as dirty as the men! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

What else have you got coming up?

For my first time ever I’m working on a tranny line. Hopefully with the help of Metro I can go ahead and try to create a new niche with trannies. I call them girls. I just want to create a new market and not worry about what people will say and think. From my understanding I’m supposed to start doing signings and shows across the country and I can’t wait to do that. I want to meet my fans. I’m going to start feature dancing and going all over the country. Hopefully my fans will be looking forward to that, especially since I’m an east coast girl! I have to make my way back. It’s not an option!

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