Rock Confidential Girl Keira Riley

You have an award-winning career as a feature dancer. How did it all start?

Originally I wanted to find a school to teach pole lessons, while on Google, I came across a feature school of dance with the Pure Talent Agency, which I later attended and years later taught. I started house dancing the day after my 18th Birthday at a small dive in Snowshoe PA in hopes to travel and be discovered as a famous actress. I was at a friends house three days before my 18th birthday when the owner of my first strip club approached me. I was in the right place at the right time I guess you could say… Pure Talent later paved my way to success and I just sorta blew up overnight.

Tell me about your ambitions and what keeps you motivated.

I am very passionate about my career and my craft. I currently am the star of a feature length documentary called Naked Truck Driver which was directed by my younger sister Rachel and am in hopes to see it debut in several film festivals including Sundance. I currently am an aerialist, fire breather/eater, burlesque showgirl, actress, model, makeup artist and hair stylist to name a few and my future goal is to continue to pave my way to success. My motivations come from those closest to me like my friends, family, and that special someone… I also love to prove the haters wrong by using their negative energy to push me to the top.

Have you ever had run-ins with creepers during your sets or anytime on the road? What happened?

Love this question Haha! I actually was performing in my home state of Pennsylvania and I was doing a shower show, and while in the baby pool, a customer took his beer glass and filled it up with my bath water and drank the whole thing. It was sick!

The Naked Truck Driver film is a huge undertaking. Tell me how the idea came together and what it’s all about.

I am so excited to be apart of such a unique documentary… With that being said, my sister Rachel was attending PSU for Film, and her hard drive crashed with her film on death, and she needed a new subject quickly. I rose to the occasion by allowing her to film an entire project about my life in only three days. Her class loved our prototype, and later it inspired us to want to turn it into a feature length documentary after she graduated.

A brief description of the documentary:

Naked Truck Driver follows feature entertainer, Keira Riley, through the colorful world of exotic dancing. After a year off the grid, Riley returns to the adult industry to compete for the title of Miss Nude World in Columbus, Ohio, accompanied (for the first time) by her sister, Rachel. Keira examines her past, her relationships, and puts everything on the line to win the Miss Nude World pageant, and hopefully, in the process, is able to prove to her family that she’s more than just a “stripper”.

When Rachel Marie and Andrew Levis first approached Keira Riley during their final year of college as film/video majors at Penn State University, the renowned feature entertainer was working as a house dancer at a local club to make ends meet. Since then, Galactic Toast Productions have followed Keira to her first gig on the road after a one year hiatus, where she competed for the Miss Nude World 2013 and Miss Burlesque World 2013 titles in Columbus, Ohio.

In addition to the events that unfolded throughout the exciting, week-long journey, Marie and Levis are in the process of delving deeper into Keira Riley’s story. As Keira’s sister, Rachel Marie has taken the film as an opportunity to get to know and better understand what her sister does for a living, and to explore and make sense of their shared past.

What did your family think of your career in the beginning?

That’s a tough one… My sisters had a really hard time with it and were made fun of a lot in school. My parents were definitely not supportive at all, and I later found out they had dabbled in the go-go bar lifestyle of their generation and I never knew until I was involved in it myself. Over the years as I grew more successful in the business, my mother hasn’t changed at all on her opinion. My sisters have became very supportive. My oldest sister Meg helped me win the Miss Nude World 2009, My sister Rachel filmed me in Naked Truck Driver, and my youngest sister and father has began to accept it and is featured in our documentary.

At the busiest time of your career, how many weeks out of the year were you on the road?

48 weeks out of the year.

Is it hard to be in a serious relationship?

It has always been very difficult for me to find a supportive man in my life. One ex traveled with me for two years as my road manager which took a huge toll on our relationship. My last ex also traveled with me and loved to compete with me for attention. He was the worst. The guy in my life for the past year has started to come to terms with my career and is slowly accepting it and supporting my dreams. I think its difficult for someone to watch their girlfriend on stage topless or naked… You have to be very confident in yourself.

You’re obviously in great shape and I would assume you have to watch what you eat. Is it hard to keep up a strict, responsible lifestyle? Do you do anything special to stay in shape?

I do not do anything special. I barely workout, and I barely diet… lol…I love chocolate!

What makes you laugh?

Being tickled, Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, my sisters…

Who are some of your favorite bands and artists?

I love 1920’s-1950’s music… house music, pop music… Lady Gaga, Elton John, Krewella, The Naked and Famous, Bryan Adams, Phantogram, Florence and the Machine, My Chemical Romance, HIM, Avenged Sevenfold, Pitbull, Parov Stelar…

What was your last concert?

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

What’s your favorite line from a song?

“I’m just stunnin with my love glue gunnin”
Lady Gaga, “Pokerface”

What does your last outgoing text message say?

Fri 11 Sat 11. (My work schedule… I’m a workaholic!)

If you could meet anyone who would it be?

Lady Gaga

What part of your personality gets you into trouble the most?

My short fuse. I tell it how it is, I don’t put up with crap, and sometimes I have a tendency to snap… 🙂

What are some things in your life you’re most proud of?

Winning the Miss Nude World, being nominated Entertainer of the Year in Las Vegas, and just living life at the edge of my seat…

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