Exclusive Interview: Vanessa Blue


Vanessa, it’s great to talk to you. I appreciate you making time for this. Let’s start off by finding out a little more about you. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Beaumont, Texas.

While you were growing up, what did you want to be when you got older?

I guess all the stuff that little girls wanna be: a ballerina, a clown. Once I focused myself and grew up a little bit I decided I wanted to be an Emergency Medical Technician. Then I saw blood and decided I couldn’t handle that! After that I started dancing and then the natural progression: dance, take pictures, and before you know it – you’re makin’ smut!

If I asked you to look back on yourself as a teenager, how do you remember yourself?

A hermit. Very introverted. Not a popular person. I just didn’t make friends very easily. We moved around a lot and it was really difficult to make new friends. It wasn’t such a bad thing later on in life.

Do you remember something specific that happened or a particular time when your personality changed and you opened up a little more?

I think the opening up started with dancing. I started off in a bikini bar. I worked my way into being comfortable enough to walk up to people, strike up conversations and feel comfortable with my body. I had a good response and I had a lot of good people around me. When I started stripping is when I started to learn more about myself as a woman.

That had to be a huge confidence booster, too.

Yeah, it was. It’s a confidence booster but it also teaches you how to accept rejection. For every guy a girl walks up to and gets a dance, probably 10 guys said no. When you hear “no” all day and you’re half naked…you learn how to accept a lot of things.

Do you remember the first time you were exposed to any adult material – magazines, movies, anything like that?

I thought, “Where are all the black women?” The first woman I ever saw and took a liking to was Georgina Spelvin. I grew up in a household where there was a lot of porn. Nobody really hid sex from me. My grandparents had a lot of her material in their house. I got to sneak in and see some of that stuff. That’s when I knew I wanted to do something where people would look at me the way they were looking at her. I wanted to be in charge of what was happening around me.

Were you thinking about a career back then or was it just a desire for the same kind of attention?

I just wanted to feel the way it looked like she was feeling. At that point, that’s what I imagined sex must be like – the woman is in charge, the woman feels good and it’s all about her. Then I started having sex and I was like “Wait a minute! What’s happening? This isn’t cool. I don’t feel the way it looked like she did!”

And you’re getting your revenge now!

I’ve always had that urge to create that type of sexual environment for myself and the people watching. I see a lot of porn now that looks like it’s no longer about the woman – it’s about a guy’s penis.

It can’t be just for the guys all the time! C’mon!

Men are always gonna get off. I want to make the porn where the guy isn’t going to end up sleeping on the couch if he slips up and leaves it in the DVD player.

But you do want a little shock and awe every now and then…

Not really. I want it to be hot enough for the man to jerk off to but sensitive enough for the woman to watch – and strong enough for her to feel that what she’s watching isn’t degrading. A lot of girls I talk to say that when they watch porn with their man that it usually has the girl being mistreated, she’s being spit on, he’s fucking her with his foot on her head. And the girl looks at her guy like, “You want me to do that shit?! Now you’re in trouble!” I wanted to make a porn that if she caught that shit in the DVD player she might stop and watch it.

What was your motivation early on to do porn? Was it the attention? The money?

The money was already in play. I was a stripper and a cam model first. When I got into porn I did it because I wanted to, not because I needed the money. I guess that’s why I’ve been in it for 14 years now and I haven’t made more than 150 films. Most girls do that in a year.

Has working in Adult turned out the way you thought it would?

It was a lot easier. You didn’t have to worry about all the problems the girls have today. The disease situation wasn’t the way it is now. It used to be a much smaller group of people. Now anybody with a camera can hop into the pool. That makes for all kinds of situations – good or catastrophic. I don’t really perform as much anymore because you see so much – and I mean STDs. There’s a lack of information. There are girls and guys coming into the industry that just see the finished product and they believe that the edit is the raw footage. You get guys that come in here with egos that want to overcharge. It’s just a host of problems that didn’t exist when I first got here.

Do you think there needs to be more regulations – maybe even from the government – for the health side of the industry?

That’s a tricky one to answer! Yes and no. It is a contact sport. It’s like boxing. Those guys swing at each other. There’s spit and blood. You have to accept that this is also a contact sport. It’s a choice we made. Should we be policed by the government? That’s sketchy. Once they step in it could become so clean that it’s not jerkable anymore. People in the industry are concerned that buyers won’t buy if the performers have to put a condom on. I disagree with that opinion. Gay porn uses a lot of condoms and that stuff flies off the shelves. Hot sex is hot sex, regardless if there is a condom between two people or not. A condom becomes a problem because we shoot so much anal sex that it becomes irritating and it creates another situation where the woman is now open to all kinds of STDs and STIs from that rough sex with a condom. There are ups and downs. The government could come in and fuck it up or they could step in and run everybody out. Either way – there is going to be filthy porn. You’re not going to avoid that!

You mentioned earlier that anybody with a camera could jump in and start making porn. What is all of that content doing to the industry?

I think now is the time to start looking at the stars. This industry has spent a lot of time looking at the new girls. With so many new girls it’s hard for the fan to latch onto something. People who could’ve been great get passed up because there are so many people. I think it’s time for the industry to look at the stars that have had time to set up a fan base.

What do you think of all the tube sites?

It’s hurt us. Look at the DVD companies who gave their products to those guys. Some of the tube sites stole and that was fucked up. There are a lot of legitimate tube sites that bought their content. That’s what a lot of people don’t know. The content was sold to them at a dirt cheap price. Who should be mad? How can you be mad at people for looking at stuff that’s free? That’s what people do. If we want to stay in the game we have to make content that’s good enough to purchase.

Let’s talk about your career. You seem to have a take-charge attitude and a real sense of responsibility for anything you’re involved in. You’ve stepped it up a notch compared to what a lot of other performers are doing.

That may be looking to much into it! I love smut. I like naked chicks and I like watching naked guys. I like watching people have sex. I like sneaking to watch people have sex. I am a pervert and I accidentally fucked up and did a porno! Seriously! I was doing fetish stuff and I didn’t want to go any further. I had a girlfriend at that time who said we should do one. I didn’t think we would get the box cover, but we did. That was going to mark me for the rest of my life. I can’t be a square housewife or do anything square so I just decided to finish what I started. It’s not a difficult business. You just have to have some drive.

How involved are you in producing the content on your sites? Are you into the design and updates, too?

That would be my love child! I author, edit, kinda-sorta build websites, and I do everything else. I’m a one stop shop, kinda!

You do so much – what do you want people to think when the hear the name Vanessa Blue?

You shouldn’t be thinking anything! Your balls should tingle. It’s should be automatic, like Pavlov’s dogs! You should hear my name and your balls would be like, “Hey! It’s time to go rub one out, dude!” I don’t want people to focus on what I do. That takes away from the stroke value and what I’m trying to push. I’m pushing tits and ass; something to jerk off to. Hopefully people like it.

Are you constantly working or do you always find some time to chill?

I think it happens when I’m sleeping! Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. I’m always doing something – working on the site, editing, taking pictures.

And if you do what you like it’s not really work, right?

If she’s ugly it’s work! I try to at least make top sirloin out of the hamburger meat!

Vanessa, thanks so much for taking time out for this! What would you like to say to the Rock Confidential readers and all of your fans?

Be on the lookout for my new release coming from Justin Slayer International called “V Is For Vanessa.” It has 11 scenes of all Vanessa. Grandma wants one for Christmas! Buy it!

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