Rock Confidential Girl Angie Savage

Name: Angie Savage
Age: 25
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 112 lbs
Occupation: Adult model/Actress
Location: Porn Valley, CA

How do you like to say ‘hello’?
With a big wet kiss

Do you see yourself as more of a sex goddess or the girl-next-door?
I would have to say a sex goddess. I have always been an extremely sexual person. It seems to get me in trouble quite a bit.

Do you look at pictures of yourself and say, “I look hot!”?
No, I usually say what was I thinking about. I aways seem to have a devious look on face or my tongue is sticking out.

What physical traits do you prefer in a man?
I know this sounds funny, but I really love a big belly on a guy. I also am a sucker for tattoos and beer breath.

What kind of guy usually gets to go out with you?
I am a sucker for guitar players. Something about watching their fingers go to town. Yummy.

What is your favorite room in your house?
My big closet. I love to play dress up.

Are there any celebrities who make you all googly eyed?
Ron Jeremy gets my blood to boil. It must be the big belly…

What are some of your favorite movies?
Casino, Kalifornia, Natural Born Killers, Finding Nemo, Pretty Woman and Peter Pan.

What can a guy do to turn you on?
Make me laugh. He has got to have a great sense of humor.

What repulses you?
Stinky vagina and dirty balls.

What is your idea of “sexy”?
Someone who is confident but not cocky.

Tell us something embarrassing about yourself.
I sometimes pee my pants when I laugh too hard.

What part of your personality gets you into trouble the most?
I have been told that I can be too friendly at the wrong times. I like to believe that everyone is a nice person.

Are you ticklish?
Yes, pretty much everywhere.

What is your favorite line from a song?
“I want to fuck you like an animal”

What is the last CD you listened to?
AC/DC Back In Black. I don’t think I will ever get sick of it.

Who are some of your favorite music artists?
Fall To Grace, Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, Allman Brothers, Devil Doll, Alice In Chains, Nugent, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Queen, Joan Jett, KISS, Iggy Pop, Stones, COC, Thin Lizzy, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Elvis Costello, B.B. King, Zombie, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, Nine Inch Nails, Janis Joplin, Muddy Waters, the list goes on and on…

What was the last concert you attended?
The Supersuckers.

Pick one!
Van Halen: David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?
Van Halen
KISS: With makeup or without?
With makeup
Maxim or Playboy?
Sportscar or SUV?
Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme?
Krispy Kreme
Gifts: Money or jewelry?
Money to buy jewelry.

Name some things in your life you’re most proud of.
My family and my career. I love that I am finally doing something I love and am making money doing it. Can’t beat that.

What is something you wish you’d get asked in interviews like this, but never do?
What do I plan to do after porn?

What’s your answer to that question?
I am going to open up a restaurant that only serves sausage on a stick and beer.

What do you like the most about
The hot rockers and the hot girls.

Anything you’d like to promote?
My new website

How do you like to say ‘goodbye’?
With a goose to the butt.

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