Exclusive Interview: Sandee Westgate


Sandee, it’s been two years since we first talked! It’s been way too long!

It has, dammit!

It’s great to catch up, though! We’re all aware that you’re known as the “Playboy Model Gone Bad”. Tell me a little about your work with Playboy.

Well, I was in Playboy Special Editions between 2000 – 2002. I did two consecutive covers and probably over a dozen appearances in their magazine and calendars. I got established with them and got in close with one of their editors. He used to post my website next to my layouts and I got a really great fanbase from that. That got the basics going for me.

Are you still in touch with Playboy?

I’m not really in touch with them anymore. My website started getting a little more explicit. I think it became a little too hardcore for them. That’s where I got the phrase “Playboy Model Gone Bad.”

I don’t think anybody’s complaining that you decided to get a little more explicit!

No, I don’t think they are! (laughs) I think everybody likes the direction my site’s taken and that I’ve taken. I think that’s pretty cool that over the years a lot of my fans have got to see me grow. It’s a lot of fun.

Your website was online before you did any work with Playboy, right?

Yes. I had somebody start a website for me back in 1998. It turned out to be a disaster. I never saw a dime from that one. It got me acquainted with the internet world and I saw how things could be. I left that guy and decided to do my own in 1999. I had that up for a good year before I got in touch with Playboy.

When you made the move from “Playboy Model” to “Playboy Model Gone Bad,” what led to that decision?

Honestly, the internet. My website was my baby. It was my main source of income at the time. As the internet grew and evolved, I needed to grow and evolve with it. I didn’t want to be stuck only doing topless or not really showing anything when everybody else on my level was doing much more. Let me back up – I did one shoot for Playboy’s website. They actually took the most explicit pictures of me that I’d ever taken up to that time. When I saw those come out and they published them online and in their magazine I was like, “Hey! If they’re gonna show me like that then I need to show my fans and my members myself like that!” I started showing a little more “cookie,” as I like to call it! I embraced it and I really like being naughty! I wasn’t doing Playboy anymore and nothing was holding me back so I decided to embrace it and do what I wanted to do! Each shoot that I did got a little more risque but I still kept it classy.

As things progressed and you got naughtier, you started doing amateur stuff on your site – like on your webcam.

Absolutely. I’ve always had some sort of live interaction for my members. It’s definitely something that all personal websites have to have.

What was it like the first time you did some of the naughtier stuff during one of your webcam chats?

It was embarassing! My fans had never seen me like that. It was hard for me to introduce them to that. I remember when I just did topless that the first camshow where I showed bush was kinda embarassing! It was also fun and seeing their reaction kinda prompted me to do more and more each time. They’ve cheered me on to do naughtier things. I was really shy back then but I’ve changed a lot over the years. Now I’m not shy to do any of that stuff!

That’s even more obvious because of some of the successful projects you’re involved in now. I think crossing over into Adult is something you’re fans wanted to see you do and I’m sure you’ll reach an entire new audience now. What did it take for you to decide to be known as a porn star?

That was a biggie to me. Being known as a porn star was hard because I’d always been known as a Playboy chick or a bikini model. It was a long time in the making. I talked it over with the people in my life about what I should do. Not only that, but I constantly thought about it to myself every day. Five years ago I would’ve said no way. Now that I’m doing films, I’m really happy to be doing them. I’m really gung-ho because I have my own company. Things seem to be going really fast and it’s all positive. I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me.

Do you think having success builds your self confidence and allows you to take things a step further?

Oh god, absolutely! The more success I have with each little thing I do gives me more confidence for whatever I do in the future. When I see the reactions from members or fans or read anything positive, it totally encourages me to go farther. When you know what you’re doing is paying off – success is the highest form of flattery. I’ve been getting emails and letters and people are coming up to me at shows and it’s just awesome!

It’s like an extra confirmation from your fans…

Yes! Exactly. It’s a confirmation that what I’ve been doing is paying off.

Is working in Adult different from the crowd you worked with at Playboy or are we all perverts?

(laughs) Yes and no. There were some people that I met in the Playboy world that were perverted but most were on a tame level. Now the people that I surround myself with in the porn industry are much more out there. They don’t give a fuck about anything! They’re crazy and horny and always in a good mood. I do think there is a difference in the porn world and the Playboy world!

I’ve met a lot of people in porn that are extremely motivated, too. I don’t know if it’s just because they’re horny all the time but some of these people are set on being successful. There are obvious exceptions, of course.

Yeah, there is a lot of ambition. The ones that are motivated are the successful ones. The people that are off drinking and doing drugs all the time are the ones getting the bad rap and they don’t go very far in the industry. I’ve seen that. Luckily, with the films I’m doing, I get to hand-pick all my girls. I do a little background check on all of them and see how they perform and find out about their personalities. I haven’t been in contact with anyone that’s on the negative side of the porn world. Everybody’s been really positive and determined. There’s good and bad in any industry, though.

You’re breaking into porn with a bang – pardon the expression – by starring in your very first title. You own your own company, you hand pick the girls. How much preparation was involved in order for you to make this big splash into adult?

There’s a lot of work involved. I kinda went into it not really knowing anything about the industry. Luckily I got involved with a really good company, Maximum Xposure, who are good friends of mine. They’ve been really good on the publicity side of things. On the production side, it’s insane how much goes into it. We prepared for this last feature we did for over two months before we actually shot the film. The editing is gonna take another couple of months. It goes into so many different hands before the final product is made. It’s insane how much work is involved. I think people would be shot.

Your first title, Girlfriends, is out now. Pimp that out to us so we’ll have no other choice but to go out and buy it!

It’s sexy. It’s all girl on girl. It’s not your average gonzo girl on girl. It’s high class erotica. It’s shot at the finest qualities. It’s like watching art. It’s not your everyday raunchy porno. It’s sexy and it’s got a story behind it. I think it’s different than a lot of the other girl on girl porn out there. It definitely stands out. You’ll see that when you watch it.

The trailer is absolutely smokin’ hot so if anybody hasn’t seen it you definitely need to watch that! How much are you involved in the visual side of what the film looks like?

I’ve got an awesome director and producer, Josh Ryan. He pretty much does all of that stuff. It’s always his vision. He pretty much knows what he wants and we take it from there. Of course I have little suggestions but it’s mostly his ideas. I do speak my mind and throw out my ideas when I can but there’s hardly anything I really need to do. It makes it easy working with him.

Behind every good woman there’s a good man…

Absolutely! And vice versa!

You just wrapped production on your second feature, Carnal Desires. Tell us just a little about that one.

It’s about a place where people can go to live out their fantasies. They come to this high-class, beautiful penthouse and select their fantasy and then live it out. The people that work at Carnal Desires are the ones that help them fulfill it. We’ve got five scenes. It stars Crissy Moran, myself, Anita Dark, Kirsten Price, Austin Kincaid, Amy Reed and Barrett Blade. There’s a lot of great people in there and it’s filmed in High Definition. Not all pornos are filmed in HD. This one was shot with really good cameras and it looks crystal clear. I’m been editing for the last two weeks on the first scene and it’s insane. It looks like you could reach onto the screen and touch us! There’s one domination scene with three girls. There’s an asian massage thing – that’s the one with Kirsten Price and it’s hot! That’s one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie. Everything’s really authentic. There’s a shower scene with Crissy and I. There’s one with Anita Dark dressed as a dike in a man’s suit! I’m in a beautiful gown – there’s the contrast between the girl and the dike! She does me with a strap-on and it’s really really hot. There’s a scene with Barrett Blade and Kirsten Price where they fuck in front of myself and Crissy. I get involved a couple of times. I held her head while she sucked him off – stuff like that. It’s the hottest thing we’ve done so far. Each release tops the other one.

How hard is it to film a scene where all you get to do is watch? Two people are having sex right in front of you!

It was hard! I’ve seen them have sex on film so I knew they were a good match. It was great. I couldn’t help but touch myself the whole time, as you’ll see!

Now that you’re in Adult, what are some things what you want to accomplish?

I just want to make the whole Femme Fusion line as successful as it can be. We’re going to take each title into an entirely different dimension than the previous one so it’s going to always be shocking and surprising. I’m going to do anything in my power to make it as successful as possible. I’m looking forward to doing whatever it takes!

What would you like to say to your fans and the Rock Confidential readers?

I just want to thank everybody for all the support over the years because I have been doing this for a long time. I hope they continue supporting me. Definitely check out my website – SandeeWestgate.com – and thank you to Rock Confidential! I hope we stay in touch and do more in the future!

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