Exclusive Interview: Taylor Wane

Adult film legend Taylor Wane has known and worked with Gene Simmons for several years. When I heard news of Gene’s sex tape I immediately contacted her to see if she’d be up for telling me a little about her relationship with The Demon and to get her opinion of the video.

What follows is an honest conversation with someone who truly is a real friend of the fire-breathing, blood-spitting God of Thunder – the lovely, powerful, and attractive Taylor Wane.

What did you think when you first heard about the Gene Simmons sex tape being out on the ‘Net?

I was shocked by the news of this sex tape, and was very skeptical about it when you contacted me. I, like many others, Googled it when I got home to find out what this was all about. I was surprised by what I saw.

Do you think Gene knew he was being recorded? In your opinion, would he be so bold to do something like that?

When I first heard about it, I did think for a minute that Gene probably had something to do with it, but after viewing the sex tape and taking some things into consideration I now believe that he did not know that he was being filmed.

Firstly, I honestly don’t think it’s Gene’s style to let the world see his dick and to see him fuck this horrid slut. (I’m calling her that because it is outrageous to film someone without his or her consent and then try to prosper by the release of such a tape. Hideous!) He really does care about his family at home, he loves his kids. As much of a businessman Gene is, I don’t think he would go this far to get some hype for the new season of Family Jewels. The show is one of the top rated shows on TV without the help of such a tape.

Secondly, you can see that the recording was done on a low quality hidden cam. One would think if he set it up that the quality would be a little better, at least on a camcorder, not a web cam.

Does any part of you think this may just be hype to push the new season of Family Jewels and Frank’s Energy Drink? Would Gene go this far to promote his projects?

I don’t think Gene would go this far, however, I do think the young lady in question would go this far to get publicity and who is to say she didn’t have a deal with Frank’s Energy Drink to set this up. In this TMZ world we now live in, anything is possible.

In my honest opinion, I really don’t think would set this up. He doesn’t need to do something so tacky to promote himself. He is in demand everywhere he goes, all the time; he doesn’t have to stoop to these levels for publicity.

You’ve been around Gene a lot the past few years. How much of the womanizing is a put on and how much is real?

In the past few years, I would say more than a few. I’ve been friends with Gene over several years and I have seen him in action. Girls flock to him, throw themselves at him. How far he takes that, well, that is for him to know and for us to wonder.

Gene’s never admitted to being a saint, yet Shannon firmly believes that he’s never cheated on her since they’ve been together. What do you think? Is that just something she says for the Family Jewels storyline or does she really believe that?

Shannon and Gene have an amazing relationship. They have been together as a Hollywood couple more years than most. No celebrity couple has it easy, especially when one of them is a rock star. Whatever agreement they have between themselves works for them. I have not spoken to Shannon about her thoughts as to whether she believes him or not, so I cannot comment on her behalf. They do have a very strong, loving relationship and love their children beyond measure. That is all that matters.

If this is a real issue between Gene and Shannon, has he ever brought it up in conversation? Does he talk about his personal life with you at all?

We discuss many things but when we have conversations we prefer to discuss what’s going on in the world, and whatever is new and exciting in life. No one wants to harp on about any woes they might have and generally Gene never has any woes. He really does live by the motto, “Any day above ground is a good day.”

You attend events with Gene and have worked with him on numerous projects. Has anyone ever straight up asked you if you’ve been intimate with him? Well…have you?

I have been asked many times the extent of my relationship with Gene and how intimate it has been. I have the same answer for each and all, I’m a good friend with Gene and I have the utmost respect for him.

I don’t want to take anything away from Gene – he’s been an inspiration to me since I was a kid – but is he at a crossroads in his life regarding his perception to the public?

What crossroads? He is still the same guy from Kiss as he was many years ago. He is a rock star. Rock Stars are wild, crazy, they live a fast, engaging life. The only side to Gene that the public hadn’t seen in the past was what a great dad he is and I think most of the public didn’t know that Gene is completely Tea Total (that is an English term for SOBER).

He has never drank alcohol or taken drugs in his entire life. He doesn’t drink coffee or take any stimulants, he doesn’t need to. He is a fast living, hard working, life loving, and moneymaking machine. Believe what you see, because he really is like that. Work, work, work…he never gets tired.

Do you remember the first time you met Gene? Did he make any lewd comments or do anything that let you know you had his full attention? He seems to do it in good fun – just curious if anything stands out.

The funny thing about the first time I met Gene, which was in 1994 and it was the month I was on the cover of Penthouse Magazine. I was at a Hustler Magazine party, I was sitting at the table with my then friend “Savannah” (yes, the dead one), and I had just finished a conversation with The Nelson Twins whom I have known for years, when Gene approached me and chatted to me. He never said anything lewd, or off color. I thought he was the perfect gentlemen (and I still do). I was with a boyfriend that night and we were off to the pre-opening of the House Of Blues, a private party with Glenn Danzig and some other celeb friends, so I didn’t chat to Gene for very long. A couple of years later in a conversation with Gene I happened to bring up the first time we met, and he claimed he was never there that night. Funny, he walked me over to my then boyfriend, and they passed a few words, so I didn’t imagine him being there but apparently he doesn’t remember attending that party. It was 14 years ago, he could have forgotten.

Tell me about you. What have you been up to? Are you still working on a CD?

I have been so busy with different projects and traveling promoting my Taylor Wane Ent. line and my toy line for Nasstoys, in between promoting the charities I work with (BABE and Tylerhope). I am still working on my CD, I had to stop for a while because of some serious vocal trauma I had, and spent a year having speech therapy. In that year I wasn’t able to sing, as I was at risk of losing my speaking voice all together. After intense therapy my voice is back and stronger than ever. I am getting together some live musicians right now so I can go into the recording studio and record the music live. I want the songs to be the best they can be, and can’t wait to get back on track. Singing is something I have done for many years, and it has always brought me peace and joy. I just need to get the right people together to make some beautiful music.

You’ve got a great business mind. I’ve seen all the products with your image on them – magnets, comic books, and pens. Even soap molded from your pussy! What’s your favorite Taylor Wane product? Anything new this year?

I am a cottage industry, and always been business savvy. I think I started this stuff before anyone. I’ve been running Taylor Wane Productions since 1990, including the Taylor Wane Fan Club, which is still going strong. I found over the years that you had to keep bringing new and interesting things to the public to keep them inspired and titillated. I think my favorite Taylor Wane product to date is that Pussy Soap or the Strip and Tilt pen. People go nuts for those items at conventions and events. This year is going to be about new Taylor Wane movies, and the new Music CD. I’m making that happen this year for sure, it’s way over due. All of my new projects and productions are chronicled at TaylorWane.com or BuyTaylorWane.com.

Give us all a little insight into your attitude. What motivates you to take control and do things your way?

You are the only one that can see the world through your eyes, and when you want to bring your vision to light, you have to take things into your own hands. I knew this early on in my career. I had a personality that I wanted to be seen. I wanted to be a strong, out spoken, sexual woman who was in control, not being controlled. I believe in the power of being an individual and believing in yourself. People that follow and do what they are told without thought of what they believe is right, are people that are dead inside. Living your life to the full, and living with the intent on engaging in life fully requires that you have actions and thoughts that you can stand behind. I am motivated by the idea that I can make my own life whatever I dream it can be by being completely involved in every thing and every action that I take. You can make it happen, but you have to take responsibility for choices that you make and know when you are making good or bad choices.

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