Rock Confidential Girl Sara Walker

How do you like to say ‘hello’?

Name some things in your life that you’re most proud of.
Since I was 18 years old I’ve been on my own. Good and bad experiences have made strong and more intuitive.

What makes a man sexy?
Great hygiene, clean clothes, interesting conversation, a fabulous sense of humor, and a sincere interested in me. Oh! And not being uptight about situations, Shit Happens

What makes a man unsexy?
Body odor. PEW!!!
Lack of respect.

Name three of your favorite movies of all time.
Aliens (the 2nd one), Princess Bride, and Pearl Harbor

Can playing ‘hide the salami’ ever last too long?
Let me be straight, if I like you, I’ll bring a bottle of Red Wine to go with that Salami. Games are for children, not adults. Being “played” sours a good and positive friendship.
I am not innocent but I rarely share my bottle of Red Wine with that Salami early on.

What do you do to chill?
Watch a movie at home in my pj’s, eat popcorn, nap on my couch…

What’s in your pockets right now?
Nothing, I’m sitting here in my Birthday suit

What would Rock Confidential be shocked to find in your bedroom?
A Samurai Sword…

What’s your favorite line from a song?
“Your ass smells like a Rose” It’s from a Static X song. I thought it was hilarious!

What do guys do that really piss you off?
Oh Hell!! There’s no way I can answer that, too many pet peeves.

Fess up to something you’ve done in the past.
A few years ago a real good friend of mine took me on a ride on his Honda RC51 motorcycle to Hoover Dam. It was a scorcher of a summer day. Due to the heat we opted not to wear riding jackets. Half way there it was so hot I untied my shirt and let the “boobs” swing free in the wind. It was AWESOME. He didn’t have a clue until after we stopped and I told him. Bad girl, bad, bad girl!!

If you could be a porn star, what would your name be?
Mrs. Cortez. Everyone loves hot Latin women. What a great name to yell out in the heat of passion…

Tell me about the underwear you’re wearing right now.
Like I said, I’m in my Birthday suit … but if I where wearing any it would be a thong.

How can someone make you happy for weeks on end?
When I’m with you I want to be the one and only, don’t tell me your problems or talk about someone else. You give me 100%, I give you 100%. You give me affection and attention, and I will keep you stocked in energy drinks!

What’s your favorite dirty word/phrase?
FUCKING SHIT!!! I really do have a potty mouth. I’m working on that.

What kind of guy usually gets to go out with you?
One with a great sense of humor, stays in shape and loves his Mom.

Where would an innocent internet magazine editor rank on your list of possible dates?
Mmmmmm … Let’s meet and discuss the possibilities!
Innocence is a matter of perspective, and a great ice breaker. Thus it becomes a challenge, and I love a good challenge.

How do you like to get a guys attention?
Walk right up to him, smile and introduce myself. I’ll buy the first round of whatever, beer, ice cream, coffee, lunch … If that doesn’t work, I’ll just do my MataHari dance and knock him out!!

Where is your most ticklish spot?
Is this a set up??? If I answer this will I have to look out for you??? My neck. Go anywhere around my neck and I’m climbing the walls. It won’t be ecstasy when I scream out your name. It’ll be because I’m getting ready to kick your ass!!!

Describe your worst date ever.
Oh here we go!! I went out with a friends’ brother. Went to a nearby Sushi bar. He got hammered drinking Sake. I put him in his car and drove him back to my place since it was just around the corner. As we walked into my apartment he passes out right in front of my front door hitting the floor. I couldn’t move him, so that’s where he stayed. When he woke up the next morning, he stood up, I handed him his car keys, turned him around, opened the door and pushed him out into GOODBYE!!
We’re now real good friends and laugh about it. Gladly I’ve not experience anything like that since.

Ever met or worked with any rock stars or celebrities?
Since I live in Vegas and work the Club Promotions system, I’m always meeting Celebrities and Stars. Here are some that come to mind: Westley Snipes, Rob Scheider, George Clooney, Tyrese Tyson, Ben Afleck, Pamela Anderson, Fred Durst, Christian Slater, Dennis Rodman, Howard Stern, Pauly Shore, Charles Barkley, Ben Bostrom, Eric Bostrom, Ruben Xaus…

What is the last CD you bought?
“The Calling” It’s really good, very relaxing.

Anything you’d like to promote?
Sanctioned Motorcycle Racing in every form, be it Sportbike Racing, Super Moto, Motorcross, Flat Track… You name, it’s all good. If you’ve never attended a race, make it a point to go. What a great experience it’ll be and the fans and racers are a fantastic group of people. You’ll be amazed at the abilities and capabilities of these professional racers. WOW!! is an understatement.

How do you like to say ‘goodbye’?
Talk to you later!!