Rock Confidential Girl Jeanne Basone

34 D -24 34 120lbs 5′ 7″

May 19, 1969

What kind of music do you enjoy?
All kinds – Alternative, rock, soft rock, some classical

Have you ever met any rock stars?
Too many. My girlfriend worked for Sabian Cymbals and we got passes to all the events that they endorsed. I’ve met Saliva, Kiss, Tommy Aldridge (nice guy), Disturbed, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Journey…

What do you do in your free time?
Try and relax, go the beach, see my friends’ bands, go for dinner and drinks…

Turn Ons?
Daisies, laughing, honesty, passion, hiking, men with dark hair and light eyes, playing in the rain, the sound of raindrops, thunderstorms, bubble baths, the beach, music, candles, incense, oysters, champagne and when a man can just give you a shell or flower he just found or picked for you… that is a real turn on!! oh and nice people.

Turn Offs?
Earthquakes, mean people, peas, people who take advantage of others, judgmental people, typos, and bees, I’m allergic to them!

Any current projects you’re involved in?
I run my own websites. That alone keeps me very busy! There are 2 with one more in the works. I will be shooting with a great photographer and cannot wait to see how those come out. His stuff is phenomenal! I also produce my own wrestling videos, and tour twice a month with the wrestling!

A quick note from Jeanne about Rock Confidential: “I hope the Readers enjoy the site as much as I have, it ROCKS!!!!”

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