Exclusive Interview: Paulina James


Paulina, it’s very cool to talk to you! What have you been up to? Tell me a little about yourself.

I’ve been in the business about 10 months now. I signed a contract two months ago with SexZ Pictures. I shot my first big movie with them on August 1. It includes my first anal scene. I’ve never done it on camera before. I’ve done it a couple of times in my personal life, but this is going to be my first time on camera. It’s with Evan Stone.
I have my website online. It’s called PaulinaJamesXXX.com. I launched it back in January at the AVN show. I’ve been adding more stuff. I’ve been through two MySpace profiles now, but if you go to my site it links over to my latest profile. I’m adding a MySpace profile that will be just for members of my site. You can contact me that way. Instead of having MySpace boot me off for “dirty” pictures or for talking dirty, now we can actually do it. I’m uploading a store to my website. It will have DVDs, posters, calendars, personal stuff from me – like lingerie.
I’m in the process of starting my clothing line. It’s going to be based on denim for men and women. I’m going to be launching it as soon as possible and doing a fashion show.
I’m from Newport Beach, California. I’m only 20 years old and things are really happening fast!

It sounds like a very full plate. I don’t know how you have time to breathe!

I know! I do a lot of stuff. I’ve thrown a couple of parties and it’s definitely going to be more of an advantage when I turn 21 on October 29. I will be able to get into the clubs and be promoted and promote myself and my clothing line.
I actually do some mainstream stuff. I just went to an NBC party and got to meet people from the show ‘Heroes,’ David Hasselhoff, Carson Daily. I took a couple of pictures on the red carpet. I went to a WB party and got to meet Mike Jones, E-40, the Federation. I’ve had fun. I take things seriously. I went to college for a year and got certified in small business. I own my own business. I have a dream. I have a goal. I have lots of ideas. I will be directing a few of my movies.
All Media Play / SexZ Pictures is doing a spoof on Lindsay Lohan. The movie is called ‘Lindsay Lone-Hand.’ I will be playing Lindsay. That will be very interesting. Hillary Scott is doing Britney Rears and now you have Britney and Lindsay!

You’re also in the upcoming Brady Bunch spoof, right?

Yeah! I did a scene as the next door neighbor girl who was looking to come over and have some fun!
I will be traveling to Paris to feature dance with Vivid contract girl Lannie Barbie.

Cool – when does that happen?

Well, we’re scheduling our plans with choreographers who will teach us a lot of different things. It should be a lot of fun. It will be more of a put together dance. We’re gonna dance together at first and then add two more girls later.

Is your porn career enabling you to do this other stuff or would you do it anyway?

Since I’ve been in the business I’ve had more opportunities to meet people that do mainstream. That’s opened more doors for me than just doing mainstream. I did mainstream growing up. I was with an agency. My father helped me to get into modeling. He lived in LA so I was constantly traveling to LA to do commercials. I was so young. I just wanted to be with my friends.
Everything happens for a reason. I grew up with my dad having Playboy magazines around. I watched my first porn in the 8th grade. I hooked up with a girl before I hooked up with a guy. I was always in touch with my sexuality.
My girlfriends and I always used to say, ‘I’m a porn star! I’m gonna do porn!’ We’d tell all the boys in school that we were porn stars. I know a lot of people from high school that know I’m a porn star are not surprised. They knew it. We’d sign our name as porn stars and hand them out. I told a friend joking one day to save my signature because one day I’ll be famous. We were just being dorks but this all happened. I know fame comes in time, but I did porn because I wanted to. I’m very in touch with my sexuality. It’s going to help me open doors for my clothing line and to help me do a little bit of mainstream.

Was it the glamour of porn that attracted you or were you just a horndog?

Actually both! I grew up in Newport Beach and I had a lot of friends with money. I’m not trying to sound like a brat right now! We all had nice cars growing up. We were the girls who the guys wanted to fuck. It’s funny now that the guys who I didn’t get to fuck in high school are like, ‘Hey, what are you doin’ Paulina!?’
I’ve only had two serious relationships growing up. I’ve dated many guys, though. Right now I’m focusing on my career. I don’t think it’s time for me to be in a serious relationship. I meet some guys and enjoy my sex, but I’m not really looking for anything serious right now.

Has everything been what you’d expect so far? Has anything taken you by surprise?

When I first got in the business I knew what I wanted. I’ve worked hard at it. It’s been going faster than I’ve expected. I didn’t think I’d have a website right now. I didn’t think I’d have a contract this soon. I was on the cover of AVN. I’d like to do some more covers.
Being a contract girl is awesome! It’s fun. We have fun parties and they shoot fuckin’ cool movies. I’m happy and excited to be with the SexZ Pictures.

Who are some of the girls you looked up to before you kicked off your career in the industry?

I’m also with Foxxx Modeling. I’ve been with them since I got in the business and I’ll never switch agencies. Bree Olson is also with them. We got together and went to Tokyo together. I look up to her even though she started at the same time as I did. She has a great personality and she’s fun to get along with. I was in Tokyo with her for 10 days. We shot some mainstream stuff out there. I actually want to take it to the Sundance Festival. I’m having editors look at it right now. People like the stuff that we shot. It’s based on our adventure in Tokyo.
I knew about Jenna. I thought she was fuckin’ hot and I love her movies. I never really got to meet her, though.
Jesse Jane is a girl I got to do Playboy TV with and she’s great. She’s very beautiful. I watched Island Fever over and over again. She’s so sexy with her clothes on that you could almost cum in your pants! I’d watch her all fucking day!
Anybody can do anything they want in life. I believe if you want something in life – if you want to be something – you can be whatever you want to be. You can be that person. You have to work for it and strive for it. You have to have goals. You have to take it one step at a time. I’m looking forward to the future. I’m really happy right now! Thank you. Thanks for your support. I can’t wait to meet you!

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