Exclusive Interview: Tory Lane


Tory, you’ve gotta know up front that a LOT of fans have been asking me to feature you on the site and it’s great to finally get you on here!

I appreciate it! I must be doing something right!

Clue us in on what you’ve been up to.

I live in California for work purposes only. I am home-based in North Carolina. I’ve been in the business for almost five years. I’m 25. I’m contracted with Sin City. I’m directing for them. I’ve put out roughly seven titles with me directing. I have a two year deal with them. May 20 of this year will mark my first year. I’m still with LA Direct Models. I’m feature dancing a lot. That’s really fun. I was dancing when I was 18 to 20 while I was going to school in Fort Lauderdale. I was a Hooters girl at that point, too. I’ve always been a stripper at heart! Always support your local fuckin’ strippers! I’m out here enjoying the porn life!

You did Loveline not too long ago.

Oh yeah! That was hilarious!

I laughed my ass off when I saw a quote from you before you were actually on the show. You said you were willing to “pick up some new bad habits” if you could get on Celebrity Rehab.

C’mon! They picked Mary Carey for that show? Come on now! We’re all not like that! We’re all not that dumb and idiotic. They’re trying to talk to her and what does she do? She jumps in the pool and wonders why they’re all looking at her…her nips are sticking out all over the place! They were trying to be real with her a little bit and it’s not working with her. I’ll pick up another habit!

Like you also said, “It will just make my bank account bigger!”


Look, everybody loves a little shit talking now and then.

For sure.

When you said that about Mary Carey – you were even quoted as saying, “I hope Dr. Drew doesn’t judge all porn girls by his experience with her.”

Exactly! That’s what I’m trying to say!

So how are you different from a person like Mary Carey?

Some people call it multiple personality disorder. I call it work. There’s a difference in being in playing that porn character on film. Honey, I’m running errands. I don’t have my tits out for the world to see. I’m dressed like a normal person. Unless you watch porn you can’t pick me out in a crowd. My hair’s not bleached blonde. I have nothing against the whiteheads! I don’t “act porn” all the time and that’s why I’ll be able to last a lot longer than a majority of the girls because I don’t let it get to me 100%. Don’t get me wrong, though! I’ll pull the porn power if I have to if it means getting in front of the line to the club! When the camera is off you don’t need to be like that all the time. It makes you look like a fool sometimes.

I love your attitude and your sense of humor. Some girls in the biz don’t seem to be enjoying life as much as you…

Probably because they’re paycheck whores and they just want the money. They don’t love what they do. The money is great – it keeps me happy. I’m a pornographer, though. I love fucking on film. I love shooting. It turns me on knowing what I’m doing is turning other people on! When my job’s done and someone rents one of my movies, it’s a personal thing. I can be the dirtiest of the dirty but I can still sit down and have a family meal! I love what I do and that makes me good at it.

How do you see your career? Do you still get excited when you see yourself on a box cover?

I do. I’m my biggest critic, though. It’s exciting. It’s exciting when I’m at conventions and I get to meet the fans. It’s a thrill. It’s a high. It’s an ego boost for sure.

So many people think it’s so bad to boost our ego, to want more money, to want more stuff. I could never get enough!

If people don’t like what I do or don’t approve of what I do then don’t watch me, babe. Don’t get mad if you pick up a magazine and disapprove of my photos. Don’t judge me – you’re the one that picked up the magazine to begin with! Half of us in the country love what I do. The other half have their own opinion. I don’t watch certain things I don’t approve of.

I think half love it and the other half just won’t admit it!

Sex is something that’s personal. It just so happens that my business is my body. I’m a very good businesswoman!

People all over the world want to own their own business and like you said, you are your own product. I bet that helps you keep a good head on your shoulders…

Yes. It keeps me level-headed. It reminds me that I’m very lucky. One, I’ve made it. Two, I’m not a crackhead. Three, I’m still pursuing it in a fun manner. I’m ready for my next product. I’ve been told you change your career seven times in you life. I’ve been a waitress, a stripper, a porn star and a director. I don’t know what I’m going to do next. I’m going to run for office somewhere! I’ll be the next Governor of California!

What were some career ideas you had when you were younger?

Definitely not porn! I’ve always been – since grade school – the leader of the bad group. The hot, bad girl. I was the one smoking cigarettes in the bathroom. Now that I’m older I do wish I would have focused a little more than I did. This is what I’ve chosen to do and who knows what I’ll do next.

At what point in your life did you decide you were a sexual person? It happens at different times for everybody…

It does. I happened to me when I was waitressing at Hooters. I was a young girl and if I could get $100 from three guys by just serving them chicken wings, wonder what I could do topless? So I do the topless thing and instead of $100 you make $300. Shit, if I can do it topless I should go fully nude! Then you make more money. If I was comfortable like that, what’s a little girl-girl action on film? OK! I’m comfortable with a little girl-girl action – let’s go all the way! I haven’t looked back since! I like to call it the stripper hole! It gets bigger and bigger and bigger! (In her best valley girl voice: “Why do all these boys like me?”)

Looking back on your first year in porn, how do you remember it?

It was a blast! I wasn’t even focused on a career in my first year. I was focused on, “Oh my gosh, I’m fucking Jenna Haze! I’m fucking Belladonna!” I didn’t know anything.

You briefly mentioned your porn character earlier. Is any part of that character like the Tory Lane we would see off camera?

You mean if I was fucking you in my own bedroom? It all depends on how I was feeling. Don’t get me wrong. I have shocked myself sometimes. I embarass myself sometimes! I’ll be like, “Oh my gosh! I actually said that?! I can do that?!” I’m so dominating on film but in my personal life I like to be the submissive one. I like to be manhandled. In the nicest way possible.

While you’re shooting a scene, have you ever said anything and just had to stop and laugh your ass off at what you’ve said?

All the fucking time. I make people laugh, including myself. I’m so fucking loud, too! I redline that shit! I don’t realize how loud I am until we’re editing. Holy shit! Is that me?!

Tory, thanks for taking time out for this. I appreciate it and I know your fans are waiting on it. What would you like to say to them?

Join my motherfucking website! I love you! You have made me who I am and I didn’t realize what I was doing while I was doing it, but I do now. I’m taking it to the next level so everybody better be prepared!

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