Rock Confidential Girl Nikki Jackson

How do you like to say ‘hello’?
Whats up?

What’s the name of the last porno you watched?
Love thy Neighbor

Where have you visited that you’ll never go back?

Can playing ‘hide the salami’ ever last too long?
Umm…yeah, but not very often.

What music do you listen to while ‘getting frisky’?
I make my own music while I’m getting busy!

What’s in your pockets right now?
Sorry no pockets.

What would Rock Confidential be shocked to find in your bedroom?
The amount of clothes I have!

What’s your favorite line from a song?
“Walk away and taste pain come again some other day” – ( RHCP)

What’s one thing that really pisses you off?
Rude People!

Fess up to something you’ve done in the past.
Dated two brothers at the same time, they didn’t know until after.

If you could be a porn star, what would your name be?
Nikki Jackson of course.

Describe the underwear you’re wearing right now.
Tiny pink cotten panties.

Who were you in a previous life?
I can’t seem to remember at the moment!

What’s your favorite dirty word/phrase?
I probably use the word “Fuck” the most.

Do you like to do laundry?
I actually don’t mind doing laundry.

Would you like to do mine?
Hehehe…umm no!

What’s your plan for getting a guys attention?
Try to make eye contact with him.

What’s a place you should NEVER be taken on a date?
An Arcade.

Where is your most ticklish spot?
My stomach.

What can a man do to catch your eye?
Do something nice for me.

Ever met or worked with any rock stars? Who?
Steven Tyler & Joe Perry from Aerosmith. Gene Simmons from Kiss, Anthony Kiedis from RHCP.

What is the last CD you bought?

Anything you’d like to promote?
My website – – make sure you check me out guys!

How do you like to say ‘goodbye’?
See ya!

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