Rock Babe Stacy Walker

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February 6

What kind of music do you enjoy?
I love just about all music. I have over 5000 cds from 60s – present. I love everything from swing and blues to new age.

Have you ever met any rock stars? Who?
Over the years I have met many rock stars. I worked for KISS in the late 80s and all kinds of singers would come in from Liza and Roberta Flack to Bon Jovi and Ozzy. I also use to do consultant work for record companies in marketing and promotion and set up many in-store appearances and release parties. There is a special section in my members section of my site that shows me with many stars back stage and at function. From Tom Jones to Metallica. Of coarse there is the special section dedicated to KISS with many great photos from my days in the office and the recent promotional work I did for Gene.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Free time, what is free time? I do try to grab sun bathing time and rolling blading time when I can. I love to travel but even when I travel I am also squeezing in a photo shoot. I am very passionate and driven with my goals and it has always been hard for me to shut down. Even if I do, I tend to feel guilty like I wasted time. Being surrounded by all this 9/11 footage it reminds me that it is ok to stop and just enjoy the day sometimes and I am trying to be better with just enjoying myself and not feel like if I stop for any time I will have missed something. Listening to these stories on the tv somehow makes many things irrelevant and yet so inspiring. I have a safe zone at my brother’s house with his two kids. A place to go to just be myself surrounded by unconditional love.

Turn ons
Pulp art, Haunting ambient music, candle light, harem styled bedrooms, large baths and Venice.

Turn offs
Bad breath, body odor, stupid lines no sense of adventure.

Current projects:
On stands Sept. 20 Feature in Gene Simmons Tongue Magazine, On stands Nov. Cover of Heavy Metal Magazine, A&E Documentary “The Joy of Cleavage” Jan 2003, statue with Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal 2005 Calendar. New merchandise available, wall tapestry, new poster, new lithograph and custom gallery bags for women. To view all the new merchandise and read about all upcoming appearances visit my site. You can also view amazing galleries of art and photos and take the tour to join my private online fan club. We are also running 3 very special promotions for KISS fans starting on Sept. 20th.


One look at Stacy E. Walker and one realizes she is action, illustrated. Her voluptuous figure is revered for its strength and classical eroticism. Thick red hair and dark, smoldering eyes cut a glare of conviction that make her tailor-made for fantasy. Stacy E. Walker is truly a case where pictures don’t lie, as in person she possesses all the qualities that the artwork she appears in promises, and more. Her strong, somewhat intimidating presence is contrasted by a healthy sense of humor. “I’m Lucille Ball trapped inside Raquel Welch’s body.” is how she puts it. All this and more is what has led the model to establish herself as a major presence in both the fantasy/sci-fi and illustrated romance realms working with top talent to astounding results in all types of media.

Stacy E. Walker burst on the scene of illustrated fantasy in her work with Boris Vallejo, one of the true icons of the art form and one of Stacy’s personal heroes. She was then invited to pose for the unique creations of the equally talented artist Julie Bell and a dynamic partnership was born. Today in the fantasy world, Boris and Julie’s illustrations of Stacy are well known and highly coveted. The subsequent trading cards, calendars, books, t-shirts and magazine covers are all collectibles, and considered the pinnacle of the art form. As Boris himself says, “Stacy is a world of her own. In our work together, she moves art beyond object into being; living, breathing, with history and purpose.” Julie adds, “Stacy just evokes sexuality. When I need attitude, I know just where to go. She also played a creative role in two of my paintings she modeled for including one of my most popular published pieces, Beauty and the Steel Beast.

Since then, Stacy has fast become one of the most sought after models for illustrators. In 1999, she began a series of projects with the mighty Brothers Hildebrandt, Greg and Tim. Like Vallejo, the Hildebrandts are considered to be amongst the top illustrators in the world of fantasy art. The brothers cast Stacy as the new evil nemesis to take on Superman in a spectacular graphic novel for DC Comics. The ice goddess Cythonna made her debut in the June ’99 release Superman: Last God of Krypton. They then signed on to paint Stacy’s fifth cover for Heavy Metal Magazine. An eye-popping futuristic creation with a doomsday message. The cover made its debut on the March 2000 issue with an overwhelming response from readers. Since they began working together, the two veteran artists have come to learn a great deal about Stacy E. Walker. “Some of her concepts sound fantastic. She has a great imagination, and that’s more important than knowledge- ask Einstein.” Greg praises her conceptualizing ability, and raves that “she’s got a great sense of humor”. Tim adds, “She did a villainess very well, because she’s extremely professional, and gives us exactly the poses that we need. she’s very acrobatic.” To be a villainess one needs to be able to become quite animated. “We had her get more extreme with her looks, and she didn’t hold back” adds Greg. The brothers both feel that Stacy E. Walker will play an intricate part in many of their upcoming projects including Greg Hildebrandt’s Great American Pin Ups collection.

Soon after, Stacy was contacted by one of the leading illustrators in the comic book industry, Joe Jusko. His first illustration of Stacy made its debut in May of ’99 for a limited edition variant cover for the highly popular vampire comic series Crimson. Joe’s second painting entitled Space Pirate was done specifically for Heavy Metal Magazine and appeared as the main feature in the gallery section devoted to the work of Stacy E. Walker. When asking Joe, “What’s so great about Stacy E. Walker?”, he replies, “Besides the obvious, she has that dominant type of look that’s perfect for the genre we work in.” Like other artists, Jusko appreciates her work ethic. “Basically, she’s one of the most ideal models I’ve ever worked with. Because she’s such a big fan of the genre, she can get into the role of any character I want to paint.”

In addition to this prestigious list of art icons, many of the hottest names in the field have been jumping at the chance to work with Stacy E. Walker. You can expect to see new pieces from Steven Assael, Jacques Bredy, Monte Moore, Albert Slark, Dave DeVries, Nelson DeCastro, David Nestler and Many More.

From her work in the sci-fi/fantasy realm, Stacy was even able to catch the eye of the reigning king of romance novel illustrators, Pino Daeni. In addition, she also started a series of projects with medieval and romance illustrators Fortin & Sanders. This unique team out of the Chicago area is bringing a whole new dimension to the illustrated romance industry. Stacy and model/author Cherif Fortin were recently voted hottest duo by Romantic Times Magazine.

For Stacy, this whirlwind is only a stepping stone to even bigger plans. This creative fireball is currently laying the groundwork for comic books, erotic fairytales, music CDs, trading cards, calendars, CD Rom, gaming, DVDS, dolls, figure models, as well as a live action and animated fantasy series for television and the internet all based on her original stories and characters. “These characters have been running around in my head for about three years. I base a portion of the stories on reality and then add the fiction; I don’t want the reader or viewer to know exactly where the reality stops and the fantasy begins.” In addition to her creative input, Stacy will be involved in all the marketing and merchandising of her characters from conceptualization to completion. About these prospective productions, Stacy E. Walker states “I want the low end as well as the high end, that means running the gamut from plastic to porcelain and everything in between. In addition, I will offer the reader the opportunity to get up close and personal with the characters as well as the inspirations behind them.”

She is currently collaborating with two of the hottest illustrators to emerge in the field of fantasy art to bring visual life to her elaborate ideas. “Dorian Cleavenger’s creations caught my eye instantly. “I knew he would be ideal to bring a unique style to my characters.” After working with Stacy on two original pieces, Cleavenger produced the first prototypes for two of the Stacy E. Walker original stories, Secret of the Sea and Tales of the Dark Angel. “She has a very active imagination. A real thinker” adds Cleavenger, who also compliments her strong posing abilities. “She really brings the art to life.” “I look forward to working with her on my originals as well as her own visions.”

Stacy has also enlisted Italy’s Alex Horley to breathe additional life into her characters. “Alex and I really hit it off creatively.” “His work possess a real classical style to it. It is quite amazing.” Horley proclaims, “on first sight I knew I just had to paint her.” One month later he produced a piece that the artist himself considers to be his best work to date. He feels that the Stacy E. Walker image contributed significantly to the success of the painting. Red Stacy as it is now known, has already been licensed for a limited edition lithograph and a t-shirt. As for working with Stacy on her original ideas, “her concepts are really amazing. I think we are going to produce some exciting things together.” Stacy and Horley recently collaborated to produce her six cover for Heavy Metal Magazine due out May 2001.

“My personal revolution is to inform and inspire, to educate and even elevate the infinite range of individual possibility. I want to bring a whole new dynamic to the challenging new world out there, and be counted among the groundbreakers who are making a difference in it. In my view, more is more. I’m not subtle. I think larger than life is better than life and I want the unlimited ability to present my ideas and creativity. James Cameron, Lucas, Spielberg, Madonna, Cher, Kiss, even Siegfried & Roy, that’s what I’m talking about!” Stacy continues: “The Xena-Hercules explosion was only the beginning. Men and women alike long for romance, and adventure. I know I do. My intention is to develop creative entertainment that people can enjoy at all levels. I want to take people on a constant journey through my world between the real and the imagined providing them the ultimate escape from every day reality.”

Stacy’s personal odyssey began as a teenager. Fresh out of high school she went to work for the rock group KISS in their Manhattan office. The band’s legendary ability to combine fantasy and business inspired Stacy, showing her that she too could find success by bringing her dreams to light. In this exquisite body lies a vast mind for business backed by an extensive background in product development, marketing, merchandising and promotion.

The Stacy E. Walker website first launched in October of ’97 and turned Stacy into an instant internet phenomenon. Due to the overwhelming response, the site was redesigned and relaunched in February ’99. Stacy invites all to embrace her universe of fantasy and sophistication. The website offers the opportunity to indulge your senses in a unique extravaganza allowing you to travel to mystical, magical worlds of illustrated and photographic fantasies for an archaic interlude with mermaids, centaurs, knights, angels and more.

Stacy E. Walker couldn’t be happier about the present or more excited about the future. Her unique brand of individuality coupled with the right mix of ambition and passion makes her an unstoppable force in the realm of fantasy entertainment. You can’t define it, you can only live it.

Throughout the year, Stacy will make live appearances at comic, fantasy/sci-fi, and romance book conventions across the country. Check the website for her current itinerary or call the hotline at 212-561-9662 for all the latest information.