Rock Confidential Girl JoJo Suicide

Age: 29
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 98 pounds
Occupation: Professional fetish model, part time JoJo of all trades and sometimes wicked woman of the web
Location: Toronto, Paris and my little farm in SW Virginia

How do you like to say “hello”?
It really depends on what country I’m in. In Canada, ‘Hey, how’s it going’; in America, ‘How-dee y’all’ and in Europe anything from ‘bon jour’ to ‘hello’

Do you see yourself as more of a sex goddess or the girl-next-door?
I’m usually the sexy girl next door unless you’re a hot delivery guy, then watch out!

Do you look at pictures of yourself and say, “I look hot!”?
Some of my pix really get me hot.

What physical traits do you prefer in a man?
After the package, he’s got to be tall, thin and sexy.

What kind of guy usually gets to go out with you?
Rock ‘n Roll always works for me for a one-nighter but someone with some personality and who is genuine always wins.

What is your favorite room in your house? Why?
The kitchen because I love to cook, the bathroom because there’s room for two in the tub and the bedroom… well you figure it out!

Are there any celebrities who make you all googly eyed?
I’d bag David Bowie in a flash.
Then there’s Angelina Jolie – she floats my boat any day.
Honorable mention goes to Greta Garbo, a young Peter O’Toole, Peter Murphy, Sean Connery and last but not least Keith Richards.

What are some of your favorite movies?
Don’t laugh: Mouse Hunt.
Just about anything from the 40’s, Sid and Nancy, The Wall, Dune (the really long version), Taxi Driver, Gia, The Blob (with Steve McQueen) and about a million more.

What can a guy do to turn you on?
Be a nice guy, pay the bar tab, keeps his hands off my boobs (in public) and is always ready for a roll in the hay.

What repulses you?
Any head of a country with ‘W’ for a middle name.
Violence, cruelty to animals, racists, bigots and liars.

What is your idea of “sexy”?
Sexy is something that a person exudes, it’s not something you can turn on and off.

Tell us something embarrassing about yourself.
I can sign my name in the snow (blush)

What part of your personality gets you into trouble the most?
My rather non-conventional sense of humour.

Are you ticklish?
Yes, everywhere but my…. (think about it)

What is your favorite line from a song?
‘We can be heroes just for one day’ – Heroes, David Bowie
‘You can be my partner in crime’ – Tumblin’ Dice, Rolling Stones

What is the last CD you listened to?
‘Days of Purgatory’, Iced Earth

Who are some of your favorite music artists?
Wendy O Williams, Iced Earth, Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones (the list goes on and on)

What was the last concert you attended?
Rolling Stones – Toronto , NYC, Paris ’05 and ’06 (great VIP parties!)

Pick one!
Van Halen: David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?
Sammy who? There was only one (wink)

KISS: With makeup or without?
With, with and with!

Maxim or Playboy?
Neither – I’ll take Bizarre any day.

Sportscar or SUV?
A 600SL for a nice drive.
An army tank for crowded freeways (it’s the Tank Girl in me)
SUV equals SUX – get that damn thing off the road!

Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme?
I’m a Kreme girl!

Music: Buy or Download?
Download unless it’s a really great CD then I’ll buy it.

Name some things in your life you’re most proud of.
My little doggie and my ink.

What is something you wish you’d get asked in interviews like this, but never do?
Would you like another bottle of champagne?

What’s your answer?
Yes, please.

What do you like the most about
It’s a really great place with some really hot girls!

Anything you’d like to promote?
Any world leader without ‘W’ as his middle name.
My personal site at

How do you like to say “goodbye”?
Adios, ciao, hasta la vista, baby.

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