Exclusive Interview: Kristal Summers


So what have you been up to lately? What’s going on in your world?
I’ve been doing a lot of MILF movies. I bikini dance at a club here in town. That’s about it.

I don’t want to ask the same old questions, but tell me a little about yourself.
I’ve always been a really shy girl. I was voted the Most Shy in high school. I’m always by myself. I’m not as shy as I used to be, though.

You mentioned you were doing MILF movies. The gonzo stuff is huge now and I’ve seen you on some box covers recently. Is gonzo a breath of fresh air for you after doing feature films?
Yeah. It’s quick. It’s easy. There’s hardly any dialogue. I like doing features, though. I like the wardrobe and makeup part of it. I like gonzo a lot better.

I’m still trying to figure out how you go from being a shy girl into doing porn! Was porn a way for you to get over some of your shyness?
It’s helped. I’m not really shy now, but I’m quiet on the sets. Yesterday I was doing my makeup and one of the directors said “God, you are so quiet!” I guess the rest of the girls talk a lot. I’m just not a talker.

You even have a banner on your website that says “World’s Shyest Porn Star” or something like that.
I still ocassionally get shy. I do not like to be the center of attention. That’s when I get really shy.

MySpace.com is a great tool for keeping in touch and learning about people. On your page I can instantly tell that you love the Playboy Mansion. What was your first time going there like?
I started going in 2001. I was so nervous when I first went up there. I went by myself and I didn’t know anybody. Ever since then I’ve been on the list to go to all the good parties.

It’s a lot of people’s lifelong dream to go there, ya know.
I’ve tried to get some girls in there. You have to send a picture and Hef has to OK it first. My friends went up once and that was it. It’s weird.

I’ve heard about the pictures. I hear they take your picture when you go in and keep a file of who was at each event.
Yeah. You have to bring your ID and check in and they take a Polaroid.

I’ve even heard of girls going with their husband or boyfriend and the dude gets escorted back to their vehicle! They won’t let dudes in!
That’s a big no-no! You can’t bring them!

Tell me a little more about your movies. About how many have you been in?
Oh gosh – maybe around 100. I don’t even know! I have to go online just to check and see what movies I’m in!

When was the first one released?
I think in late 2000 or early 2001. It was called “My First Porno”. I was very, very nervous. It was fun, though.

Do you have a lot of friends in porn?
There are two, but I don’t hang out with them much. People think I hang out with a lot of porn chicks and we go out all the time. Nope!

I also saw on your profile that you want to be a feature dancer. What do you need to do to make that happen?
I’ve got to get some outfits. That’s really expensive. We have to put on shows, you know? My friend Dee does it and she’s going to help me with that.

You’ve got the boxcovers. I know some dancers will get into porn so they can get better name recognition, maybe land a cover and then charge more cash to be a feature. You’re already there!
I guess so! A couple of people have suggested that I do that since my name is out there. I want to do it soon.

It’s also very obvious on your MySpace page that you’re very proud of your son. That’s very cool to see. How difficult was it explaining your career in Adult to him?
I told him the truth. I told him if it ever bothered him or if he wanted me to quit that I would get out for a while. I don’t want to embarrass him in front of his friends. He’s at that age. He’s going to be 18 soon. He’s concentrating on medical school. He want to be a brain surgeon. He’s going into that next year. He’s got a girlfriend so he stays pretty busy. He’s a very good boy. He’s very polite. He’s not into drugs and drinking. He thinks that’s all really stupid.

That’s got to make you proud. That’s the stuff that scares me about having kids. I’m 29 and have never used drugs or been drunk. I see kids everyday that get plastered on an almost daily basis and that scares me. You’ve got to be proud that he’s not into that stuff.
Yeah. He saw it when he was growing up. He doesn’t want to go down that path. I’m glad.

Has your career been pretty smooth or has anything taken you by surprise?
It’s went by pretty smoothly. Everything’s cool.

I’ve really seen your face out there a lot more. Was that a conscious decision by you or is that just the way things have happened?
I guess it’s just the way things have happened. Once the MILF stuff starting taking off I’ve been getting more parts. I’m supposed to get in touch with Vicky Vette. She really wants to work with me and she’s getting married soon. She’s leaving the business. She wants to see me really get out there and jump on the MILF thing.

I LOVE the fact that you’re a metalhead! I LOVE 80s bands and the Sunset Strip hairbands. Who are some of your favorites?
Skid Row, Motley Crue, Poison. I used to go on Sunset back in the day and you could see all the bands handing out flyers on the streets. You don’t see that anymore! I love the atmosphere at the Rainbow, too. It really takes me back to the 80s.

What was your first concert?
I think it was L.A. Guns at the Palace in Hollywood.

I dig that first CD…”Sex Action” is killer. What would you say is the thing that’s happened to you that you’re most proud of?
My son. He’s going to have a real life and a real career. He’s excited. I also got out of a bad relationship about a year ago and that’s definitely a positive thing. Going to the Playboy Mansion is great. The movies are fun. Everything is going great! I can’t complain right now. I’ve got the AVN’s coming up in January and I’m stoked for that.

Kristal, thanks for making time for this today! What would you like to say to your fans?
Keep watching my videos! That’s about it! Bye!

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