Exclusive Interview: Jesse Jane, Teagan Presley, Shay Jordan & Sophia Santi


Babysitters is Digital Playground’s blockbuster project of the year featuring four of their contract girls alongside Sasha Grey, Nautica Thorn, Nikki Benz, Gina Lynn, Alektra Blue, Angie Savage, Lexxi Tyler & Sammie Rhodes.

We recently sat down with Jesse Jane, Sophia Santi, Shay Jordan, and Teagan Presley to discuss their scenes in Babysitters, their real experiences as babysitters and their messages to the fans!

What have you been up to? How have things been going?
JESSE JANE: I’ve been having fun! I just went to the Bad Boys of Rock tour and introduced Buckcherry, Papa Roach and Hinder on stage. I fucking loved it. I had such a good time.
TEAGAN PRESLEY: I’ve been shooting a lot for my website. We’re trying to have it up and running by January. It’s kept me busy for the past couple of months.
SOPHIA SANTI: Everything has been going wonderful. Working, traveling and having fun!
SHAY JORDAN: Things are really great right now. I’m just relaxing and getting ready for feature dancing and more movies. I just finished doing a bunch of movies so I’m taking a little break.

Babysitters is being hyped as one of the hottest movies of the year with some of the most beautiful women in the biz. What did you think when you first heard the idea for Babysitters?
JESSE JANE: We grabbed all the hot girls. We’ve got all the Digital Playground girls and we grabbed Gina Lynn, Sasha Grey, Nautica Thorn, Alektra Blue and all these hotties. I’ve always wanted to play an innocent babysitter.
TEAGAN PRESLEY: I would have never thought about that many different scenarios. When I read the script I thought it was really funny. I was on set with Shay Jordan and right after my scene there was a huge five-way with Sophia, Alektra Blue, Angie Savage, Sammie Rhodes and Lexi Tyler. I got to see them all go through makeup but I didn’t get to see the scene! It was funny to see Sammie Rhodes with a buttplug in her butt while she was waiting to shoot! Not just an ordinary houseful of girls!
SOPHIA SANTI: I don’t know if I heard the idea for this movie until I was on set! I didn’t really realize what the premise was until I got on set and saw all the hot girls! It was a lot of fun.
SHAY JORDAN: Once I found out it was our huge feature I was really excited about it. When I realized it was about babysitters I thought that was a cool topic. It’s sexy and cute. It’s what everybody wants.

Give me a little rundown of your scene and who was in it.
JESSE JANE: I’m a babysitter and Nikki Benz pays me – almost like a hooker – to fulfill her husband’s babysitter fantasy. I was supposed to play like a sweet, innocent babysitter and then fucking lay it on him. I loved the idea and I got to work with Nikki Benz again. She’s my tag-team partner!
TEAGAN PRESLEY: I am hired to watch a little boy. His older brother is there and he hurt his leg and he’s wearing a brace. I make fun of him and tease him and he’s kind of mean to me at first. I start to tease him and once I notice that I’m turning him on I shoot him down and leave him with blue balls. I later walk into the bathroom and catch him masturbating. After that he takes control and dominates me. It has a lot more dirty talk than usual. I’m not used to that! I felt awkward delivering those lines.
SOPHIA SANTI: There are four wives and their husbands are out doing naughty things. To keep their wives occupied the husbands hire me – a sort of dominatrix escort – to come over. I get to do four lovely ladies with my strap-on, among other things. Angie Savage, Lexi Tyler, Sammie Rhodes and Alektra Blue. They’re all very beautiful.
SHAY JORDAN: It was a really long one because I had one after another. I did one with Scott Nails as his girlfriend and then we get caught in the parents’ bedroom I was babysitting for! They punish me by fucking the shit out of me! Ben English and Gina Lynn played the parents. I had a lot of dialogue. I heard I did really good acting. It has to be my best movie ever because I actually got to play a character I was really good at. I was scared, shy and in trouble. Then I totally turned into a sexual freak. It was cool.

Did you ever babysit growing up?
JESSE JANE: You know, I actually did. My dad was very strict. He had a military background. I needed to earn my own money for my own car. I had nothing else to do because I moved around a lot. I always babysat for really young kids and toddlers.
TEAGAN PRESLEY: I did babysit when I was younger. I was a very good babysitter.
SOPHIA SANTI: I did. I babysat quite a lot. That was one of my main forms of income when I was young!
SHAY JORDAN: Not really other people’s kids. My family had enough kids of their own!

Why do you think babysitters have a reputation of being wild and doing naughty things? Did you do anything sneaky while babysitting?
JESSE JANE: When you think of a babysitter it’s usually a hot teenage girl. The dads all remember when they were younger chasing a piece of ass like that around! With my dad, the only way I could get a boy over was to sneak him over while I was babysitting at somebody’s house. I always sent my boyfriends over or maybe a girlfriend would come over just to be stupid. We didn’t do anything bad. I never had sex but we got a little foreplay in.
TEAGAN PRESLEY: Nothing ever happened. I was a goody-two-shoes. When I was a babysitter I had never even kissed a guy!
SOPHIA SANTI: I don’t know. I never did any of that stuff. I never had a boyfriend over. I never had any friends over at all. I never gave a father one sideways look. If they were looking at me sideways I had no idea. I didn’t get corrupted until I moved to LA!
SHAY JORDAN: I think it’s mostly because of movies. A lot of movies make people believe that’s what happens. When girls watch those movies they get ideas! I honestly think it’s all hype but I’m sure girls do it all the time.

I’ve noticed that more and more adult movies are really well written comedies. How important is having a sense of humor in your career?
JESSE JANE: I think it’s important. Yeah, you’re buying it for the sex but you need to be funny sometimes. You can’t take everything seriously. A lot of the girls in this business think they’re serious actresses. That’s the problem. Jack’s Playground Teen America are the funniest things. Everybody buys them because they’re funny. People should take their career seriously but you don’t need to act like Tom Cruise. You should have fun with it.
TEAGAN PRESLEY: I’ve been noticing that, too. When a guy is with his girlfriend and they’re looking for something more couples related, they probably end up fast forwarding through the dialogue anyway. With a comedy you’re at least entertained between the sex scenes. A comedy keeps people watching instead of fast-forwarding through to the next scene.
SOPHIA SANTI: I think you have to have a sense of humor in porn. I wouldn’t take it too seriously. All that matters is delivering your lines and making it come out properly. I think that we did a pretty good job. When we did Pirates, Evan Stone made the movie for me. He was so funny and he really delivered his lines.

Tell me about working with Robby D. on Babysitters.
JESSE JANE: I love working with Robby D. He’s very funny and he never makes you feel uncomfortable. He wants everybody to have fun on set. You can have long, tiring days but he makes you laugh the whole time. He keeps getting better and better.
TEAGAN PRESLEY: It’s always good. We were shooting outside. I had to shoot my scene like ten times. I just felt so bad because they had to keep moving the cameras to get different angles and it was burning hot outside. I just wanted to do my lines right so they could get out of the sun!
SOPHIA SANTI: Robby’s always a ham. You can’t ever take him seriously for sure. He’s always a lot of fun. He’s like a big kid on set. You never know what he’s going to do next.
SHAY JORDAN: It was really easy. That day was crazy, though. VH1 was there and he was really frustrated because we had two scenes that day and one scene took about 12 hours. It was a long day.

What are some things you’d like to accomplish with your career?
TEAGAN PRESLEY: I’ve got a long list! How long do you have? I’ve been on the cover of Front magazine, Men’s World, People in Australia – I want to do all of that over again. That was in 2004 and 2005. I want to be on the cover of every adult magazine before I retire. I’ve been doing this since I was 18 and I’m 22 now. I’m still really young. I have a lot of goals but I don’t want to give them all away yet!
SOPHIA SANTI: I have a few ideas for movies for myself and if I can’t find somebody to write up a script for me I’m going to do it my damn self!
SHAY JORDAN: I’d love to open my own restaurant. I love to cook and that is my real goal in life. I want my own restaurant. I can cook the foods that I want and boss people around! I want to be my own boss.

What would you like to say to your fans?
JESSE JANE: I fucking love my fans. You fucking rock! You’re the best. I love you. Keep whacking off to me and I won’t let you down!
TEAGAN PRESLEY: Thank you for all of your support and I can’t wait for you guys to see the movies I have coming out. Watch out for Filth Comes First the 2nd Edition for Robby D. It’s a straight anal scene. It’s one of my favorite scenes that I’ve ever done.
SOPHIA SANTI: Watch out for my website! I have a movie that just came out with Jana Cova. You didn’t get to see her in Babysitters but you can see her with me in Scream.
SHAY JORDAN: Thank you very much for supporting me. I have a lot of fans and friends on MySpace and they leave me really nice comments and it’s great to hear from all of them.

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