Rock Confidential Girl Sun Karma

How do you like to say ‘hello’?
Kya Haal Hai, Chutia?!

Name some things in your life that you’re most proud of.
I have a BFA- Art history, BA-Communications, MS-Counseling, MS-Psychology, and finishing up a PhD in psychology. I owe the gvt like $130,000…and I still can’t find a job to pay me what I am worth. But what the hell.

What makes a man sexy?
Sarcastic Humor, Intelligence, Stability. Good looks help…but you can be hot and dumb as a rock.

What makes a man unsexy?
An attitude. Bad teeth. Poor hygenie.

Name three of your favorite movies of all time.
Kama Sutra- Directed by Mira Nair
Moll Flanders – BBC version
Absolutely fabulous: “THE LAST SHOUT”

Can playing ‘hide the salami’ ever last too long?
Depends on where you are hiding the salami.

What do you do to chill?
I read poetry, like Baudelaire’s “FLOWERS OF EVIL” or Rimbaud. Something french…and a glass of wine and a hookah with some strawberry tobacco. Yum.

What’s in your pockets right now?
A bunch of lint and a dime. Somebody throw me a dollar!!!

What would Rock Confidential be shocked to find in your bedroom?
About 5 different types of vibrators

What’s your favorite line from a song?
I don’t want to start any blasphemous rumours
But I think that God’s got a sick sense of humor
And when I die I expect to find Him laughing
Depeche Mode, “Blasphemous Rumors”

What do guys do that really piss you off?
Assume. I hate that.

Fess up to something you’ve done in the past.
If I confessed then they could sue me. I plead the 5th.

If you could be a porn star, what would your name be?
I was a softcore topless model…and it was Mina Royale.

Tell me about the underwear you’re wearing right now.
Cotton “Suicide Girl” underwear

How can someone make you happy for weeks on end?
Man, I really don’t think that its possible!

What’s your favorite dirty word/phrase?
Jab tu paida hua tho aagey se ya peechey se nikla tha chutiya?

What kind of guy usually gets to go out with you?
Usually the WRONG ones…but I am working on that. Therapy helps.

Where would an innocent internet magazine editor rank on your list of possible dates?
Jesse…I’d date you anytime!

How do you like to get a guys attention?
By ignoring them. Its kinda strange…but it WORKS.

Where is your most ticklish spot?
My neck

Describe your worst date ever.
If you really want to know…read my book “I’m with Stupid: Dating stories from the edge of sanity”. I have about 50 worst dates
All in that book (shameless plug there)

Ever met or worked with any rock stars or celebrities?
Yes, and I know quite a few.
Cheap Trick is sooo cool. Those guys rock and are cool to go out drinking with.
Chrissy Moran is like- the ultimate hot white chic- I’d do her in a minute. I shot with her photographer. He was cool.
I have also met quite a few celebs. Check my portfolio and click the “Celebrities” section to see who I have hung out with.

What is the last CD you bought?

Anything you’d like to promote? (my retail site) (my portfolio site) (my makeup site)

How do you like to say ‘goodbye’?
Fuck you guys…I’m going home.
(thanks Cartman)

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