Exclusive Interview: Charlee Chase


Guys (and girls if you’re lucky) are completely obsessed with boobs. God knows I am. Just like that song about the little ducks – fat ones, skinny ones, and little ones, too – they’re beautiful in all shapes and sizes. (Well, except for the ones that look like pancakes.)

Boobs get our attention. Bigger boobs really get our attention. I can’t count how many times I’ve driven off the road because I was looking at some chick’s chest. I actually walked right into an old lady in the mall once because I was mesmerized by the mammaries on the other side of the mall. Am I a pig? Hardly! Women know what they’re doing. I know, I know. You don’t wear a bra because it’s “more comfortable,” right? Bullshit. You love the attention and I love giving it to you. There is power in your bra and panties. You know it and I know it. All us guys know it. We’ve all fallen victim to their wrath at one point or another.

Charlee told me a few months ago that she was going to have a breast augmentation. I knew she’d be a perfect girl to feature on Rock Confidential but I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted a “before and after” type of vibe for her interview…Ask the really important questions.

What follows is my interview with Charlee about her surgery.

What were your measurements before your augmentation?

I was a 36 C.

What are your measurements now?

Now, I’m a 38 DD.

Have you ever had any type of plastic surgery/enhancements before this operation? If so, how did they compare? If not, was the operation and recovery what you expected?

This was my first surgery ever and it was actually much better than I expected. They look quite natural so I couldn’t be happier with my results! The recovery process was much easier than I thought it would be.

A lot of girls have breast augmentations to further their modeling careers. Was this a part of your decision to have the procedure?

Actually not at all. I had it done for me and only me. My family and friends were supportive, but they didn’t necessarily approve of surgery.

What other factors led you to the decision to have the surgery?

I am one of those girls whose weight goes up and down all the time so my skin had lost it’s elasticity so they were not in the shape they should have been for my age.

How long did you think about having the surgery before consulting with a doctor?

I had researched it for almost nine years before actually going through with it. I wish now that I had done it much sooner but finances would not have allowed.

How long was the consultation period with the doctor?

Since I had spent so long researching it I didn’t really have too many questions. I had gone on several consultations before choosing my doctor so once I found a doctor I was completely comfortable with I was ready to go! Total time there that day was around an hour or so.

At any point did the doctors try to convince you not to have the surgery?

No, they pretty much all agreed that I was a good candidate for it.

Ultimately, I’m sure you had the surgery because YOU wanted it, but – Did photographers and others in the industry push for you to have breast augmentation?

Actually, you may be surprised by this but, no. In fact, many photographers I had worked with and talked to said they didn’t agree with my decision and should I ever choose to go through with it that they would not work with me again. Of course, now that I am healed and working again their previous decision has changed!

It’s only been a couple of months since your surgery, but have you seen an increase in work?

Very much so. I have always tried to keep myself busy with work, but since my surgery there has been an increase in my travel schedule 10 fold! Next weekend will be my first weekend home in almost two months and in July I’ll be touring from Florida to NYC and will only be home for about a week. I recently shot for Score magazine and hope to be published shortly. I will keep you updated on that! My website will also be going live in the next couple weeks: CharleeGirl.com so I’ll be busy doing a lot of content swaps, etc.

In the most honest, no BS, way – Tell me your thoughts on boobs in general. How important are they in today’s society?

I guess it depends on the person. I have always been fascinated with big boobs. Of course you look at these girls like Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith and the Playboy girls and they are so glam’d out. Who wouldn’t want to look and live like that!?

Do bigger boobs demand more attention? Why or why not?

I can’t speak for everyone, but since my augmentation I have more to do daily to keep them looking their best. I have to wear a bra 24-7 (yep.. forever!), I have to sleep in my bra and they are much harder to find in my size than I would have thought. I have to lotion them with cocoa butter twice a day and do many daily massages as well!

Are bigger boobs another way that women can prove they really run the earth? Don’t believe me? Watch a girl built like Kate Moss walk across the street. Nothing happens. You walk across the street and show some cleavage. Traffic will stop and men will lose all train of thought and forget about driving a car. Right?

(laughing) Well, I don’t think we run the earth but I’d say we do get more attention!

How do you feel after the surgery? Has your confidence gone up?

Very much so. Now I don’t mind walking around in tiny tops or buying barely there bikinis. I feel like a new person!

What’s the biggest difference in you now and you before the surgery? (Besides the obvious!)

Probably the way I dress. Yep, it’s true. The more seductive clothes come out after the surgery because I’m more comfortable wearing them but I still don’t dress trashy when I go out.

Would you recommend the surgery to others?

If they did it for themselves and found a good Board Certified Doctor (That’s the MOST important thing ever) and they were considered to be a good candidate for it, absolutely. I’d also have to say for the benefits there are many more risks involved. Be sure before going ahead with it. Ladies can view more information on my surgeon Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani in Maitland, Florida at: JPTrev.com

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