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Born and raised in Boyle Heights, California, Vicki Chase was always destined to be in the spotlight. Discovered working as a bank teller in LA, the 5’4 Latina model – armed with a 34C-24-36 all-natural physique, insatiable lust for passionate sex and a strong work ethic – has made Vicki one of the most sought after actresses working today. This Latin superstar has two AVN Awards and multiple nominations, an XBIZ Award, seven XRCO Awards and has starred in over 150 feature videos. She currently has almost 85K organic followers on Twitter, almost 90K organic followers on Instagram, and a never-ending fan base that expands with each new release. Not one to rest on her laurels, Vicki continues to diversify her brand name, moving into mainstream and music genres.

Rock Confidential spent a few minutes with Vicki Chase to talk about her porn career and the importance of believing in chances and destiny.

How are things going Vicki? It’s great to catch up with you!

Hello! Things are going good. Another year, another oral sex award! (laughs) It seems to be a reoccurring theme these days – not that I’m complaining – but it does take the suspense out of the question, “Who’s dick did I have to suck for this?!”

Let’s start off by finding out what you were like when you were in high school – were you shy, outgoing?

I was pretty rebellious actually. All I was interested in was ditching school and get into what I thought was grown up stuff but really just teenage nonsense. I guess that counts as me being outgoing, right?

Absolutely! Do you remember the first time you saw porn or any adult material? What was your initial reaction?

I do! I was starting middle school when I found my parents porno stash. I was disgusted at first because I couldn’t fathom my parents are watching this stuff, but at the same time I was very intrigued. I found myself sneaking it on the TV whenever they weren’t home and would get off to it.

When did you first become comfortable with your sexuality?

Being very promiscuous from a very early age got me a lot of practice, but it wasn’t till I had a camera pointed at me on a regular basis that I finally got comfortable with it. I learned that my sexuality is very much a big part of who I am, so I embraced that.

How do you remember your very first year in adult?

It was a whirlwind. Once you cross that line there’s no going back. Being a fresh face I was introduced to so many people – and not with just a hand shake! (laughs) It was a crazy time but I do my best to take everything in stride so I was enjoying every min of it.

Did you have any misconceptions about the porn industry before you started?

Definitely. Drugs, pimps, low self esteem, bleached blonde hair, implants. I thought these things would be commonplace in the business. Ha! Not the case. I don’t do drugs. I’m confident. I’m an all natural Latina. I’m proud of my work and the service I provide for so many people who enjoy and appreciate porn. Despite it being not your average profession I feel I’m a well adjusted member of society enjoying life.

Can you please tell us the story about how working at a bank helped you not only choose your name, but also how a bank client introduced you to Adult?

Once upon a time in 2009 I was working as a teller at Chase Bank. It’s funny because I don’t think I’d be in the porn biz today had I not been working there at the time. That is why taking the name Chase was so fitting. Working there I became friendly with one very nice, but very much perverted, customer we all knew as the porn dude. He would come in regularly. As the friendly new girl he would wait to be helped by me so he could chat me up. One day in particular he told he had heard from a co-worker I had a wild side. So he brought me an adult movie and invited me to a porn convention. Being professional and not into him at all I rejected his advances for months until my curiosity got the best of me and I found myself on a porn set. I mean what a crazy story I was going to have to tell my friends!

I remember it like yesterday. It was a blow bang scene at some house in the Valley. Everyone was real nice and very much at work. They didn’t mind me being there so that was cool. I got to see first hand how it all went down. They did paperwork, showed their IDs, current STD/HIV test to one another. It was a very businesslike atmosphere which impressed me.

Watching intently and quietly as they called “Action,” this young pretty blonde girl, all dolled up, starts looking and teasing the camera then taking off her bra and panties before getting down on her knees. The guys surround her and she greets them with a smile, her willing hands and mouth. She looked amazing and looked to be having a ball handling all these guys, blowing every dick around her. It looked so erotic and fun to me, I was hooked! I just had to experience that for myself. Eventually I did! Guess that had a lot to do with my oral sex fixation from the very start.


If you were to write your own sex scene with just things you get off on, how would it go?

Oh wow! There would be a lot of oral and cum that’s for sure. The scenario would be at a fair, like the one in the Grease, with VC kissing booths. I’d have only the true orgasmic oralists like Riley Reid, Anikka Albright, Sarah Vandala, Juelz Ventura, Ashley Fires, Ana Foxx for the boys and Sinn Sage, Jenna Sativa, Vanessa Veracruz for the girls – and of course me working all the booths. We would have lines of hot boys and girls ready to be orally serviced. They would have to pay us, but with a healthy dose of delicious cum. Of course all that kissing and sucking will have us all fired up so I would have drag races in the Los Angeles River Basin and the winner of the race would get to service me and the girls in these dope ass racing cars … the end. God, I love the movie Grease!

How is sex in your personal life different from sex at work? What are things that happen at work that don’t necessarily happen at home?

In my personal life, sex can be a bit different. Less theatrical. By that I mean less spit and less positions, but more of an up and close personal experience. At work it’s like being in the Olympics dealing with super sex athletes and having to play to your strengths on camera. It’s not the most comfortable sex to have – you have to push your limits for the sake of showing off the art in sex.

What about your career is most appealing?

To me it’s about being considered a professional amongst my peers and co-workers. I must admit I do enjoy being in front of the camera. We all have the desire growing up at some point to be the center of attention. I enjoy being in front of the camera delivering a good show regardless of the circumstances. I appreciate all the accolades and am thankful for being admired and known for who I am and what I do sexually. I want it to last so it keeps me grounded and physically in the best shape ever!

What’s the biggest challenge while growing your career in Adult?

I think, like in mainstream, it’s the fact that I’m Latina and I’m not your prototypical porn star type look. It’s hard to get the headlining roles in features and other big projects. It sucks really because you can’t help feeling frustrated, but that only makes me work harder. It definitely makes me much more grateful for the directors and producers that do cast me. Despite these challenges I think I’ve made a name for myself by remaining true to my convictions, being professional and giving my all in every performance no matter the circumstances.

How do you envision the direction and future of your career? What else would you like to do?

It’s hard to really envision my direction or future given the current sate in porn. It feels like it’s all up in the air at this point but I could head in the direction of becoming a sex therapist. This part of my life gives me a unique perspective to sex and intimacy that I feel could genuinely help people. Also I enjoy being self employed. I like retail and love fashion so opening my own boutique is a definite possibility as well.

Have you ever second-guessed your decision to be a porn star?

Can’t say that I really have. I did think about the consequences, was aware of the scarlet letter I’d carry for the rest of my life and went through with it anyway. I wasn’t a fresh naive 18-year-old girl who didn’t know any better. Although many people still deem it to be wrong, it’s my life and it was my decision. Believing in chances and in destiny, I recognized porn as an opportunity and made a promise to not allow anyone, not even myself, make me feel bad about it.

What are your thoughts on tube sites and piracy?

Piracy is theft. Period. The reality is, file sharing isn’t going away. It’s unfortunate how many families livelihoods have all but vanished because people have no qualms stealing shit!

What kind of music do you listen to? Who are some of your favorite artists?

I love music so much! It depends in the mood I’m in really but I love me some oldies. Classic rock, hip hop, rock alternative. Old school R&B, funk, jazz, soulful music is what I’m listening to most of the time now. Some of my favorite artists: Selena Quintanilla, Drake, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Prince.

What was your first concert? Who have you seen most recently?

It was in 2007 at the Staple Center. Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez was the first official concert I went to. Most recently I saw Jennifer Lopez in her “All I Have” residency concert in Las Vegas. Yeah, I’m a huge JLo fan.

What was the first album you bought with your own money when you were younger?

I think it was a Mya album. I was very much into R&B in junior high.

What are you up to next?

I travel a good amount for public appearances throughout the year. NYC, Miami, San Francisco, Africa! I really enjoy it and seeing all my fans at all the expos makes the work worthwhile.

How can your fans get in touch with you?

Please check out my official blog/store VickiChase.co or VickiChaseShop.com for exclusive content and everything VC related. Also follow my social media on Twitter and Instagram: VickiChase

Thank you Vicki! What would you like to say to your fans to wrap things up?

I’d like to say Thank You for all the love and support over the years. It means a lot to this Mexican (Asian looking) girl from Boyle Heights to know you appreciate me. Please do pay for your porn so I can continue doing what I do best … pleasuring you!

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