Exclusive Interview: Victoria Zdrok

What are you up to now? What current projects are you involved in?

As you may know, I was Penthouse’s June 2002 Pet of the Month, so I am very busy with promotions and radio interviews for Penthouse. I am only the second woman in history to appear in the centerfolds of BOTH Playboy and Penthouse; and in the same month as my Penthouse issue was out, I was also the centerfold in three other men’s magazines! I appeared on the Howard Stern Show for the third time in July, so look for my put downs of Stern’s anti-feminist blather on the E! Channel. The publicity has been great for my site (www.PlanetVictoria.com – the hottest place in cyberspace) which I run and manage myself. It is the most popular centerfold site on the net at the present time, with over 6,000 photos of me and 150 other models. In addition, I co-own my own hosting company, which creates and hosts sites for other Playmates, Pets, Internet models and glamour photographers. I have been named one of the top 10 “Sexiest Women of 2002″ by Celebrity Sleuth magazine (the only Playmate or glamour model in the top ten); and have been ranked as high as #5 on the Glamour Girls Hot100 polls, which is the highest ranking ever achieved by a glamour model (the only Playmate ever achieving a higher ranking was Pamela Anderson). I will also be competing for Penthouse’s Pet of the Year 2004 so please vote for me next year! At the present time, I am also completing my Ph.D. in clinical psychology, writing a book on dating advice and working on a new site (www.sexdocs.com) which will be launched sometime next year after I become Doc Zdrok!

How important has Playboy been in your life?

Playboy has been extremely influential in my life. I was a very shy bookworm with little modeling experience (outside of some fashion and catalogue work) until a Playboy scout approached me and asked me to do a Playmate test. They asked me to be a Playmate the same day and shot my centerfold the very next week. Everything happened so fast! The experience of working with Playboy has made me so much more uninhibited and comfortable with nudity; and as you can see from my recent activities, that comfort has led me to create a very successful web site, to enjoy a career in glamour modeling that has lasted almost 10 years and is still going strong; and to refine and develop my ideas on sexuality that I hope to provide to others in my books and psychological career.

What do you think about the growing relationship between music and adult entertainment?

I think it is a natural development. Sex is one of humanity’s most basic needs or drives; and it plays a large role in our psychological make-up as individuals. Music, too, is one of humanity’s most ancient and enduring art forms; and, as the saying goes, “music is food for the soul.” So it is only natural that sex plays a large part in music and that the two be forever intertwined.

What are some of your favorite bands/groups?

Destiny’s Child, Boyz2Men, Backstreet Boys, Enya, Pink, Shakira.

Have you ever met or worked with any rock stars?

I have worked with KISS and its leader, Gene Simmons, on several occasions.

Are there any dreams you’re still chasing?

My long term dream is to become the “sexpert” of the current generation. After all, if Dr Ruth can do it, why can’t Dr Zdrok? My accent is much cuter!

How would you describe success?

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is the meaning of success”.

What is the high point of your career?

I believe that the zenith of my career is still ahead, when my books on the psychology of human sexuality become best sellers and help millions of people to have healthier, happier sex lives.

How important is the internet to you?

At the present time, it is absolutely crucial. I live on the internet — I conduct my site and web hosting business there; I communicate with my members, fans, friends and family via the internet; I conduct research for the book I am writing and my Ph.D. dissertation on line; and I satisfy my curiosity about life and its many and varied facets and possibilities by simply surfing!

Who is the most influential person in your life?

My uncle, a famous Ukrainian poet, who taught me to dream the impossible dreams!

Have you ever worked with someone that you’d absolutely refuse to work with again? Why?

Yes, a small-time New Jersey photographer named Jeffrey Marks. He broke his promises to me; and then lied to the court when I sued him to make him keep to his promise. I eventually won a judgment against him, where he has to pay all my attorneys fees for his lying and asserting frivolous counterclaims against me; but it took me two years of litigation to finally get justice done. There have been some other photographers who are very poor on keeping promises, like taking over six months to deliver pictures they promised to send me for my web site; and I probably wouldn’t work with them again. But Marks is a definite “never.”

-The last CD you bought:

Dido, “I am no angel”
-The last time you ate fast food:
Yesterday! I can’t cook, so I have fast food often.
-The last time you looked at your high school senior yearbook:
I don’t have one, as I never finished high school in Kiev, Ukraine, and was placed directly in college when I moved to US at the age of 16!
-The last movie you saw:
“Beautiful Mind”

-Your first car:

A rusted out, old Chrysler.
-Your first job:
I was an English-speaking tour guide/interpreter in Kiev, Ukraine, while I was in high school.
-Your first modeling job:
Modeling clothing for the K-Mart catalogue.
-The first time you met Hugh Hefner:
I first met Hef at a Mansion party in early 1994, around the time I shot my Playmate video. However, at that time, his parties were very tame because he was still living with his extremely jealous and possesive ex-wife Kimberly Conrad. She tried to keep him away from the other Playmates; and she was so jealous of me that she forced him to rescind his promise to make me Playmate of the Year.

What is the biggest misconception about being a Playmate?

Most people think Playmates have a glamourous life, going to parties all the time and being paid fabulous sums for Playboy photoshoots and promotions. Actually, it is all a myth. Playmates get paid very little for what they have to put up with, posing nude and getting propositioned by every sleazy “promoter” in America. Most Playmates could not survive, or even pay their rent, on the small amounts Playboy pays for those few shoots and/or promotions which Playboy choses to throw their way; and Playboy virtually prohibits the Playmates from working for anyone else–or even for herself on a web site–if they want to get any work from Playboy. So, many Playmates live on the edge of poverty and are always worried about how they can pay their bills–which are high, because Playboy and any other employers expect her to have her hair and nails done every week, to keep fit and to wear fashionable clothes, and to get plastic surgery to remove any imperfections in her body. Also, most of the public thinks that Playmates meet and marry handsome, rich, and exciting men; but, in truth, quite a few of them end up with manipulative, using and lazy men who can’t even support themselves. And finally, Playboy fosters the myth that its Playmates are just like the “girls next door”; and while that may have been true years ago, it is rarely the case now. Most of the current Playmates are either Hollywood movie star wanna-be’s, or “girlfriends” of Hef, or small town professional models hoping to make the “big time.”

Here is where you can plug your website URL and anything else you want to!

The best way to get to know me is definitely through my website, www.PlanetVictoria.com. Every photo set I post–and I post 2 to 4 sets with 30 to 80 photos in each set, each and every week!–is accompanied by a intimate behind-the-scenes account or an original erotic fantasy story tied to the photos. In those stories, and in my detailed biography, scrapbook pages and my news and announcements page, I give my members every detail of my personal life and thoughts. I also conduct weekly webcam chats where my fans can watch me live in the nude and ask me the most intimate questions in English, French, German, Spanish or Russian! I answer all of my chatters’ questions, including those about my sex life, sexual preferences and personal thoughts on any subject. They can also watch me work out nude in my home gym and take showers every week on my gym and shower cams. In addition to 6,000 photos already on my site, I have a hundred or so video clips, including some really racy clips from videos I take during my photoshoots, and nearly a hundred sets of photos of other Playmates, Pets, porn stars and other models. My photos fall in any of the following categories: glamour and pin-up, fetish, girl-girl, boy-girl, amateur, historical and fairy tale costume sets with stories, space and spy fantasy series, and “naughty family.” In this last category, I have my Mom and my sister posing nude on my site, so you can trace my geneological tree, hehe. There are also games, screensavers and a ton more! Unlike other Playmate sites, mine is very uninhibited. I try to explore all of the many and varied sexual fetishes and fantasies that men have (and women have too, as I have many female members as well); so it is full of edgy, raw erotica! You have to keep your seat belt securely fastened when you journey through Planet Victoria!

Any message for the fans/readers?

In my view, love and caring about others should mostly focus on giving, not just taking or being given what we want for our selfish selves. So, while I cannot fulfill all of my fans’ fantasies in person, I try to provide such fulfillment through my website, in the hopes that it will inspire all my fans to share that love and caring with those near and dear to them.

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