Exclusive Interview: Julie Strain

What’s goin’ on, Julie?

I just worked on a new movie called “New Heaven.” Craig Shepherd from “A River Runs Through It” is in it. It’s a cool movie. I just got a call to be in that show “Scare Tactics.” I did an extra on “Six Feet Under.” I have a new movie out called “Thirteen Erotic Ghosts.” I’m just trying to hide out and do cameo roles – little, fun, jobs. Things that are non-stressful. I don’t think I have a whole movie in my body right now. Every single day someone offers me a script. I can’t even keep up with the phone calls to tell them, “No thank you.” I hope they read it here. People, I’m sorry, but I took time off to really take time off. I feel like my time off now is used spending my future time off! I’ve got to quit returning phone calls at some point.

Yeah, but knowing you’re in demand has got to make you feel good!

Yeah, it’s a lovely thing. I don’t think they understand there’s an oversaturation point. If they’re investing in me to represent their company or movie, it might come back to haunt them. If there’s twenty different movies for sale at twenty different booths at the same time, somebody’s gonna go home a loser. In a way I’m protecting them by letting them hire a different actress. I’m old!

I wouldn’t say you’re old! You helped get me through my teenage years!

Oh! I’m so happy! I like young ones like you!

I’m 25 now…when I was a teenager I knew that every weekend Julie was on TV somewhere! I specifically remember one called the “Dallas Connection.”

Perfect! You would actually laugh right now because I’m at the director’s house – Andy Sidaris. I’m calling from there because he’s my neighbor and they’re spraying for spiders at my house! I ran over here in my boots saying, “Ooooh! Andy! Let me in!” Here I am calling you from his house! But, “The Dallas Connection”… that was fun. It was a kick in the pants to make and I’m glad you liked it. They’re meant to be everything they are.

What movie stands out in your mind as the best overall experience?

Gosh. “Fit To Kill” was my first one for Andy. “Return to Savage Beach” was the fifth one and we’ll be making more in that series. Both of those were breakout films for me, as for me becoming comfortable with the fighting, guns, and fighting in six-inch leather boots. Swimming underwater in the ocean was one of my fears in life that they made me cross. There’s cool stuff happening on screen, but behind the scene there is a lot of personal growth. And a lot of buffet food!

Who are some of your favorite actors to work with?

I love Shae Marks. She’s one of my best friends. Together, she and I make a nice little FBI team. We both have huge jugs! We’re double thunder on a team when we’re together. She’s a dear friend. When the cameras stop we can talk about makeup, toenail polish, diets, plastic surgery, who’s the best surgeon… Very fun!

Have you had any bad experiences working with someone on a set?

I’ve never had any bad times with women on a set. I’m a person that likes a lot of quiet. I’m not really one for huge talkers. You know – those energy vampires. They wanna move in and jump on your back. Take the gum right outta your mouth. No threesome with me and my hubby! We’re straight actually. People think we’re swingers because we do some funny shit in movies.

What about your role as Judge Julie on Playboy TV’s Sex Court?

It’s funny because Andy just finished watching one this morning, laughing to himself over all my little “Julie-isms” I do. It’s part Kim Catrall from Sex and the City and Elvira. I just really planned it that way. Those are two women that aren’t afraid to be sexy and over the top. You still believe them on screen. People believe my Judge Julie character will take the panties off of ‘em for myself. I would never do that in real life. It’s good to be a character and act that out.

Do people really think you’re like the roles you play in the movies?

Yeah. I have noticed that. I CAN be like that. I am six-foot one. I have fought off a killer with my bare hands before. I’m badass as a kick boxer. I can shoot guns. I drive a big four-wheel drive truck. I get up and go to the grocery store. I bake little foods. Today I made a cake and we’re gonna frost it. I’m the other side of that person, too. People say, “Aren’t you afraid of stalkers?” I say, “You know what? All they see me do is headbutting and kicking people. Kneeing guys in the nuts. You think they’re gonna show up in front of me?” That’s like challenging the Hulk. I’m not afraid of it.

What has been the biggest boost you’ve had to you career?

Penthouse was a big boost. The Andy Sidaris films. Heavy Metal put the icing on the cake. Those are my big public pieces.

The Heavy Metal series ensures your place in history forever! Those are awesome.

I feel like I’ve make my mark. There are three of us girls who are still alive: Dita Von Teese, myself, and Aria Giovanni. Aria is gong to be Pet of the Year next year, I think. We’re the main pin-up girls of today. We can cross over into movies and then be painted by an artist. Being painted by an artist is an extra clincher.

What about Playboy?

The funny thing about Playboy – in the four years since we’ve done the show (Sex Court) I’ve only got naked twice! So, it’s actually pretty easy. I go in there, say a few lines and get ready for the next case while everybody else does all the hard work. It’s actually the hardest job I’ve ever done because of all the dialogue. Having to know those terms. I kind of feel guilty because I’m working for Playboy and I’m not even naked! It’s a joy to work for both companies. Bob Guccione and Hugh Hefner have been very supportive. Talk about legends…

When I feel depressed or need some motivation I watch Hugh’s documentary. He built himself up from nothing. He started Playboy on a kitchen table.

You’ve got to stick to your dream to make it come alive. I was almost 30 when it happened to me. If you give up you might as well watch your friends do crack and meth, drink every Friday and Saturday night, watch football every Sunday…

I’ve never drank a beer. Never smoked a cigarette. Never taken any poisons.

At least you’ll have a clear head! There’s no escape when you have a bad spot. You’re stuck with it because you’re not using the liquor or booze or drugs to get away from it. When things are good there’s just so much purity to it.

Tell me some of the music you’re listening to now.

Alice In Chains “Unplugged”, Jill Scott, Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Gregg Allman. I like such a variety of stuff I listened to in high school and college. I’m not that thrilled with music that’s out right now. It’s not really for me. Jill Scott is my definite favorite. A little bit of Nelly Furtado. Angry chicks like Alanis Morissette, there was like ten of them at one time! They need to quit whining! Get a fuckin’ dildo and shut up!

Have you ever met or worked with any rock stars?

I got to work with the Monkees on their TV special. I worked on “Paper Doll”, the Fleetwood Mac music video. They projected some videos of them early in their career on my stomach and other parts of my body. I worked in a Meat Loaf video for “I’d Do Anything For Love…” I was one of the vampire chicks that came out of the coffin. When a model first comes into town, music videos are the main focus of what you want to do.

I admire you because you’ve made yourself your own way. What’s been your motivation?

Having to start over with no money, no clothes, at the age of 28 years old. For doing things my own way, I had no choice! No one would have anything to do with me. I still will contact a big agency and they look at me like, “What? We’re not going to represent you! What do you have to offer?” They don’t get me. They don’t even understand that I’m working and I’m a force to be reckoned with in this business. If they just think, “This girl has tits”…NOPE! I just wait for people to come to me and they do. Build it and they will come! The house that Julie built. A lot of silicone and false teeth there, but it works.

Like the saying about you…”Six foot one and worth the climb!”

Yeah. But if you get tired you can stop halfway up! The name of my next book – I think I’m gonna call it “Pin-Up or Shut Up.” Does that make you giggle a little bit? Either that or “Spanked By An Amazon.” Which one do you like better?

“Pin-Up Or Shut-Up” sticks with me more.

“Pin-Up Or Shut Up” it is! Good! Thank You!
Can I add Sting to my list of favorite music? And U2. I usually only like CDs where every song is a hit. I hate having to shuffle around to find stuff. I’m very protective with my music.

Me too. I have a room downstairs with nothing but my CDs in it. It’s kind of hidden away from everything else.

It’s almost like having an affair when other people get in my vehicle. I normally don’t turn my music on. I don’t want to share that with them. When I get in my car and I’m all by myself I’m like, “Woooooo!” It’s my little secret. I’ll play the same song like two months straight. I’ll get burnt out on it and never listen to it again. I don’t want someone to hear me doing that! They might think I’m weird if they figured out I’m a psycho!

Music is important to me. Probably one of the most important things in my life. It might be because hearing music brings back memories so easily.

Wow! I started crying this morning at the gym when I heard Creedence on the radio. It took me back to a time when I was two years old at somebody’s house. I saw every bush, every house, every tree, every step in their house. I was tearing up during that whole song! A total flashback. It was so cool. Now I think I’m gonna go listen to Creedence again!

Is the internet important to you?

It’s a good place to show my pictures and communicate with my fans. Anybody that goes there is welcome to send me a SASE and I’ll send them free autographed pictures in the mail, anywhere in the world. I feel like I’m giving back 1,000,000%. Doing the most I can for the people that appreciate me. I get to make people feel good. I’ve saved a couple of people from suicide. Something feels good about that as well.

Is there anything in life you haven’t accomplished yet?

I’d like to have a couple of horses in my back yard. Biz wise, I’ve been getting everything I want. Three months ago I said, “I love the show ‘Six Feet Under’. I wish I could work on it.” Within three days I was an extra on the show. I’m scared to say anything out loud because God might give it to me and I’m too lazy right now! I’m one of the luckiest people on the planet. I’ve got to be careful with that and handle it the right way. I’d rather God use his energy right now on someone who’s dying of cancer or save someone’s life than give Julie Strain another fucking B-movie with a gun in it.