Rock Confidential Girl Tighty Whitey

Name: Heather aka Tighty Whitey
Location: Tennessee
Age: 23
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 100lbs
Measurements: 34-24-34
Relationship Status: taken
MySpace URL:

How do you like to say “hello”?
it depends on the person I’m greeting….I’m random so you never know what you’re gonna get honestly…could be a swift smack on the ass…or just a friendly wave

What were you doing five minutes before this interview?
checking my myspace

What are some things you never leave home without?
cigarettes, make-up, everything buried in my purse (not sure what’s hiding there)

What kind of underwear are you wearing?
boy shorts!!

If you could be on any reality show, what would it be?
hmm…the bad girls club would be interesting…

What part of your personality gets you into trouble the most?
my low bull shit tolerance…because I can’t keep my mouth shut when someone needs to be put in place..

Are you ticklish?
unfortunately…everywhere lol

What can a guy do to turn you on?
anything to do with my neck…

Let’s say I’m gonna give you $1,000 dollars. Where do you go to spend it? What would you buy?
I would buy my son a bunch of toys first….and whatever was left …would go to

What are some things guys do that get on your nerves?
haha…well…offering me money to get naked on web cam, being too clingy or whiny, when they think they know it all, and how freakin’ loud they can snore!!

How can someone make you happy for weeks on end?
just keep me laughing and smiling and I will be happy!

What’s the first thing you look at when you meet a guy?
his eyes and smile

What do you like to do on a first date?
go out to eat

Describe your worst date ever.
I don’t think I’ve really ever had a really bad date…none that come to mind anyways

The person you would most like to meet is…
Johnny Depp

What TV shows do you never miss?
Family Guy, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies, Metalocolypse, Futurama, Scubs, Married With Children (oldie I know…but funny), and The Cleveland Show

Name three of your favorite movies.
Edward Scissorhands, The Hangover, Pineapple Express

Name three of your favorite bands or artists.
Chimaira, Carnifex, and Whitechapel

What is your all-time favorite dessert?
strawberry shortcakes

What is your favorite line from a song?
“Fuck you and you’re thoughts on me, Fuck you how can I not be me, Fuck you I will never let you change me”
Chimaira – “Jade”

Tell us a joke.
ok….well then…
Do you know what Rodeo Sex is?
It’s when you mount your woman from behind, start going nice and slowly, take her hair and pull her head back slightly and whisper in her ear “Your sister was better than you…”, and try to hold on for 8 seconds!

What do you do to chill?
kick back and watch tv or write

Name some things in your life you’re most proud of.
number one is my son of course!! the progress I’m making in my modeling career

How do you like to say “goodbye”?
later yo!!

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