Exclusive Interview: Kayden Kross


Kayden Kross has remained a porn enigma within the industry – she is mysterious yet flirtatious, sexy yet reserved. After signing with Digital Playground, Kayden redefined herself and her performances. The stunning blonde constantly pushes her career to a new level, shooting harder and kinkier scenes. A psychology and political science major, Kayden Kross believes adult entertainment reinforces there are no social norms.

I read your article about Porn Wikileaks on AVN.com and something in the first paragraph caught my attention. You mention a lot of changes brought on by the internet. What do you think it’s doing to us socially?

On one hand it’s colliding us all together. On the other hand it’s completely allowing us to live in compartments. You don’t ever present your entire self to anyone anymore. You can go in one chatroom and play one part of your personality and go in another room and play another part. It’s a really unique phenomenon. It essentially changes the way we behave. We’re not social animals the same way anymore. We don’t crave being around humans. As long as we interact we’re ok – and we can do that without even leaving the house. We think that can hold us over. I think it fundamentally destroys what a human relationship should be. If you step back and watch you can see how odd it is but if you’re in the midst of it it feels very normal.

You’ve had a responsible handle on your career. Did you always know you wanted to be a contract performer?

I was offered a contract before I really knew how things worked. That was more of a stroke of luck. Once I was offered the contract I looked more into it and saw the differences in performers and saw how a contract worked. I was very particular about keeping a lock-down on the people I worked with. I wanted to have a “Yes” list – not just a “No” list. I was told the only way I could have it that way was if I had a contract. From there I saw all the benefits. My plan was a long-term career. I think if you’re doing something short-term, independent is the way to go.

Do you ever feel a responsibility to help out or give advice to new talent?

I’m all about giving all the advice I can. With any new girl coming in, we’re not in the same generation. A generation in porn seems to be about every three years. They’re not really my competition. And the better the industry looks the better it will be for me down the line when I’m retired, having kids and living my life. When a girls asks me “What should I do,” I want her to make the right decisions and help the industry as a whole. There are girls like Sasha Grey and Stoya that I’m really proud to say I do porn next to.

How do you remember your first year in porn?

Oh god. I did not know anything. And I did not get any good advice. (laughs) There was a time where girls were so protective of their “spot” that they didn’t want to help newer girls. Really you’re not ever competition unless you come in at the exact same time and look the same way as another girl. I think that type of competitive spirit hurts everybody. There were times I would ask questions and nobody would give me answers – no direction at all. They would just shrug their shoulders and say figure it out.

Did you have any preconceived notions about the porn industry before you got in?

All of ’em! I didn’t know anything about the industry. I didn’t watch porn. My morals – or ways of seeing the world – didn’t see anything bad about doing porn. Personally I had never watched it so I didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t know who the big names were, any of the history, what was popular. I assumed the shit I’d heard about porn was true. I assumed there was a lot of drug use and partying. I also assumed if you acted responsibly there was a lot of opportunity. I wasn’t the only one. There are a ton of girls who realized they can act responsibly, make all their money, do what they wanna do and get out.

You are the perfect example of what a porn girl isn’t supposed to be. Smart and responsible? C’mon.

It’s funny because I see girls who are smart and responsible and they downplay it a little. We still get a good run out of people who think we’re the ultimate party girls. Someone just said yesterday that you can never have the kind of fun a porn girls have. He used the word “uninhibited” and said something about sex all night. Maybe that’s true but I have a feeling it’s true because that’s what we want you to think! (laughs)

Have you ever second-guessed your decision to be a porn star?

Yeah. It actually took me nine months from my first photo shoot sign the contract. I second-guessed myself every single day. I did a lot of solo photo shoots. Hustler was the first to approach me with a contract. My initial response was “yes” and I let people talk me out of it. I stopped modeling for a while and went back to Sacramento. Every day I woke up and wanted to get back into it and someone talked me out of it again. This went on for so long and finally I was like, “Fuck you guys, I still want to do this! I’m not living for you. I’m living for me!” I said “Fuck it,” came out and did it and everybody shut up after that.

What part of your career keeps you motivated?

It’s everything. I love all the new opportunities. Every day I wake up and Digital Playground calls with something new I’ve never done before. The sex is amazing. I swear I’m addicted to the male talent. I can’t get enough! I have a short attention span and porn changes at a fast enough rate that I’m never bored with it. Every day is different. It’s not like I get up and go to the same office and the same desk. It’s really stimulating.

Let’s talk about Fighters. I heard you had some intense training for that role.

Jesse and I trained for three months leading up to the shoot. We both put on a ton of muscle weight. It was rough! (laughs) It was really fun. At the end of shooting we just wanted that week gone!

When you take on roles like that does it make you want to do more acting?

Yeah. I’ve been really lucky because I’ve had the opportunities to act more and more. That’s what I love about Digital Playground’s movies. They’re so real in that way. It’s great for mainstream auditions because I’m starting to land roles now.

What are some other goals you have outside of your porn career?

I’m really into writing. I’m constantly working on that. I’m using the platform I have to get feedback on my writing. I’m starting to build a fanbase around that’s and it’s slowly starting to happen. It’s really cool. I see fans that tweet me or follow me, not because of my porn, but because of my blog.

Do you see your career as empowering?

Of course I do! When I got into porn I was a senior in college. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had a lot to learn and it wasn’t that I needed to learn something from a textbook. I needed to learn confidence and how to deal with people. Follow-up, follow-through, networking and the social skills that propel you through life. I didn’t have any of that. I was shy. I was a hermit. I liked to sit in my little world, read my books and play with my horses. Porn really forced me to interact with other people. I learned how to network, have presence on stage, talk into a microphone. That’s stuff you don’t learn in college. I can see such a difference now from that shy little girl when I came in. I’m really grateful for what I’ve learned in porn.

What would you like to say to your fans to wrap things up?

I freaking love you! I wouldn’t have this awesome life without you. Thanks for watching!

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