Rock Confidential Girl Angela Little

Name: Angela Little
Age: 33
Height: 5′2
Weight: 100 lbs.
Stats: 34c 23 33
Location: Los Angeles

How do you like to say “hello”?
Hello. (with a southern drawl)

Please tell us about your character in American Pie presents Band Camp.
Complex. Just kidding. I play Sheree, the band camp counselor/dance choreographer who has a fling with a camper (Omar Benson Miller)

Is any part of your character in this movie similar to the “real” Angela Little?
I really am a dance choreographer, otherwise not really.

I hear there are some hot chicks in this movie! Care to elaborate for us?
Rachel Veltrie is super cute and so is Jennifer Walcott and Arielle Kebbel.

When people mention Band Camp to you, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind?
I really did play the flute in Junior High! So I did go to band camp and it was indeed full of nerds!

What did you and the rest of the girls do when you didn’t have to be on set?
Sleep, audition, do other projects, i.e. I starred in FOX’s ‘Quintuplets’ while on a break from shooting APBC.

Aren’t you involved in the bonus features on the DVD? What all is included in the special features?
Rachel and myself give a tour of the set and do a few interviews. We also are dancin’ in the shower to “Baby Got Back”. LOL

You’re a Southern Girl, right?
Yes, very southern.

How has your opinion of Hollywood changed since your days of growing up in Alabama?
All that glitters aint gold.

Have your Southern roots been an advantage or a disadvantage in Hollywood?
Both. Sometimes it adds to the character if she has an accent. I can lose it if I need to, but sometimes casting directors won’t tell you what they want one way or another… it can be a guessing game.

Working with Playboy has been a very important part of your career. How did that relationship start?
I sent in polaroids of my naked ass! LOL! Seriously, it started with polaroids.

I read an amazing number, but I wanna hear it straight from you…how many Playboy issues have you been featured in?
I honestly don’t keep up with it. I’m thinking about, oh, 50 or more times. I could be way off.

Obviously, being selected as Miss August 1998 was a great accomplishment. Other than that issue, which one are you most proud of?
I suppose the November 2000 cover and back cover with eight pages in Playboy’s Book of Lingerie. It was recently named one of the top ten covers of all the Books of Lingerie!

What is the biggest misconception people have about Playmates?
That we’re glorified hookers. LOL!

All us guys like to know – are you single? What kind of guy are you most attracted to?
Sorry not single, married actor/musician Andy Mackenzie in August of this year. Sounds very Hollywood Cliche, huh? We met on the set of the short lived UPN comedy The Mullets. Ironically, we played newlyweds. Sometimes life really does imitate art, huh? We also had a baby girl, Farrah Sinclair Mackenzie, on October 29!

What part of your personality gets you into trouble the most? Why?
I don’t censor my thoughts…just complete stream of motion. People can’t handle honesty, I suppose. I’m working on it though!

Are you ticklish?
I’m extremely ticklish on my knees! I will kill anyone who even thinks about it!

What are some of your favorite movies?
I love the old movies Drugstore Cowboy and True Romance. I recently watched The Chronicles of Narnia and loved it! Oh yeah! AMERICAN PIE:BAND CAMP!!!!

What is the last CD you listened to?
A compilation CD with No Doubt, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, Mazzy Star, Loretta Lynn, Dixie Chicks, Tool, and of course my husbands band 33 DEGREE!!

Who are some of your favorite bands?
33 DEGREE, Perfect Circle, Tori Amos, Outkast, The Roots, Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Tool…way too many to name but that gives you an idea, huh?

Who was the last band you saw live?

What is something you wish you’d get asked in interviews like this, but never do?
Who do I admire the most?

What’s your answer to that question?
My Grandma!!!!

Finish the following sentence however you want:
This one time, at band camp…

I won a burping contest! (true story, not attractive I know)

How do you like to say “goodbye”?
See ya’ll later!!!!!

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