Exclusive Interview: Taylor Wane


You’re obviously not ashamed to admit your love for sex. I know a lot of girls that still want to act like sex is something they should be ashamed of. Most guys will openly admit to anybody that they love sex but girls hold back. Why do you think that is?

Girls just aren’t having good experiences. They’re not enjoying it as much as they could. I’m not getting the truth out of guys, either! Sometimes guys are afraid to admit who they are. They don’t want me to think they’re a pig! They’re assuming that I would think they were a pig but someone as sexual as I am doesn’t see any sexual act reason enough to make someone a pig! Neither does how much you want sex. That’s ridiculous. Everybody’s sexual appetite is different and it’s just the way we’re wired. It doesn’t make you a pig if you want more sex or different sex than me. Some people would think I was a pig. I’ve been having sex since I was 12 years old and it doesn’t matter what you think of me. I cannot count how many guys I’ve had sex with and I don’t care to! Who’s keeping count? (laughs) Who the hell am I trying to impress by saying, “I’ve only had sex with three guys.” (laughs) I’m not trying to impress somebody so some prince will come marry me thinking I’m the freakin’ virgin Mary! You only have one life to live. Try and live every day with a smile on your face. Each one of us achieves that smile a different way. As long as you’re not hurting anybody there’s no harm in doing the things that make you feel good. If sex is one of the things that makes me feel great and it puts a smile on my face, it’s none of your business! If you think I’m a slut, so be it! When people call me a slut I’ll say, “And your point is?” Thank you!

I’ve seen you out and about with Gene Simmons a lot. Judging from our conversation today I think you and Gene have a lot in common, attitude-wise. How long have you known him?

Gene’s a very good friend of mine. I just saw him last week. We’re embarking on a new business deal. I can’t really discuss it right now but if it happens it’s gonna be great. I originally met Gene 10 years ago. It was the month I was on the cover of Penthouse, so it was June ‘94. Hustler was having a party and Gene was there. That night I was hanging out with Glenn Danzig and some other people. Savannah was there and I think the Nelson twins were there. Gene walked up to me and invited me to dinner. I was with a group of people so I told him “thanks,” but I couldn’t go. I didn’t really keep contact with him until a few years later. My promotions manager sent my picture to Ladies In Waiting on Gene’s site. He put me on his site and Gene contacted me and said he wanted me to come to some of his launch parties and promotions. It was hard for me at first. I told him I was running my own business and I can’t just take off and go galavanting. I’m not that kind of girl! I’m running a business. I thought about it for a couple of days. “Gene Simmons from KISS is inviting me to go do these things and hang out and I’m turning it down because I have to work?” I have people that work for me – I can go galavant! I called him back and told him I’d do it. He flew me to New York. That was the beginning of the friendship. We’ve been very good friends for a couple of years now. Whenever he’s doing a TV show or a launch party – I just did the cover of Dub magazine with him a couple of weeks ago. He did a show for the Travel Channel that’s called Star Travel. I was on that show with him. I did the A&E Biography with Gene. I also did his music video. We’re good friends and we talk on the phone a lot. He’s a great guy. He’s honestly a super nice human being. If fans run up to him he’ll take a picture just like that. He’ll say hello to every one of them. He’s not mean and nasty to anybody. He’s nice and polite to everybody. I have to admit. I am in awe of Gene Simmons. I don’t care who knows it. The man is really intelligent and I admire anybody that has a wealth of knowledge. He has knowledge about all kinds of stuff and he’s street smart. You have to admire somebody like that. He’s a great businessman. He’s aggressive and he knows how to go after what he wants in life. That’s something that I admire. It’s a compliment to me when you say I’m similar to him. I strive to be business savvy and aggressive. I work hard and I want to be able to achieve all kinds of things. I like to say it’d be cool if I could do something. I never say, “It’ll never happen for me.” I just run head-first into the wall and see if I end up on the ground.

What happened in your career that made you realize you wanted to take your name and your brand to places never seen?

Well, it had nothing to do with adult. It has to do with who I am. This would have been a work ethic that I would have taken no matter what career I would have chosen. When you have a certain work ethic, it’s not something you choose. It’s something that’s instilled in the very fibers of who you are as a human being. You can’t really teach it to somebody. You either feel it or you don’t. As a small child I came from a family of five children. I was the youngest. I had two paper rounds in the morning and two in the afternoon. I worked weekends packing shelves in a grocery store, plus my paper rounds. I would take all this money and I would save it. I would loan shark it to my older brothers and sisters who had real jobs. They would blow all their money before payday so I’d loan shark the money to them and charge them 50% interest! Because I was so young and their little sister they would allow me to do this to them! I got away with it because I was little, young, and cute. Meanwhile I was being very savvy business-wise. It’s been there all along. Even when I was in school I was an overachiever in every class. I could never get a date! I was a complete dork. I was teacher’s pet. Nobody would look at me because I was what we call in England, a swat. That’s a kid that does nothing but work and they have to be at the top of every class. All I cared about was being the best in every class. That set me up well for later in my life. That taught me never to rely on my looks. I was an ugly-duckling in school. I never got anything because I was pretty. I never neglected my schoolwork. That made me a better business person. In adult you can get by on your looks. If you don’t have business sense to back it up you’ll either use up your looks and it’s over or you’ll get fucked around. If you’re attractive and have a good business sense you can really take it to that next level. I didn’t pre-meditate it. Porn was not a career I had picked out for myself. I wanted to be a school teacher. I know that’s a far cry from who I became but I was training to be a school teacher.

What was the coversation like that talked you into working in Adult?

It took a year to talk me into it! It wasn’t five minutes or a day…it was a year. My girlfriend – and I say that like “friend,” not a lover – was a porn star. She kept at me to do a movie. Having sex in front of people was not for me. After a year I said I’d try one just to shut her up. I was not gonna do a man because I considered doing a guy as really having sex. I didn’t consider doing a woman as real sex. It wasn’t full-on intercourse. I ended up doing a movie and the storyline required the boss to walk into the room while his female employee was eating my pussy, say something, and then leaves. That “boss” was Peter North. I had never seen Peter North in my life. This guy walked in with no shirt. My mouth dropped open and I was like, “What the fuck! That guy is hot!” After the scene I called my agent and told them I decided to start doing guys. Peter North was the reason I started doing guys. I didn’t get to work with Peter right away and I only got to work with him once! I’m still trying to get a breath from being saturated from his cumshot! (laughs) The first guy I ever worked with, who is a tremendous guy to have as your first, was Randy West. He’s super nice and a sweet, kind guy.

You obviously enjoy working for yourself. What’s the biggest advantage to owning your own company?

The biggest advantage would be controlling how your image is seen by the public. You get to control where your image is seen. You could do one scene for a movie company and for the next ten years they could release it in a movie and you don’t get royalties. You may have been paid $1000 for that one scene and they’ll make 20 movies from it! They could also sell that scene to another company and they could release it in 20 different movies. These people are making money hand over fist. You’re not getting rich if you only make $1000 one time and somebody is making 40 movies from that $1000 payment. That’s 39 times they didn’t have to hire you. Every new thing that’s out there on me. It’s fresh stuff. If anything is released with me the only person making any money from it is me. The downside is paying for everything because you own the company! You’ve got to keep tabs on everything. Hopefully at the end of the day you come up smelling like roses. That requires a lot of hard work. Any business is long-term. You can’t expect to turn things around in two months. You have to be in for the long-haul.

It takes a lot of guts, too.

It does take balls. It took me about five years…I’ve been discussing owning my own company for that long. I was afraid. It’s a massive responsibility. You have to put up thousands and thousands of dollars. All you can hope for is a great outcome. It requires getting up every day and working morning, noon, and night. You work all the time.

You’re not shy about putting your face and body everywhere, either. Tell me some of the items your face and body are on.

Oh my god! If I can get anything with my face or body on it I’ll do it. I have strip ‘n tilt pens…

I can’t get anything done because of mine! I keep flipping it up and down waiting for the clothes to disappear!

(laughs) You’re too distracted by that pen! I love ‘em. I remember seeing those. When somebody gets one that don’t lose it. It may get stolen but you don’t just throw a pen like that to the side. When Gene Simmons saw my pen he called up the company because he wanted a Gene Simmons pen! Sometimes Gene takes a few pages from my book. You can have a lunchbox, a notepad, a cup, a refrigerator magnet, a t-shirt, a lapel pin, pussy soap that’s actually molded from my pussy, paper weights that were molded from my pussy, a business card holder that was molded from my pussy and my asshole if you’re really daring, wall plaques, baby t’s, kerchiefs, baseball caps, gift bags, coasters, trading cards, my comic book series, bumper stickers, temporary tattoos, vibrating anal grapes, strap-on dildos, postcards, greeting cards, a model kit, there’s so many bloody things! They just made an anatomically correct doll. It’s not a blow-up doll, it’s made of silicone. The pussy vibrates, the anus vibrates, she talks, she has a heartbeat! It just goes on and on! If you can put your face on it and market it, that’s what you have to do. That’s what Gene does. He puts his KISS thing on anything and everything.

You know Taylor, a lot of people have things they’re remembered for. Be it a face, a certain part of one’s anatomy, a talent, a personality…I have to say one of your signature items has to be your blowjobs. I’ve never quite heard one like that!

(laughs) You tell me what my signature way is…!

Well, you make this noise…

Is it like this? (makes a slurping sound with her tongue)

Well, it sounds a little more slippery!

Oh, you mean the slurping?! (she makes some slurping noises and I immediately get a woody) There’s a funny story about this. Only a historian will know this because I can’t claim to watch much porn. Back in 1990 I was…I’m very into oral sex. I invented teabagging by the way! Guess what? It’s called teabagging and I’m British. Coincidence? I think not! When I first got into porn chicks did not teabag. When I used to suck cock I used to make so much noise. One chick on a set said to me, “Why do you make all that noise?” I said, “It’s called SUCKING. I don’t know what you’re doing, but I’m SUCKING cock! I actually SUCK that cock. I’m not blowing on it. I’m SUCKING on it!” That’s why I make a slurping noise! I thought it was funny that other girls were giving silent blowjobs and they’d make fun of me because I was so noisy. That’s what happens…slurping and sucking, clockwise and counterclockwise twisting. In my newer movies I do this thing where it makes kind of like a blubbering noise. Guys love that! I’m somebody that really takes pride in working that dick when it’s in my mouth!

God bless you for that, too!

(laughs) I swear to god, later on as girls wanted to work for me they’d ask for some of my movies. I’d give them a few movies and off they went. I’d end up hiring them and they’d be on set sucking dick and then I’d realize…she’s making MY noise! I should have patented that! Teabagging too. It’s been too many years but people used to go, “What is she doing?” I’m sucking his nuts! (laughs) I also used to give guys rim-jobs and I stopped that because some of the guys didn’t always take that kind of prelimenary measures before the scene because they didn’t expect somebody to stick a tongue up their ass.

I love you Taylor! Thanks for taking time out for this. What would you like to say to your current fans and your new fans at Rock Confidential?

Anybody that doesn’t know me needs to check me. Any of my existing fans know that I’m very passionate about my work and what I do. Anybody that’s seen a Taylor Wane movie knows that this is one broad that ain’t fakin’ it! If I can get banged and paid at the same time, I’m a happy woman! If somebody wants to watch a porn movie where the woman is truly enjoying what she does – I honestly want to give you as much pleasure as I receive – you need to get a Taylor Wane movie. I’m not fakin’ it. I truly love it. I’m a sex freak. I don’t do anything I don’t enjoy. I try to do everything that makes me feel great. My products are definitely geared towards satisfying the consumer. All my fans know how dedicated I am. I answer my fans emails sometimes the same day. I’m very personable and they know that. I love them and I thank anybody that’s ever bought a Taylor Wane movie or magazine so you can whack off to me. If you’ve ever picked up any Taylor Wane thing to get some pleasure out of looking at me, thank you for that! I am blessed!

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