Exclusive Interview: Jodie Moore


Here’s a little background on Jodie’s political interest, from Jodie herself:

The interest I have in politics, comes from my wish to one day…shake up the system and have my say about the rights of those who like to make their own decisions about Adult products.
If you don’t try, then nothing will change…
I first ran for a seat in my local state legislator (seat of Woodridge) in Australia.That was in March 2001. I achieved 5% of the primary vote. Which may not seem a lot but was more than a major party in Australia got against me – USA equivalent to the “Republican” party 4% .(the Aussie equivilant of the “Democrats” won 52%) I also ran for the federal seat of Ryan, which is like the US congress. This was a big event and I was interviewed by Sixty Minutes as well as many other T.V. and Newspapers.
I am happy with life at the moment…but I will continue my political ambitions in the not too distant future..

Now, for the interview…

Hi Jodie! Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m from Australia, born and bred in Australia. I’ve been stripping for six years. I’m from a family of six. I’m the only one that’s ventured out past Australia…the States, Phillipines, New Zealand, continuing on with my dancing. I’ve toured a lot! I became one of the Elite Girls in Australia with stripping. I had to promote myself with g-strings and posters. Did I tell you I was running for politics?

No, but I did know about it.

When I became one of the Elite Girls there from stripping, we had an election just this last year. We had a guy in office for nine years. We just found out he was a pedophile. They called another election…for my first election I got 5% of the voters. That was pretty high for who I was…I was just a girl who took her clothes off!

Talk a little about your contract.

I’ve signed an exclusive contract with Private. That’s who I wanted to be with. A lot of my fans are asking, “How can I see one of your movies?” Now they can because Private sells to Australia, which is great.

What are you working on right now?

I just did an HBO special. Private wants me to do this music track. It’s a song called “Sex Sex,” and it’s about the industry.

Cool…how would you describe your music?

It’s a nice song…very hip-hop. It’s going very well. Private is sending me to Switzerland next week to do a track.

How has the adult business changed you?

Besides traveling all over the world, especially with Private – it’s an adventure for me. I’m moving up the food chain very quickly. I’m competing against Jenna Jameson. I’m chasing the elite people that are here in the States – Jenna, Tera Patrick, Ron Jeremy. I co-signed with Ron Jeremy in Chicago and everyone knew who he was! That’s where I want to be heading very shortly. It takes a lot of time to do it. Don’t drink, don’t party – just keep at it. That’s what I want to achieve, be that kind of icon. I have it in Australia because I ran for politics. I’m a household name there already. I want it all over the world like those other guys. My parents know what I do and are behind me 110%, whatever I do. As long as they’re cool, I don’t have to answer to anybody else!

A few of the people you mentioned earlier that are known throughout the world have also done some crossover mainstream work. Is that something you want to do?

I know Jenna has crossed over and I think that’s great. I take my hat off to her. She’s one of the girls I really look up to. She has a good business sense and she’s done very well for herself. I admire people like that.

Mainstream for me would be great. I just did an HBO show on Monday. I am venturing into that, but it just takes a little time. I’ve got to be one of the big people on the block first. Especially since I’m running for Senate in 2004, which I really want to get voted into, once I’m into the Senate I can’t do adult movies. I understand that. That could take me into mainstream once I’m into the Senate. That would be great. If I don’t get voted then I’ll still do things I enjoy – adult movies, dancing, just continue on with life and enjoy it!

You’ve mentioned some of your goals in life…what is your idea of success?

Everything is about money these days. Having an nice house, a beautiful car to drive on the beach. That’s my goal, to have all of that. You can’t have that by just sitting around. You know what I mean? You have to work very, very, hard to achieve and get what you want in life. That’s what makes me really drive myself. I have great people behind me. The do PR work for me…they push me. I’ll never forget the people that helped me along the path. I do want these beautful things. The only way to get them is to get out, network, and give it 110%.

You said something very important: If you want something in life, you can’t just sit back and wait for it to happen. You have to work at it.

Some of the girls that work in clubs think there is a big rainbow at the end. Really, we all get old and we have to start doing it when we’re young. Once you reach 40 and you haven’t made anything, what are you going to do? Then they have to go to a 9-5 job. I’m one of the smart girls that saved, investing in housing, preparing for my future.

I go to the gym every morning. I look after myself. I keep away from all the bad stuff. That stuff – that’s what Hollywood’s all about, isn’t it? Just partying, sex, drugs, God knows whatever else! As long as you keep away from all that stuff you’ll do fine.

You’ve mentioned some things that are bad news for any line of work – drugs, booze, and whatever. What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about the adult industry?

All the partying. If I have to work – do an appearance for Private – when it’s all over I go back to the hotel and get some beauty sleep. They say the early bird gets the worm! I want to be very cheery the next morning. I don’t want to look hung over.

Who are some of your favorite bands?

With me being a dancer, I adore Janet Jackson. I adore the people that just go platinum. I admire those people to the max. That’s something that I want to chase as well. And rock and porn, they always have clashes and it’s something that’s happening these days.
Besides doing the “Sex, Sex” song, I’m doing another song with some other guys – these two black guys. Seeing two black guys on stage with a white chick would just rock the roof! That’s something I’m venturing into. Hip-hop as well. I like the way the rappers perform, how they do their thing on stage. I love that. When a blonde chick comes in and rocks the roof it’s just out of this world!

Who’s big in Australia now?

Silverchair, Nirvana, Savage Garden, Natalia Imbruglia, Midnight Oil, Kylie Minogue. That’s who I’d like to be, like a bad Britney Spears. I just did the Jenny Jones show last week. She followed me to San Francisco where I was feature dancing for three days. They did a huge documentary on what a feature dancer does in her spare time. I showed Jenny the “Sex, Sex” video and they got it on the show. I just showed the Jenny Jones show what I was venturing into. That gets aired in November. I’m just trying to change the big people on the block. It’s very hard! Never say nothing can be done because anything can be done.
In Australia you have to vote. Did you know that?

I think I read that you are required to vote at a certain age…

At the age of 18 it’s mandatory to vote. I believe everybody should vote – in all different countries. Things would be so much better. In Australia you have to vote or you get a $100 fine. That’s what makes everybody vote. Your country is better looked after when everybody votes, everyone has a say. Honesty is a good policy!

Tell me about your feature film work with Private.

A new movie that’s just been released this month called “Perfect.” It’s directed by Michael Ninn. It’s a great, great, movie. It has a really great story line, not a lot of dialogue. Everybody doesn’t want to hear all the dialogue, they just want to see all the sex! That’s what it’s all about. It has many, many, sex scenes in it. It’s romantic, but scary. It’s got the devil, an angel, God, their faces change. I’ve shown it to some of my friends and they say it feels like a scary movie. The thunder comes in, the rolling clouds. It’s taken a year, but it’s here. It got five stars from AVN.

Private just shot a new movie, filmed in Scotland. It’s called “Lady of the Loch” and it’s actually filmed next to the Loch Ness Monster – the Loch Ness lake! Everyone says, “Did you see the monster!” Scotland is absolutely gorgeous. It’s such a beautiful place. The long days are very long because it doesn’t get dark until about 11:30 at night. That movie should be out very soon, too.

Rock videos have been a huge crossover channel for adult stars. What do you think about that?

That’s something Private wants to venture into. This music track I’m doing…they want to put it at the end or the beginning of the movie. Once you watch an adult movie, once it’s finished – it’s finished. When you’re lying there and it’s over, then this song comes on. That’s what they’re doing. I’m their contract girl and that’s what they want to do with me. I’m right behind them and I think it’s a great idea!

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