Rock Confidential Girl Alannah Hutka

Name: Alannah Hutka
Location: Bowling Green, OH
Age: 24
Height: 5’4
Weight: 115
Measurements: *Available as per request; I have all of them for everything from shoes/glove size for designers needing it, the basics.*
Piercings/Tattoos: Most of my body is devoted to canvas of body modification, so the list is on and on, but, luckily, I try to keep a mostly up-to-date list on my ModelMayhem for press purposes and for photographers who request to know:
1. Septum – 14g
2. 18g Conch (Right Ear) (Uh oh, it may have fallen out yesterday, literally!)
3. Stretched (but empty) lobes; one is torn and weird looking, but it gives me..unique-ness, I suppose?!
4. 18g (Left Ear) Cartiledge ring
5. 18g (Red Gem) High Nostril (Left)
6. 14g Upper Naval
7. 14g (currently orange and gold gem) Medusa
8. 14g Dahlias
9. 14g Tongue Webbing
10. Lower stomach – diamond dermal
11. 14g Nostril Rings – Both Nostrils
12. 14g (currently black/white star) tongue piercing

1. Anchor – Right Temple
2. Broken Heart – Right Cheek
3. Louis Vuitton Logo – Left Middle Finger
4. Coco Chanel Logo – Right Middle Finger
5. My Kiss Mark – Left Neck
6-7. Bats with Bows – Back of Upper Leg
8. Piano Keys, Rose, Traditional Specks – Right Upper Thigh
9. Ohio Outline with For Lovers in Scroll – Right Upper Thigh
10. LA/Dodgers logo, with greyscale leopard spots inside of it – Left Stomach Area
11. “Sometimes You’ve Gotta See the World To Find Out What You’ve Left Behind” – Beneath LA
12. “I’ve Seen Love Die Way Too Many Times” – Beneath Left Breast
13. Pocketwatch and “This Is How We Stay So Connected Over Space and Time” – Chest
14. “If You’re A Bird Than I’m A Bird, But If You Can’t Fly Than Neither Will I” – Right Collar Bone
15. Music Notes – Right Shoulder
16-18. Roses (left and right have a diamond in the centers) – Left Shoulder
19. “Create What You’ve Become” – Inner Right Arm
20. Franky from Donnie Darko – Right Forearm
21. RD & Requiem for a Dream Eye – Right Forearm
22. Further Seems Forever Logo – Left Inner Forearm
23. “Your Hands Didn’t Move” – Left Inner Forearm
24. “I Am On the Mend, At Least Now I Can Say That I Am Trying, and I Hope You Will Forget, The Things I Still Lack” – Brand New, Sowing Season (Yeah) Lyrics – Right Forearm
25. “Tortures of the Damned” – Right Forearm
26. Blue Rose – Right Hand
27. Hello Kitty Pirate – Right Upper Arm
28. Triforce – Right Upper Arm
29. Zombie – Left Calf
30. “Tell Me How That You Can Swim When Ropes Are Wrapped Around Your Limbs” in Rope – – Escape the Fate “The Ransom” lyrics – Left Upper Arm
31. Black shading and tons of little designs on my lower right sleeve
32. Super Mario/Zelda stuff on my upper right sleeve
33. Pigeon and Death Cab for Cutie lyrics (I Need You So Much Closer), left shoulder/neck
34. Circa Survive “On Letting Go” album art – left upper arm
35. Kurt Cobain grayscale portrait – left upper arm
36. Tao of Meow (in script) + kitty yin-yang symbol – R lower calf
37. Birdcage with one side shaded as a cloudy sky, the other shaded as a galaxy/nebula burst – Covering Entire Neck and throat
38. Portrait in neo-traditional of my daughter and I’s hands on my leg, based on an early photo I took of her holding me while sleeping on me
39. Cat 40. Dragon – R Stomach
41. Nightsaber from WoW – R Stomach
42. Key – Collarbone
44. Wanderlust – above eyebrow
45. HHS <# – left thumb
46. Fashionably Late w/lipstick tube – left hand
47. Kiss mark and signature – right hip
48. Morrissey portrait – left forearm
49. Cursive band lyrics “There’s no use to keep a secret; everything I hide ends up in lyrics” – block/typewriter font – left shoulder
50. Portrait of my cat, Adelaide with greek wreath/greenery below – right knee
51. Crow Girl/Gypsy (Traditional style) – Back of right calf
52. State of California Outline – Right Shoulder
53. California Dreamin’ – script font – Right and Left Back of Thighs
54. Christopher – Right Thumb
55. Diamond – (the word) – Above Left Eyebrow
56. It Can’t Rain All The Time – Stomach
57. Vines and Roses – Stomach
58. Black/Shaded Crow (the bird..the last few tie in..props to those who know how!)- Stomach
59. Upside down (not for the trend, for “humility”) black cross – inside of right arm
60. Razor blade, stars, gun shooting hearts, umbrella with raindrops (little designs in black shading but flesh-toned) – right lower arm

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How do you like to say “hello”?
Oh hey! (I try to be friendly and optimistic at the start of every conversation to set the tone, or, to adjust it if the terms of conversation aren’t especially fortunate. Attitude = everything)

What were you doing five minutes before this interview?
I am at my favorite coffeehouse location, so I was getting some business work done off of my e-mail, and ordering my copy of XPressions magazine, August 2015, which I am featured! (Yay!) That, and slamming a delicious kiwi lemonade + tea combo. They come up with some great concoctions here! And, it’s a local business, so supporting feels great.

What are some things you never leave home without?
Always have to have my wallet with cards/money for emergencies (especially shopping never know when some shoes will “speak” to you!, small make-up essentials pouch in case I end up venturing out for business ior at a social event (and because make-up is becoming a fun hobby for me!), my potassium, iron, and magnesium medication (medical emergencies are always something needing avoided), my cell phone (aka my work on the go!) + charger (my work in the music industry means no time for dead phones or low battery!), headphones (for long transit/walks, or for needing to get my groove on unexpectedly), business cards (for unexpected networking in the music/modeling industries), and a great pair of shoes on my feet. Shoes are an obsession and a half, if you haven’t caught on!

What does your last outgoing text message say?
“But, I got published again! Just found out!” to my husband..sharing the news of some publishing of a photoset with Brittani Gonzalez Photography that I’ve been promoting and sending out for publishing featurettes

What part of your personality gets you into trouble the most?
Most definitely my ability to act on impulse/impulsiveness. I tend to make rational decisions, especially being a wife and mother, and I always prioritize safety of myself and my family. However, this “wild” side of me has chiseled itself a niche in impulsive spending on occasion, especially for fashion/music/home decorating. In addition, impulse has led me to a few poorly done tattoos (which are now – thankfully – redone by my main artist, Digger Pierce at Broadwing Tattoo and Piercing)! Of course, impulse has led to wearing the wrong shoes (shoes, AGAIN?!) out, and having achy feet or having to go barefoot, or rocking some hair that was not terribly flattering. If anything, my impulses tend to specifically happen once and never again – especially good in regards to the hair and ink decisions!

What makes you laugh?
I am a sucker for Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, and old cartoons (Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network/Adult Swim). They make me feel like a kid again, and bring out all the laughs! Also, the unexpected. Just silly goof-ups that any other time in life would have embarrassed me, and I have learned to laugh off, like slipping and falling on ice, or wobbling in a pair of awesome heels that I am trying to flaunt fresh out of the box, and stumbling non-nonchalantly into something or someone.

Are you ticklish?
As I have unfortunately learned, I very much so am! The soles/bottoms of my feet are the area of target – I will squirm and scream and flee the scene – it’s that bad!

Let’s say I’m gonna give you $1,000 dollars. Where do you go to spend it? What would you buy?
I I wish I could say I would deposit it into the bank…but, the damned impulsive trait of mine would be having a field day! I would definitely get a few things for my daughter Margot, and husband Chris, and I would likely treat myself to some items from some of my favorite brands – DollsKill, Jeffrey Campbell, Nasty Gal, Unif, La Moda, KillStar, Nyx, Nars, and LimeCrime! Of course, the kitties would get some surprises too! (Our cat clan of four kitties always get spoiled, so this would be a great chance to do so again!) I my have to get some tattoos list of ideas is growing, despite my available space shrinking. However, I’ll always find a way to fit my ideas and get them brought to life, and money is a needed step in doing so, haha!

What are some things guys do that get on your nerves?
I have definitely had my fair share of encounters with obnoxious and annoying men (hey now, women too!) More-so with women as opposed to men from my own experience, I have been a little PO’d by the tendency for them to be sloppy and messy – especially in my place, or in hotel rooms/vans/buses that I am sharing or riding in on tours for work. (It’s never fun having to tell a band dude “excuse me, but that’s MY v-neck you have on, which likely explains why it’s a crop-top on you..not that yours shrunk – I mean really, have you even DONE laundry on this entire 40 day tour?!”, but as a tour mama, I have had to many times, when suitcases were left unzipped and toppling all over the trailer into a huge heaping mess, and somehow, mine was left amongst the wreckage no matter how hard I tried to stash it safely and neatly!). Also, the whole “I am right, you are wrong” and “I’ll make poor choices because I can, and my significant other will never know!” attitudes get to me. C’mon! Have some modesty – no one is right all the time, we’re only human! And, regardless if your significant other can or will find out, don’t be making compromising decisions. It’s all about a conscious (which, equally from encounters, both sexes tend to lack significantly sometimes).

Describe your worst date ever.
Oh my goodness, this one is just awful. Of course, it involves two “no no’s”: Tinder, and dating within my own industry of employment. I had met this guy on Tinder who had been chatting with me via the app and eventually text. He had me take pictures with “I’m Real” written on my mirror in them (as well as myself), to validate I was who I said, as well as had me Skype him to prove it. No big deal – no one likes a surprise on their date..(remember the term SIF?!). He invited me to come his show on tour in Cleveland, as I was home between tours myself. I agreed, but asked if I could bring a guy friend – one who would be fine leaving us to talk and mingle, and wouldn’t think twice about it, nor guilt me later. He was just happy I was hyped on having been chatting up a seemingly – seemingly being the key word – great guy. He didn’t seem to mind, though he was a bit pressure-y early on about me coming alone (understandably), or bringing another female. (red-flag potential on the latter). Even though we validated our “authenticity” via Skype and photos, knowing how guys a-typically are in my industry of work, I just felt more comfortable with someone else present in the instance I had bail due to being cornered into an uncomfortable situation. My hook-up days are over and done with, bear in mind. Plus, hooking up in the industry you work in – especially as a female trying to survive a male-dominated industry and prove her worth is anything but smart. Cue date night, and my friend and I walk into a tavern and pub adjacent to the venue for some drinks and grub to kill time until the line for the show dwindled. Apparently, I had walked right by said “date” for the night, and he texted me asking if he had seen me walk into the place he was in front of. I didn’t recognize him. (He was a bit dressed up, more than I’d expected, for a drummer performing on a heavy line-up, anyway, and looked actually even better in person, albeit a bit larger frame wise – no big deal). He comes in, and buys the 3 of us shots and we chat for the equivalent of the time it takes to let out a yawn, before he has to go (he’s in the second band on the touring bill, and no locals were on this particular show). Again, understandable. We watch the set from behind the main pit/GA area, and he texts me after saying “I couldn’t find you! I was looking for you!”. I didn’t really see him look around, but I saw him wave and smile in my general direction. Likely to a fan waving at him, so of course, understandable. He says he is going to the hotel to change and will come back and spend time with me in about twenty minutes. Cue the last band of the show, and he reappears..hours later and literally maybe one or two texts all the while. We stand by the bar and my friend goes off and watches the last band’s set..we chat – hardly – as he is busy chatting up all sorts of people around us, and checking his phone. We had a few interesting bits of conversation, but he was clearly not invested, and also pretty drunk considering his silly dancing around. Again, he has to go, this time, to a band meeting at the bus. He says he will be back in twenty. Show ends, and my friend and I walk out, and see him with a group of people chatting. He hardly looks at me, so I decide maybe he is occupied, and text him that I saw he was busy, but would wait in the main lobby of the venue an meet him there to decide on our plans for the night. Security empties the venue, and my friend and I walk to a bowling alley/bar combo a few doors down, and I text him letting him know we are there waiting as the venue got closed up. Nothing. We head to a bar with beer pong and play with some townies. I inform him, letting him know I was sorry for moving around so much and for the onslaught of texts (especially if he was busy, but, it had been about two or three hours since we were supposed to meet up). 3AM comes, and we head home. He never texted back or called. Not just that night, but never again to even apologize. If I wasn’t his type, he should have kindly let me on with some excuse, rather than a multitude of “be right back in x amount of time” lines. When we did chat, he seemed hardly interested, which was a warning, but at the same time, his eyes were undressing me. Talk about confusing. Come to find out, he was dating some PlayBoy model VERY seriously the whole time. Hey buddy, unless there are terms permitting it, inviting women to your show and guestlisting them to see your utterly terrible band, flirting via all forms of communication, and eye-fucking them is pretty low. Not to mention, he told me what to wear, (leather) so I wore it. Plenty – yet a tastefully sexy, if I say so myself – amount. I hope he was dumped and is having the same experience he put me through, a billion times over, now.

What music have you been listening to lately?
I am incredibly diverse in my musical array, at any given time. I am into the newest Brand New release (I can’t wait for more!), with them being my favorite band. I also am into “USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker)” – (Shipwreck is INCREDIBLE! What it stands for lyrically is amazing too. I’ll leave that for you guys and gals to find out, by checking it out on YouTube!), “The Neighbourhood”, “The 1975” (Sex is a GREAT jam!) “Twenty One Pilots”, and “Javier Dunn”. For whatever reason, I also have a been on a “Fleetwood Mac” kick lately, too!

The musician you would most like to meet is…
As stated, Brand New is my favorite band, so I would literally crumble and fan girl to meet leadsinger and guitarist Jesse Lacey. He just gets me. I know his songs have zero to do with me, but I relate, whether blatantly or via interpretation. There literally isn’t one that I don’t feel some kind of connection to. In my line of work, fangirling is a big fat, red, embellished and glowing “NO”, but I wouldn’t be able to help it. His voice and lyrical abilities melt me from the inside out, and give me “all the feels!”

What was your first concert?
My very first concert..oh my it’s hard to remember! I try and keep details on all of the shows I’ve been too, but there have been so many! Honestly, I do believe it was something at the county fair in my hometown growing up. (LoneStar, perhaps?). I don’t mind country music. I’m open to all genres, so don’t laugh! (Also, I was super young!)

What was the last concert you attended?
The most recent show I went to was actually one on a tour I was working. Being a mom, home for the longest period so far, and with a few other surprises up my sleeve, I haven’t had much time to travel to shows. My hometown and region don’t get many shows – even locally. With experience in the booking field, I am working on changing this and utilizing my industry experience to rebuild what used to be a great and thriving local scene! The tour package was Dog Fashion Disco, PhyscoStick, and the band my husband was writing for and fronting at the time, The Bunny the Bear. (He has since graciously departed to work on his first solo release).

Who are some of your favorite bands?
Brand New, Minus the Bear, Death Cab for Cutie, Midtown, The Honorary Title, Circa Survive, Thrice, The Jealous Sound, Cursive, Bayside, Silverstein, June, The Cure, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Queen, old Escape the Fate, Further Seems Forever, The XX, Two Door Cinema Club, Saves the Day, The Get Up Kids, Copeland, Billy Talent, Hot Rod Circuit, As Cities Burn, Motion City Soundtrack, Radiohead, Person L, Head Automatica/Glassjaw, Manchester Orchestra, Lovedrug, Moneen, USS, Hidden in Plain View, Damien Rice, Jeff Buckley, HIM, Matchbook Romance, Prince, Sugarcult, The Appleseed Cast, Tegan and Sara, Alkaline Trio/Matt Skiba and anything he does – ever, AFI, Anberlin, Armor for Sleep, Reggie and the Full Effect, The Bled, The Academy Is…, Anthony Green, City and Colour, Sleeping at Last, The Promise Ring, The Early November, Braid, Title Fight, As Tall as Lions, The Album Leaf, Underoath, Northstar, A Thorn For Every Heart, Emery, The Starting Line, So They Say, The Almost, Margot & The Nuclear So and Sos, Bright Eyes, Sufjan Stevens, Taking Back Sunday, Saosin, Something Corporate/Jack’s Mannequin, Say Anything/Two Tongues, Alexisonfire, This Providence, Between Home and Serenity, Punchline..someone stop me! I could go forever and ever, here!

What is your favorite line from a song?
“I am on the mend; at least now I can say that I am trying; and I hope you will forget, the things I still lack” – from Sowing Season (Yeah), by (who other than), Brand New. This line is tattooed on my wrist as a constant/daily reminder that I am working to better myself daily, right my wrongs, tied up lose ends, and that although I had a period of “giving in, giving up”, I am trying now, and it’s better late than never. I can now tell myself – and those who mocked and/or doubted me, that I am in fact working hard and improving myself, although I admit that I have a ways to go before I am where I want to be., in the end. (We never should truly stop working to better ourselves, so this tattoo and line will apply throughout the entire course of my life, actually!). I think it is a good “lyric to live by” for anyone else recovering from self doubt, or who is dwelling on their negatives versus moving forward.

What do you do to relax?
I have been really into listening to instrumentals (such as The Album Leaf) for calming effects as needed, or just to unwind and stop my brain from “thinking” and shut off. That, bubble baths with some tea and honey to drink and aroma therapy and candles for added relaxing qualities, and reading (complete with the kitty clan keeping my company and snuggling in). I also journal (in an actual journal! Gasp! I am so not hip with it! Or I’m just a hipster, right? Ha!) Really, though, all of the above and even guided deep-breathing and meditation help a ton! We all get stressed, (especially working the music industry..we all know as booking agents that “contracts” to artists can mean nothing to them, even with the onslaught of legal jargon, and that our paydays often come weeks late).

Name some things in your life you’re most proud of.
I am beyond proud of where I am today, in general. I had a very rough time growing up, and some dark times and phases that came along after as a trickle-down effect. I am happy to have made it out alive, and to have been able to leave bad habits, bad thoughts, and the wrong crowd in the past. My daughter is a daily reminder to better myself (aforementioned Brand New tattoo aside), and also a daily reminder of why I should be proud – I am 50% responsible for that beautiful, amazing creature! And, she is 100% fantastic in every way, so that MUST mean I did something right!. I am also proud of my business and where it has come. I had a lot of growing up to when I chose to get so deeply involved in such a fast-paced industry filled with inevitable temptations of every kind. I made most of my mistakes and learned most of my lessons while in the performance aspect, but I am just glad I learned what I needed to, and still prevailed with a great company and freelance roster to boot. My “hidden talents” as a competitive equestrian, public speaker/motivational speaker, debater on political, economical and legal issues, and innovative science researcher are all things I take great pride in, too. And, I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a past involved with any and all of them, and that I still enjoy them for leisure! It’s great to be a diverse being, and I’m exceptionally content to have an array of interests and knowledge in all sorts of fields. It keeps me motivated and anxious learn and pass on that knowledge, too. It also helps in breaking the notorious stereotype of body modified persons being “unintelligent” or confined to the body modification based industry, which rocks.

How do you like to say “goodbye”?
As a nod to a talented and musically inclined friend of mine – who has put up with copious amounts of the retrospectively mentioned phases I have gone through…”Sayonara, tiger!”. It’s a former band of his. No longer in existence, but I highly recommend checking out “Heart Attack”. It was my favorite track of theirs.

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