Exclusive Interview: Riley Steele


Riley Steele is a force to be reckoned with. On the outside it’s easy to see why Riley earned an exclusive contract with Digital Playground. She’s an all-natural, athletic beauty with looks to kill, but they say it’s what’s in the inside that counts, and this girl has it going on there, too. She has an amazing, effervescent personality, and she is a perfectionist. She is bubbly, excited, enthusiastic, and full of life, and these amazing qualities shine through the moment you meet her.

So much has happened for you over the past few years in adult and mainstream. Did you ever think your career would have turned out like it has?

No. I remember you were my very first interview back in 2008. I did my interview with you on my break at Starbucks while I was still working there! It’s been crazy. I can’t believe how many things have happened for me so quickly.

Do you ever just sit back and think about where all you are? The box covers, the magazines, photo shoots – you’re everywhere!

Not really because I just always want more and more and more! I got to dance on stage with Kid Rock. I’ve got to do lots of things I’ve set my sights on. It’s been really cool. I’ve been lucky. Working with Digital Playground has made it possible for me to do everything I’ve got to do.

We all know that Jesse Jane got you into all of this. It really looks like you’re having a blast.

Of course! Especially with her. We always have a really good time. She is my favorite person to hang out with.

You do a pretty good job of updating us on Twitter every day. What’s a typical day like for you?

It’s very normal. I wake up and take care of whatever chores I need to. I don’t have another job. I take care of myself and work out. I answer a lot of fan mail. I’m on the internet all the time.

Do you get up early or do you like to sleep late?

I like to get up early. If I sleep in late it makes me feel like a lazy bum! But I do love to sleep in.

Do you have a lot of friends in the industry?

Jesse and I don’t really hang out with a lot of people in the industry. It’s kinda best to keep yourself outta the adult film world so you don’t get caught up in the drama. It’s like high school. I hang out with my friends from school, friends from San Diego. I don’t really hang out with too many people. I have a very small group of friends I hang out with that’s in the industry.

And it is a job so it’s always good to have that separation from work and free time.

Exactly. You don’t want that line between work and play to get crossed. I guess our work is so much like play already!

What about keeping in touch with your fans on Twitter? How important is that to you?

I love the connection. I love how close they get to feel to me. They feel like they really get to know me and I guess they do. They’re with me all day long. It’s kinda scary sometimes when people post their location but I love the fan interaction.

Let’s talk about Fighters. I heard there was some pretty heavy duty training involved.

I didn’t have to go through the training like Kayden and Jesse did. I play Jesse’s little sister. I know they had three months of extensive boxing training. I remember Jesse put on about ten pounds of pure muscle. They worked so hard. The final fight night was so much fun. All of our friends came out. They really let them fight the first two rounds. We had two real boxers there who fought before Jesse’s and Kayden’s fight. That boxing gym was so small and so hot. We were right off the freeway. It was ridiculous. All of their makeup was just dripping off and those poor girls had to fight! It turned out so cool though.

As you do more and more movies like that does it make you want to get more involved in acting?

Yeah! I love getting to play different roles. For a while it was fun roles, like the ditzy girl in Fly Girls. I loved playing her because it’s very much like who I really am! I like getting to expand my horizons and play somebody completely different from myself. That’s why I love Digital Playground’s movies getting bigger and bigger.

Do you want to work behind the camera?

I’ve always wanted to. I’ve always been so interested in photography and erotic films. Maybe one day I’ll get to do that.

Have you ever got to incorporate any of your ideas into a movie?

I have so many ideas. I throw them out here and there but I mostly keep them to myself. They’re my ideas and I want to save them!

Parodies are the big thing right now. The props, costumes and acting are dead on for the most part. Are there any characters you’d like to play in a parody?

I’d love to play Lucille Ball! It’s funny how Ricky is always yelling at her and she’s always up to something. I love her.

You’ve had a nice taste of mainstream work. How do you think the mainstream media has viewed the adult industry over the past couple of years?

I think they’re a little scared that adult is moving into the mainstream! It’s everywhere. A lot of adult stars are getting roles in movies and television. I hate when I hear that girls in the industry are all on drugs and come from abusive families. Look at doctors, lawyers and policemen. They all have a past, too. A lot of people have bad things happen to them. Everyone can’t have a perfect background. Negative things happen to every industry, not just the adult industry.

And when it comes to sex, adult stars are safer than some stranger you might meet in a club somewhere.

Exactly. We’re tested at least once a month for everything. We take better care of our sexual health than the average person on the street.

Are you in a relationship now? Is it easy to be in a relationship and be an adult film star?

I was just talking to someone about this. I don’t really want a relationship. I’ve never been the girl that thought she had to be married by a certain age and have babies by a certain age. I’ve never dreamed of my wedding. I never wanted that kind of life. I’ve just been focused on my goals – not relationships with a boy. I just wanna use ’em for fun!

I’ve seen videos of the guys making molds for Fleshlights. I can only imagine what it feels like…especially around the cornhole area. (laughs) Is there any way to describe what that whole process is like?

At first it was a little weird to have a group of people that close to my ass! But then they poured the goo onto my holes and it felt good and kinda tickled. When they molded my mouth it freaked me out because my entire mouth and nose was covered. I had to breathe out of my nose with straws. Then it hit me: it’s kinda hot to be a little scared and know it’s all for men across the world to f*ck!

How realistic is your Fleshlight compared to the real thing? I’m sure you’ve had to play with it out of curiosity.

I’ve played with it a time or two! (laughs) I get rave reviews. The only complaint – or compliment to me – is that the Fleshlight doesn’t have boobies and legs to squeeze onto! Everyone who has one says “I will never use my hand again!”

Staying online and using sites like Facebook and Twitter are making us a new breed of humans. How do you see it changing the way people act socially?

Well, I’m not on Facebook. But, the ways of social media have quickly changed us in a huge way. It’s a great way to personally interact with your fans and get to know each other.

You’re honestly one of the few girls in the industry that has a huge potential to really do amazing things with your career. What can we expect from Riley Steele in the near future?

You can expect, well – I don’t know. But hold on! I’ve been here now and dug my feet into the ground. I’ve got a lot to stand on and I’m ready to soar!

Do you see your career as empowering?

It totally is. Guys always think they run things when it comes to the sex on set. It’s so cool to walk in and say “Bam! I”m a contract girl and I’m gonna f*ck you!” (laughs)

What would you like to say to your fans?

I love you all so much! To the fans that have been there since the beginning to my newest fans – follow me on Twitter and get my Fleshlights!

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