Exclusive Interview: Savanna Samson


It’s great to talk to you and I’ve got to tell you up front that I’ve received several emails over the past couple of months asking when we’re going to feature you on the site. You’re in demand!

That is so awesome. Please everybody, follow me at Twitter, too! It’s kinda like stalking – except it’s fun!

Let’s jump right in – you’ve been making movies since 2000, right?

Yes, 2000 was my first – and only movie at the time – with Rocco Siffredi called “Rocco Meats An American Angel In Paris.” It’s a terrible movie – it’s really naughty and dirty. Don’t watch it! I started with Vivid in 2002 and I’ve been with them ever since.

How have you seen the industry change since then?

First thing I’ve noticed is I make money with Vivid by the number of pieces sold, but there’s no pieces sold anymore! It’s all internet based now so, so much for that brilliant idea I had! Everything is so internet driven now. What I love about being with Vivid is my movies are all scripted. I can’t wait to get my next script. I also think there are so many beautiful young guys coming in with great bodies. It used to be the same guys over and over. The new guys are not necessarily as large as guys in the past but there’s more of them.

What? There’s guys in those movies? I’ve never noticed…

Whatever! The guys are younger and better looking but there are so many enhancers out there for men. Now it’s just not as intimidating to keep good wood, if you know what I mean!

I hear there are downfalls to using those enhancers, too. I hear it sometimes takes forever for them to blow their load!

Exactly. It’s not so on demand! Before, the guys were pros and they could do it whenever the director called. Right now it’s a lot of sitting around and waiting. I would always try to keep the action happening but now they seem to need some time alone – which is kinda weird, ya know? What about me? How do I fit in here?

Have you worked you career pretty much like you wanted it or has anything taken you by surprise?

I’ve had so many opportunities with Vivid. I had no idea going into it that it was be as accepted as it is. I’m getting everything I wanted and I have the adult industry to thank for that. It may have closed a lot of doors but I don’t really see it that way.

I think with you’re attitude and the way you project yourself you would have been successful in any career.

Thank you. I’m truthful in what I do. It gets me in trouble, but I’m a little too honest. I think that’s why people like me. I’m not guarded. That’s why I don’t want to do a book about my life. I’m too honest!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about your achievements in adult?

The movie I’m most proud of is “The New Devil In Miss Jones.” At that time I got the script and I didn’t know how I would pull it off. I didn’t really have any acting experience and I ended up really diving into the character. I ended up winning Best Actress for it and I don’t know how I pulled it off! I think I rose quickly because I was honest and I wanted to truly have a connection with the people I work with. My goal is to always get off so it will look believable. Sometimes I’ll watch adult movies and I’m like, “Oh, please! C’mon! That girl is not comfortable and she does not like that guy!” I didn’t want to be that kind of actress.

Another big career move is your wine…

It’s incredible! It got a 91 rating from Robert Parker. It’s amazing to be around people that are really rooting for me and want a success story and want this to work. It keeps getting better and it’s something I can bank on in the future.

When did your interest peak with wanting to launch your own wine?

I’ve been traveling to Italy and France for the past 11 years and studying wine. When I was a little girl we made wine in my basement. I remember when the crates of grapes came and we had this big barrel. My sisters and I would take turn crushing the grapes. Of course, I got in trouble because all the neighborhood boys were drinking the wine in the basement! I always fantasized about having my own vineyard in Italy. Then I just thought “Why wait?” If any of the winemakers that I‘ve come to know and love would make a wine for me, I knew it would be great. The wine comes from my palate. I just have this affinity for wine.

So when you do a wine tasting, do you spit or swallow?

I swallow! When you’re drinking really young wine right out of the barrel – depending on where you are – it would almost be insulting to spit. If I’m tasting all day and can really taste the sulfur, yes – I spit sometimes. Generally I swallow, if you really want to know!

Are you involved with your wine on a daily basis? Does it require a lot of your attention?

I’ve been trying to establish my online presence and my online store. I’m starting a wine club called Love At First Glass. Right now it is consuming a lot of my time. I’ve got 833 cases to sell, so…

I’ve seen you on Fox News a few times. The world knows that’s a conservative news outlet. Conservatives usually frown upon the adult industry, yet they welcome you with open arms and never once judge you because you’re an adult star. What makes you such a good fit for a network like Fox News?

I don’t fit in with the typical adult star stereotype. When some people think of adult stars they think of drug addicts or broken homes. I have something to say. I love opera and was on NPR in New York for three hours talking about opera! It’s crazy. My wine earns some respect for me, too. I was prepared for whatever Bill O’Reilly could throw at me and he was a pussycat. I think I just know how to handle myself.

I’m pretty sure Bill loves the ladies anyway…

It’s funny because the day before the show I was in the subway and I saw a big picture of him. I looked him in the eyes and said, “I can handle you!” I had a showdown in my mind and the next day I was ready! If I can handle him I can handle anybody.

You’re one of a small handful of girls in the industry who can come across as being classy. Is that really you or are you more like the girl we see on Howard Stern?

I guess I can adjust to any situation. I’ve worn many hats in my lifetime and I can put one on for any situation I’m in. I can be whatever you want me to be!

You’re also involved in the music industry. Tell me what’s up with your music these days.

I have a recording contract with E1 Music for three albums. They’re being released digitally. I’m in the two worst industries you can be – it’s all internet driven these days! My first album is coming out this summer. My next single is called “Dance Floor.” It’s all dance music and right now we’re just playing the waiting game. I’m anxious for it to come out. When it does I’ll be going to clubs around the country doing three song sets – so there will be more to my set than just stripping! Nobody knows me as a singer. They know me as the adult film star. I’ll find a way to do something sexy while I’m on stage. I’ve got nothing to lose! What are they going to say? Don’t quit your day job, Savanna! C’mon!

I don’t want this to ruin the vibe of the interview, but I’ve read that you’re a religious person. Is that a true statement?

Yes. I’m a Catholic girl and I get emotional in church. That’s all. Nobody really likes to talk about religion but I am a Catholic girl. A naughty Catholic girl! Some of my fondest memories growing up are centered around religion. I don’t want to deny my family that. Like I said earlier, I wear many hats!

At any point, have you had mental battles with yourself when it comes to your career and your religion?

More so lately. I’ve got a couple of years left with my contract. I feel like my story is just beginning. If I reflect too much on myself then there will be problems. I don’t really want to think about it but I will soon. I’ll think about it and repair my ways! I feel like what I do in so many ways is good for people. But I also think it can be bad for people. I don’t really want to think about it because it’s my livelihood and I feel guilty. I feel guilty a lot, actually. I don’t want to think about it and you’re making me – so stop! (laughs)

Ok, ok! But you do have a lot going on – your record is coming out soon, your wine is booming, you’re full steam ahead as a Vivid Girl…

If I could find a way to break out of the industry and do something great with my name then I’ll do it.

Savanna, thanks for making time for us today. What would you like to say to your fans and the Rock Confidential readers?

I’m available to you on Twitter! I’m very open so don’t be shy if you see me out somewhere!

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