Exclusive Interview: Taylor Vixen


Revered for her famous measurements (36DD-27-36) as much as her accessibility with her audience, Taylor Vixen has racked up a bouquet of prestigious industry awards since debuting in 2009 including Penthouse Magazine’s 40th Anniversary Pet and the 2010 Pet of the Year. Since then, the Dallas-born beauty has been seen extensively as a Hustler Honey and Danni Girl of Month. Recently she was crowned Twistys 2012 Treat of the Year.

Vixen is heading to Hawaii for the official Treat of the Year shoot, where she will also be presented with a check for $10,000, her grand prize winnings.

We caught up with Taylor a few days after she won her new title as Treat of the Year to find out what keeps her motivated, what she really enjoys about her career and her plans for the future.

Hey Taylor! It’s great to hear from you. Let’s start off by finding out a little bit more about you – what you were like growing up, things like that.

I do feel I have the same personality as I did before starting porn. I’m random, crazy and I love to make people laugh. I’m a nerd. To me, impressing people is not trying to impress people. I’m pretty much the same as I was growing up. I love to laugh and have a good time and hang out with my friends.

So it’s not like you were bashful one day and then suddenly came out of your shell – you’ve always been this way.

I never thought I’d be doing what I’m doing now. Just one day I thought, “I think I wanna do girl/girl porn.” It just came about. I didn’t even think about magazines or anything like that. Then I shot for two different magazines and it all just blew up. I’ve very lucky but I didn’t know it was going to go that route. Hey, I’m from the country. I didn’t know much about anything like that yet.

When did you first recognize your sexuality?

Probably when I was 16.

Since you were just a girl from the country that happened to also like girls, was it easy to be yourself?

I never really kept anything to myself. There’s always going to be judgmental people in the world. You have to have thick skin to be in our business. But I never kept anything to myself. Everybody always knew my business! (laughs)

What put the idea in your head to do porn?

I was watching a reality show called Momma’s Boys. Erica Ellyson, the 2008 Penthouse Pet of the Year, was on there. She seemed very country, very hometown. I told myself “I bet I could do this.” I Googled her and I looked up every person she had shot for. I submitted my own pictures to all those same photographers. I followed her own footsteps to see if I could do it and I eventually became the 2010 Penthouse Pet of the Year!

So you really put some work into pursuing that dream.

Yeah. It took some time. A lot of people don’t realize that everything is not going to come at you. Timing also has a lot to do with it. I’ve been awarded different titles since then and I’ve had to work for those. It’s not like they just came at me.

Why did you make the decision to only do girl/girl porn?

People do things for a reason. I liked girls and I still like girls. I started doing it because I’m bi. I just wanted to do girls because I want to keep the guy thing for personal reasons. I didn’t have a boyfriend when I got in the industry. I dated but it’s something I like to keep personal. I like to have fun on camera with girls.

You’ve achieved two really strong titles – Penthouse Pet of the Year and you just won another. Tell me about that.

I was in the industry for less than a year and got Pet of the Year, which was amazing. It really helped establish me and helped brand myself as Taylor Vixen. That was really cool to have that title.

Another thing I’m super excited about right now is I just received the Twistys 2012 Treat of the Year. Since I have that title I’m getting ready to start shooting with them a lot. I’m really excited about this one. I feel like this is going to brand me even more.

How far do you want to take your career? What else would you like to do?

I definitely see me doing something different outside of the industry. I don’t want to explore other avenues, like being behind the camera. I love being a model in the industry. That’s my favorite part for sure. I love meeting new people, I love shooting, I love all of it. I like looking at the history of my photos. I think I will gracefully retire and do something different.

Like what? Will you be using your porn career as a stepping stone to something else or will it be something totally different?

There are some things that I’m working on that I will definitely do later. I don’t really wanna talk about them yet. I’m working on the future but I still definitely enjoy modeling. I’m going to stay around a while.

So now that you can look back and reflect a little, how do you remember your first year in the industry?

I was really nervous at my first couple of shoots but after that it was so easy. Everyone I’ve ever worked for have been respectable companies. I’ve never had a problem. I’ve always had amazing shoots and they’ve always made it so comfortable. I flowed with it pretty well.

It has to be a good feeling to see what all you’ve accomplished while at the same time still being successful today.

Oh yes. I love working in the industry. I’ve met so many amazing girls. I like girls that are proud of their own brand and really stick to it. I have dark hair, natural boobs, natural everything, no tattoos. I’ve really stuck by that. That’s my brand. I like girls that are themselves and try not to look like every other girl in the industry. Be an individual! That’s what guys like. They don’t want you to look like everyone else.

I’ve gotta ask what kind of music you like.

For the past three years or so it’s been Empire Of The Sun. I love them. My last concert was Kid Rock in Vegas. That was a lot of fun. Before that I saw Kid Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd in Texas.

Your website is pretty new. What do you have going on over there?

It’s TaylorVixen.com. You can find all of my exclusive shoots, I do a live webcam every other week for my members, I do scheduled webcams, lots of solo and girl/girl content. A lot of it is exclusive stuff that you can only find on my site. It just went up about three weeks ago!

And you’re also no stranger to feature dancing!

I’ve been featuring more this past year. I absolutely love it. I love going to the different clubs. I do repeat some of the clubs and I’ve got to know the managers and they are so amazing to you. I love to meet new people and fans. It’s a new stage and a new atmosphere all the time. That’s so much fun. That’s the best thing I enjoy when it comes to traveling.

You’ve got so much going on as it is but what are you up to next?

I got the Twistys Treat of the Year title two weeks ago and that officially starts in July. I’ll be working with them a lot this year. I’m going to Hawaii to shoot for Twistys Treat of the Year. We’re shooting in Maui. I have a lot of appearances and featuring dancing tours coming up. I post everything on TaylorVixen.com in the blog.

Taylor, thanks for taking time out for this! What would you like to say to the fans to wrap things up?

Keep loving my big, natural boobies and be sure to visit TaylorVixen.com!

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