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Tasha Reign is a dynamic and multi-dimensional star in entertainment. She began dancing regularly at gentlemen’s clubs while pursuing a degree in Women’s Studies from UCLA. The 5’ 5” So Cal beauty was featured in Playboy 2010’s “Girls Of The Pac-10” and named May 2011 Penthouse Pet Of The Month. A desire to further explore her sexuality led Tasha to adult films, where she is one of the most sought-after porn stars. Tasha’s acclaimed performances were recognized with a 2014 Female Performer of the Year nomination at the XBIZ Awards. Noting her celebrity status and unique views on music, we made Tasha a weekly reviewer – porn, rock, and Tasha Reign are a platinum combination. Tasha also pens columns for OC Weekly and BroBible.com and has been a recurring co-host on KX 93.5 FM in Laguna Beach. In addition to performing, dancing, and writing, Tasha is the founder / owner of Reign Productions, a high-end adult studio bringing Tasha’s sexual fantasies to life. Reign Productions’ DVDs are distributed by Girlfriends Films. Tasha’s entrepreneurial enterprises also extend to adult novelty products, like Tasha’s Reignbow Pony Plugs, which are manufactured by Crystal Delights.

Further expanding on her love for rock n’ roll, Reign Productions just released ‘Daddy’s Little Groupie.’ “I am so excited for my fans to see ‘Daddy’s Little Groupie’!’” said Tasha, who is known as The World’s Sexiest Music Reviewer in her Rock Confidential vlog. “Rock and sex have always gone together, and my newest film showcases the super-hot energy of two of my favorite things in life.”

We caught up with Tasha to talk about the adult industry, her red hot company Reign Productions, and what music she’s been listening to.

Let’s start out by talking about the beginning of your career. When you made the jump from stripping to doing adult films, did you have any ideas about the adult business yet? Did you have any misconceptions that you later found out weren’t true?

I don’t really think I had a clear vision. I knew what it was like based on stories from television on Stormy Daniels or Jenna Jameson. I read Jenna’s book “How To Make Love Like A Porn Star” which is really the reason I got started in adult. I had an idea but not a real specific one. I saw the beautiful pictures and videos and knew about the material they made. I thought it was going to be very business oriented and it was. That didn’t really surprise me. I didn’t know it would be as complex as it is. I don’t think I thought too much about it. I just knew I was going to be an adult actress and the steps I needed to take. I just did it.

People not familiar with the adult industry really don’t realize how structured it is.

They only want to believe the fantasy. It’s kind of sad that there’s not more awareness about that but I also think some people don’t want to know. Everybody has their own story but I really wanted to do adult. I try really hard. For some girls it came easily or someone found them. I really had to go after it. It was definitely thought out. The way Jenna described it in her book, I thought ‘this really looks like fun!’ It was professional. That’s the vision I had. I never really heard about it from other people, like how the adult industry was one way or another. After I got into the industry I’ve heard it brought up a lot and not all of it was positive. This is from people who have never done it. They don’t know.

People everywhere make bad decisions every day, in any career.

And I don’t think there are more bad choices made in adult than any other industry. I think the way it’s sensationalized in the media is the leading factor. Because we live in this very puritanical and patriarchal place people like to believe that women would never choose to do sex work. People don’t want to believe that is something women choose to do. It’s hard for some people to fathom that women in mainstream make the same choices every day – it’s just not publicized. When you see adult entertainment on the news you always see it in a negative light. That’s the way they want it. Mainstream media never shines a positive light on adult. That’s really the issue. I think I lucked out for a lot of reasons. A lot of it has to do with how I perform but it’s really just like a modeling job. Adult is a lot about how you look. If you’re in high fashion and you look a certain way you’re going to get certain modeling jobs. In adult if you look a certain way it’s kind of going to shape the kind of work you do. That’s really like any other entertainment job. It all has to do with your looks. I don’t mean that in a cocky way, either. I lucked out with the agency that I chose to work with on an individual level, LA Direct Models. They’ve given me a lot of attention and care. I’m a girl that they respect and try to get a lot of good work for. A lot of these factors have played a part into why I’ve had such a good experience. Nobody “found” me. That’s an even bigger thing. I went out and sought adult entertainment. I was really passionate about it and I think it shows in my work. I think that gives me a different perspective because nobody said, ‘This is what you should do.’ It was actually quite the opposite. Everybody told me it wasn’t a good idea. (laughs)

And now you’re making movies under your own production company! How involved are you creatively in each title you release?

I’ve got to say that I don’t want to be an expert at everything. I want to be great at performing. I think I’m becoming a good producer. I definitely have a say in everything that happens. I think of the ideas for my films. Sometimes I think of a concept and tell a writer and he’ll do all the writing and create the dialog. I enjoy writing but I don’t always have the time. I make sure all of my ideas are incorporated. I pick out the wardrobe for the girls. I’ve done a lot of directing but my past few movies I’ve left it up to Barrett Blade. He’s great and I think he sees the movies they way I see them. I’m there on set, behind the scenes, but I really let him take that job and make it his own. I make sure the pictures look the way I want for the box art. I’ll tell the box artist what I want and find examples of mainstream or adult that I like. I have opinions about everything but I like to give that artistic freedom to the specific people working on those projects. They understand that I want them to take control but ultimately I have the final say.

Piracy is affecting the entire entertainment world. Torrents and tube sites have really hit the adult industry hard. Is there a business model than can resurrect adult and do you think this will lead to performers doing more on-demand style work?

Like you just said, I think you know where it’s heading. In my personal opinion, it’s not what I signed up for. It’s frustrating because people will say, ‘You have to work at any job.’ Girls got into this job because they thought they were going to be adult actresses on a film set and that was going to be their main source of income and their job. They way it’s changing with social media and on-demand things like web camming are time consuming and in my opinion not that enjoyable. I’m a positive person and I love my fans. I don’t want to turn the interactions I have with my fans into my source of income. I want to be hired on adult film sets and be a model and an actress. With piracy coming into play and taking our business in a new direction, it makes it very difficult for companies to hire girls and turn a profit on their movies. People don’t realize every time they jack off to a tube site that they’re taking money from the girls. Even though it’s illegal a lot of people don’t realize it is because those sites are up there and run by people in adult. I think there’s a lack of awareness and it’s turned into a free for all. It’s so upsetting to the performer that that is the new world for adult. Even though I’ve had to adapt I don’t know exactly what direction I’m going to take. I would rather be on set making movies.

We’ve all watched your music reviews at RockConfidential.com so we know you love music. Who are you listening to now?

I went to Coachella this year and had so much fun! I got to see Pharell and my favorite right now, Lorde. I love, love, love her. I feel so silly because she’s 17 years old and has this teen-angst music and that’s what appeals to me. I’m 25! Am I ever gonna grow out of this type of stuff? She’s incredible! I saw everybody and thought she was the best one there. She is so talented. I listen to a variety of stuff for sure. My Pandora station is full of hip-hop. I absolutely love Drake. I love Lana Del Rey. I grew up listening to a lot of classic rock. My mom took me to my first Stones concert when I was 13. She was always blasting the Beatles. My mom immersed me in rock n’ roll.

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