Exclusive Interview: Jesse Jane


Jesse Jane, arguably the top name in Adult entertainment, takes on the role of entrepreneur by officially launching Diosa Tequila this week in Las Vegas.

After a full day of signing autographs and working the booth, Jesse took a few minutes to catch us up on the day’s events and tell us a little more about her new business venture. (Then it’s party time.)

I bet is has been crazy today!

It has been crazy, but in a good way. I just wrapped up with CNBC. We got back in, I’m calling you and then we’re off to our private VIP tasting – the Diosa party!

You mean you haven’t been taking shots already?

I’m actually really good when I’m doing business – but now I’m not! Now it’s another story. We’re in Vegas mode!

Tell me a little bit about today. It was the big day, right?

The show opened today. It was Noon to 6PM. It was the official launch of Diosa Tequila. I’ve been promoting it on Twitter just to get the name out there, but today was the official launch. This was a completely different convention than what I’m used to! Setting up the booth was totally different because this is my product. It was exciting for all the people to come up because we’re new. A lot of people have heard about us and are interested in the tequila. The media and all the press we got – it was exciting but I kinda had knots! I was nervous – like the first time I did a major signing.

How did you get involved in having your own brand of tequila?

I’m a major tequila person! A lot of girls can’t keep up with shots like I do. (laughs) I can hold my own with the guys. But the girls said they just couldn’t handle the taste. That got me thinking. Vodka has all these different flavors but tequila didn’t. That’s basically how it all started. I found a distillery in the city of Tequila, which is right outside of Guadalajara. We started coming up with flavors. Some of the things we thought would taste good didn’t. I came up with the ones that tasted good! It was a huge process. We were trying a lot of tequilas, getting the proper permits – it’s a lot of frickin’ work! Everything is coming together but there is so much more because this is such a new industry for me. I’m still learning.

When you say this is your tequila, it really is yours.

It really is. I’m the owner of the company. We came up with the idea for the flavors. My husband and I run it. We have a partner and everything is going great. It’s overwhelming and my stomach is in knots, but it’s so exciting!

Don’t forget Sammy Hagar who sold 80% of his stake in Cabo Wabo…

For $80 million! And he still owns 20%! You know what, I walked the convention when the other Diosa Girls got to the booth. I just like to go look around and there was no other flavored tequila. None.

That’s perfect.

It is! We’re first! We’re the original.

It really seems like you’re growing the Jesse Jane brand and exploring quite a few things outside the Adult industry.

There are so many things. Digital Playground wants me to re-sign my contract and obviously I am. I’m putting my savings into this tequila so I need something to keep coming in to fund my tequila. Plus I still have so much fun doing adult. I don’t shoot a lot and it’s still fun for me. It’s not like I’m doing the same thing over and over.
This tequila is important to me because one day when I’m over doing porn or all of a sudden one day I’m older and should NOT be doing porn I’ll have something to fall back on. (laughs)

Jess, I know you’ve got a party to get to. What would you like to say to everybody?

I love all my fans and everybody drink Diosa Tequila!

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