Exclusive Interview: Stoya


It’s great to catch up with you, Stoya. Tell me what you’ve been up to!

I finished shooting Pirates II. I’ve been writing stuff that’s really funny.

I’ve read some of your stuff before and you have a nice smartass quality to your humor. I dig that.

Thank you! Sometimes I review things. Sometimes I try to review things and write about how it went horribly wrong. Sometimes I write things and some gay man will post how he’d totally turn straight for me! Then I’ll write a giant open letter to the Internet about how totally adorable Johnny Hazzard is and how I’ll take my boobs out and put on a jock strap to get to make out with him. I can pretend to be a boy! I may have to wait until he’s really drunk, but I can try!

Let’s talk about what it was like growing up. Tell me what high school was like for you.

I was actually home schooled. I graduated right before I turned 16. When you’re home schooled you don’t take summers off. You just keep learning things. My mom was into different ways of learning. She instilled a really great work ethic in me and taught me how to learn things for myself. I got to learn about a lot of things hands on. It was pretty awesome. I was lame in high school! I didn’t have a prom.

Was it easy to not be around a lot of kids your age?

I didn’t really adapt to it. I was in public school for a good part of 9th grade and it didn’t really go well. If they were wrong about something and I knew they were wrong it was an all out debate in front of the whole class. I didn’t fail a class because I failed – I failed because I was being a super ultra c*nt! I’ve learned since then!

So what did you do with yourself since you graduated high school so early? Did you have a lot of friends then?

It gave me time to take a whole bunch of dance lessons. I had friends through that. I turned 16 and that’s when you’re allowed to take Driver’s Ed but I wasn’t allowed to because I was no longer in the school system and that was a giant mess. It turned out that I wasn’t going to legally be able to drive until I was 18. I moved to Philadelphia. Why sit around in Delaware for two years of my life? I moved to Philly and met some really awesome people. That’s really when I started making friends.

I would imagine they would all be older than you.

Some of them, but you know how girls always have that one really, really good friend? I met her within four or five months after I moved to Philadelphia. We’re the same age. I guess a lot of my friends are older.

You mentioned dancing before. What kind of dancing are we talking about?

I used to go-go. Not at a go-go bar where it’s topless. I danced on a podium at a nightclub. It’s an entirely different thing. It’s not a show. It’s kinda like really sexy wallpaper. I did it for four hours at a time. It’s more like a workout. Feature dancing is something I would be interested in thinking about doing. I have to learn how to pole dance first. That seems to be pretty important! I’d have to do a lot of research. I don’t like doing things without taking time to think through them and do them as well as I can.

When did you first notice your sexuality?

You know how people in Europe see boobs on the beach and it’s no big deal? My parents aren’t overly religious. I was taught that it’s natural. These things are going to happen. They taught me to be careful about getting pregnant and about diseases. It was “go and have fun” and “do what you want to.” It was never presented to me as a thing that was wrong or strange or taboo. Plus, when you’re dancing in a big production you are running around backstage naked during the costume changes. Nudity wasn’t really a big deal. I was taught that it is a natural thing.

You made a name for yourself on the Internet before you actually got into Adult. Was that an elaborate scheme or did it just fall into place?

I’ve always been around computers. When my mom was teaching me how to read my dad was teaching me how to use DOS. When something really amazing happens I’ll blog about it – and my friends make fun of me for saying this – but I say “I can’t wait to tell the Internet!” When MySpace started I had an account. (At this point in the conversation, Stoya stops talking to kill a spider on her wall. I hear nothing but a few high pitched screams. Did she get attacked by the giant, furry arachnid?! Alas, the eight-legged monster is dead and she returns to the task at hand.) OH GOD! That was so gross! It was a monster bug! It’s so disgusting!

You know, they say we eat six spiders in our sleep during our lifetime.

I totally know that. I may eat six in my sleep but I promise that I will kill every one I see when I’m awake! But, back to what we were talking about. What I’ve done wasn’t intentional. The reason people like me is because what I’ve done hasn’t been calculated. People have been talking to me on the Internet for years. When I started taking my clothes off on the Internet those same people would email me and tell me they liked it. I don’t fake things. I don’t spam comments and use friend trains on MySpace. I’m just myself. If they don’t like it, that’s cool. I’d rather be myself and have some people not like it as opposed to not being myself.

Was it difficult to make the transition from your Internet site to working in Adult?

It was actually really easy because it took about three years. One of my friends really wanted to take pictures of me. It was fun. Then people wanted to take pictures of me naked and that was more fun. It wasn’t something that was excited on it’s own. When I saw the photographer and makeup artist putting effort into it and we were all making money – that was awesome. Why take a picture and not show the world? I was making money off of it and it was taking so much time that I didn’t really have time for a normal job. A website I was on shot movies, too. They really wanted me to do a video. I didn’t really know. They flew me out and I did a super ultra-soft girl-girl scene. They were really nice and not shady at all. Adult industry people aren’t necessarily evil! That’s the impression that I had before and it turned out to be completely wrong. Doing photo shoots was getting boring so I was wondering what else I could do. I started shooting with girls and there was really no sexual energy. I started doing more stuff that was a little edgier. One of the girls that worked in the office at Digital Playground was dating a photographer that I shot with. She showed them my pictures and they wanted to talk to me. They wanted me to do a scene with Sophia Santi. Robby D. asked if I would want to do boys. I told him I’d think about it and he rolled his eyes and said, “That means no.” I called back a week later and said I’d do it. They shot a movie and I did three scenes in two days. It was physically demanding. Digital shoots really efficiently so it doesn’t take all day. They asked if I’d be interested in doing it again and I ended up signing as a Contract Girl.

Stoya, thanks for taking time out for this! What would you like to say to your fans?

Don’t jerk off after eating hot peppers! I don’t like closing things out because this is only the beginning! It really never ends!

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