Exclusive Interview: Riley Steele


Hey Riley! How’s everything going? I understand this is your first interview.

Everything is great! This is my very first official interview, yes!

It won’t hurt, I promise!

Oh, I know! I’ve read your other stuff before and I love Rock Confidential.

I wanna start out by saying “Congrats” on your new contract with Digital Playground.

Thank you so much! I’m so excited!

You just got in the biz, right?

Yeah, it’s not even been two months! I’m brand spanking new!

We don’t know a whole lot about you yet so I’m gonna ask some background questions to start out. Tell me what you were like in high school.

I was home schooled my last couple of years in high school. I was a bit more of a rebel kid. I liked to go out and have fun. I wasn’t like the popular cheerleader or anything like that. I definitely loved to have a good time in high school.

So you weren’t one of the shy types that was just waiting to break out of your shell…

I was already out pissing off my dad!

What kind of plans were you making at that time?

I’ve always wanted to do this. I guess it’s weird but I just knew. I met Jesse Jane at a Hustler signing for Pirates in San Diego. She told me I should be a porn star and I told her that I wanted to! Everything started there. I just decided to go for it!

Were you always aware of your sexuality? Did that make it easier to decide you wanted to be in Adult?

I knew ever since I was really young that I had a strong sex drive. I experimented a lot in high school. Mostly with girls. I just loved to have a good time!

Everybody usually remembers the first time they watched a porno or were exposed to some kind of adult entertainment. Do you remember your first time?

I really don’t remember. I’ve just always known that I wanted to be a sex symbol. I wanted to be one of those girls. I idolized Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra and Jenna Jameson growing up. I want to be one of those girls people look at and think SEX!

Is the glamour part of it a big reason you wanted to be in Adult or are you just a horn dog like the rest of us?

I’m pretty much a horn dog! Don’t tell anybody! I just want it. It’s so empowering and free. I just love it.

You’ve not been in Adult for very long. Have you shot your first scene yet?

No. I’m still a baby. I’ve not done anything yet. My first scene will be for Pirates II and it’s a secret. You’ll just have to get it and find out!

What are your thoughts on doing your first scene?

I’m so honored that my first scene is in Pirates II. It’s better than a dream come true. Everyone knows about that movie and it’s a huge honor to be a part of it.

And you’re not nervous at all?

No! I’m so excited! I can’t wait! I’m hoping that once I get on set I won’t get all nervous. I don’t think so. I just want to go! I want to get out there and show everybody what I’m all about.

Working with Digital Playground is a huge advantage, too.

I can’t believe it. I wouldn’t have done anything with anybody other than Digital Playground. They represent their girls in such a respectful way. They’ve been great to me. They treat me so well and they just let me be me. I love them. I’m thankful that they want me to be a part of their company.

Describe what you want your sex scenes to be like. What kind of on screen sexual personality will you have?

I’m not super hardcore. I don’t like boring sex, either. If you’re gonna do it, do it right! I want to have fun and I’m not afraid to go with the flow. It’s all about how I feel at the moment.

Now that you’re in the business what kind of goals do you have for your career?

I have so many ideas that I’m dying to get out but I’m going to keep them under wraps because I’m so new. I’m so happy to have Digital behind me to support me. I’m going to take you guys on a wild ride! You’re going to see things you’d never expect! I know that you have to come into this industry knowing what you want. I definitely am and I’m not going to let anything stop me.

Before you made the decision to enter the Adult industry, did you have any ideas of what it might be like? What’s it been like so far?

It’s been better than I thought it would be. Most people in my personal life don’t even know yet so it’s a big secret. I just started out so I’ve not done too much. It’s so exciting. It’s totally different on set than I thought it would be. Everybody on set is so nice and we have so much fun. I thought it might be uncomfortable but it was great. Everyone is so welcoming.

Who are some adult stars you looked up to before you got in the biz?

I have had a crush on Jesse Jane since I first saw her. I can not wait to work with her! When I met her for the first time I couldn’t even speak! I’m excited to work with her the most. Shay Jordan is so hot and she’s such a cool girl. I love Jenna, but who doesn’t?

The world wants to know. Are you in a relationship right now?

I am not! I’m single and loving it!

I think that would be the best way to come into the business. You don’t have to worry about working under a prearranged agreement with your boyfriend or girlfriend and it’s probably easier to grow your career that way.

I don’t need any stupid boys trying to stop me from making my dreams come true!

Let’s talk about music for a second. Tell me about some of your favorite bands.

I love Disturbed, Pantera, Motley Crue. I grew up listening to Guns N Roses, Ozzy. I’m a rocker at heart. I like Godsmack, Korn. I love anything hard, heavy, and pissed off!

Do you remember your first concert?

Ooooh. I’m actually embarassed. My first concert was the Backstreet Boys! I can make up for that by telling you my favorite concert: it was Ozzfest. I don’t remember the year, but it was Korn, Marilyn Manson, and Disturbed. It was the best concert of my life. I met Zakk Wylde, too!

You are a metalhead for sure! You’ll fit in perfectly here! What would you like to say to all of your new fans at Rock Confidential?

Expect some hot scenes with me and the hottest girls in the industry! You’re going to be blown away! I can’t wait to show everybody what I’ve got! Check out my Myspace! I love you! OH! I actually have to tell you something. My dad kicked me off his computer because I was on your website so much! He won’t let me use his computer anymore! It’s awesome to be featured on Rock Confidential!

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