Exclusive Interview: Vanessa Kay from Man Show

It’s great to talk to you, Vanessa! I’ve gotta know – what was it like working on the Man Show?

It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had. I mean, I was getting paid to hang out with all of my friends! I don’t think you can get better than that!

What was a typical day on the set like?

We get up at about 7AM and get there around 9AM. We check in and get our hair and makeup done. We rehearse and just kinda hang around. Jimmy and Adam were rehearsing all the time. We came in when they needed us and we’d just sit around and laugh and be idiots! (laughs)

That’s the easiest for some of us…Especially acting like an idiot!

(laughs) It’s the best part!

How much of what we see on TV is scripted? Do you get a chance to improvise at all?

If we wanted to write a couple of things they would look ‘em over. If they liked them then we’d do it. Most of the time we were just imporovising.

That probably keeps it interesting for the cast, too. Never knowing what to expect.

Right. There was a lot of that all the time.

Did anything ever happen on the show that you thought was going a little too far?

I never really got offended by anything Adam or Jimmy did. You knew what to expect. And, with me being raised with four brothers, nothing really bothers me! (laughs) Adam and Jimmy are like family. They’re just the sweetest people in the world.

Between Adam and Jimmy, who was the most particular behind the scenes to make sure everything went like it should?

It was both of them. Adam and Jimmy would write the shows and have a reading. Even on the off-time when we weren’t filming, they were writing new things. They were always goofing off. I don’t think anybody straightened up for anything. It’s like a big party all the time!

What was your shooting schedule like?

We filmed the show between five and six months a year. We’d have the rest of the year off to pursue whatever we wanted. They were constantly writing scripts. If you were to pop in when you weren’t filming you could most of the time find them in the office writing for the next season. Daily, we’d start at 9AM and not get done until 10 or 11PM. We’d put in a hearty day. It flies by when you’re not really doing anything and just goofing around with all the other girls! (laughs) We’d run around and cause trouble.

You probably didn’t want to go home!

Oh, of course not! Towards the end, after filming each show we’d always go out to a bar and hang out and have a little party. The party never really ended!

Did all the juggies get along? Anybody ever pull and diva stuff?

We all still hang out together. I just hung out with one of the girls yesterday. It’s like we’re all best friends or sisters. We all keep in touch. Every few months we’ll have a dinner party at one of our houses. All the juggies get together and play charades and stuff. It’s really stupid! We drink – see if you can picture that! We’ve had our neighbors knock on our doors a couple of times!

Can you make yourself think like a guy? Did working on the Man Show change your opinion of us? Are we all immature assholes?

I think like a guy! I’m like a guy stuck in a girl’s body! (laughs)

I read somewhere that you consider yourself a tomboy.

Oh yeah. I grew up that way and I’m still that way. I have all the toys to make me not be a girly-girl.

What’s the least lady-like thing you do?

Probably dirt bike riding. I get all dirty and sweaty and go up in the mountains and ride. I think it’s fun. Every year around Thanksgiving me and a bunch of my friends go up there. I’m always wearing black and a helmet and I kinda keep up with boys. When we’re through somebody will walk up to me and say, “Was that you wearing the black jacket?” I”ll tell ‘em it was me and they’re like, “Cool! You’re pretty good!” I guess they think I am like a little boy or something because I’m the smallest one on a bike! (laughs) When the helmet comes off it’s a different story!

It’s been a couple of years since you worked with the Man Show. I know you’ve got an audition in just a little bit. How’s your career going?

I’ve been doing a lot of modeling lately. I’ve dyed my hair brown so I’m looking a little Spanish, I guess. I like it.

You were a spokesmodel for Mike’s Hard Lemonade, too.

It was a couple of years ago but it’s a coin-ki-dink that you asked because I’m working with them tomorrow! It’s fun. Adam and Jimmy are the ones – when Mike’s called the Man Show they suggested Mike’s use me.

Sound like nothing but good stuff because of the Man Show.

It’s one of the most fun times I’ve ever had. There was just so much fun. It was never boring with Adam and Jimmy. It was always fun and crazy.

You’d mentioned that you keep in touch with the girls. Do you stay in touch with Adam and Jimmy?

I see Jimmy every now and then when I stop by his show. Adam, I see every now and then. I still have friends who work with him. I still see people all the time that worked on the Man Show.

What’s in the plans for your career this year?

I’m taking acting classes and going to the gym a lot. I’ve been doing a lot of modeling. I’d like to get my own show going within the next couple of years. I’ll just have to see where it’s going to take me and what I decide to do.

Good luck with that, Vanessa. What would you like to say to your fans and fans of the Man Show?

Keep on looking out for me. I hope you enjoy the 3rd season that just came out on DVD and I’m extremely glad you’re still sticking around! I love faithful fans! (laughs) When there’s any chance I can get to go out and meet the fans I always try to do it!