Rock Confidential Girl Niki Noxious

Name: Niki Noxious
Birthplace: Kansas City, MO
Current City: Black Canyon City, AZ
Birthdate: August 2nd
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How do you like to say “hello”?

What’s the first thing people notice about you?
My hair and tattoos

What were you doing five minutes before this interview?
Painting my house

What are some things you never leave home without?
My phone and a big cup of water

What does your last outgoing text message say?
“love you too”

What part of your personality gets you into trouble the most? Why?
My sarcasm. I’m told that people have a hard time knowing when I’m joking or being serious. I personally think i’m hilarious! haha

What makes you laugh?
Honestly I laugh a lot. My husband has an amazing wit that always cracks me up though.

Are you ticklish? Where?
Only my feet. I’m pretty sure my “tickler” is broken.

Let’s say I gave you $10,000 dollars. Where do you go to spend it? What would you buy?
I would spend it on my credit cards and student loan.

What are some things guys do that get on your nerves?
Some guys have a habit of trying to impress girls with extravagant and unlikely stories that they’ve embellished to the point of ridiculousness and that absolutely drives me crazy. Stop telling tall tales and just tell the damn story like it is.

Describe your worst date ever.
I went on a date to a pyschobilly show. The guy was super cocky and arrogant. I loved to mosh so I got into the pit and during one of the songs he threw his elbow into my throat. I spent the remainder of the show in his car trying to relearn how to breathe through my smooshed esophagus.

Tell us a joke.
What’s green and red all over?
A frog in a blender.

What are some of your favorite movies?
Pretty much any Marvel Movie (I’m a huge comic book nerd), Interview With A Vampire, The Exorcist, The Crow, Repo The Genetic Opera, Rocky Horror Picture Show, anything Tim Burton.

What music have you been listening to lately?
I’m in love with In This Moment’s new album Ritual, so that has been on repeat.

The musician you would most like to meet is…
Oh God this is a hard one. I am so eclectic when it comes to music. I could pick someone from just about any genre, but if I had to choose one – probably Otep Shamaya. I absolutely love everything that woman stands for and lets face it – she kicks ass.

What was your first concert?
Spice Girls when I was eight.

What was the last concert you attended?
Mindless Self Indulgence

Who are some of your favorite bands?
In This Moment, Otep, Mindless Self Indulgence, Butcher Babies, Goddamn Gallows, Tool, Rob Zombie, Slipknot

What is your favorite line from a song?
Equal rights
Equal lefts
Fight for your right
To exist

“Equal Rights, Equal Lefts” – Otep

What do you do to relax?
Meditation, read, and jam out to music

Name some things in your life you’re most proud of.
Being the mom to two beautiful girls is probably what I am most of proud of and also never giving up on my dreams.

What is the key to happiness?
Inner peace and also having kindness and compassion for others.

How do you like to say “goodbye”?