Exclusive Interview: Joanna Angel


Thanks for taking time for this, Joanna. How would you say 2007 has treated you so far?

It’s been great. It hasn’t been very long yet. Just trying to figure it out. I’m in the process of trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the year.

How would you rate 2006? You had a busy year, right?

Yeah, it was good. It was really busy but it was good.

I’ve been going to BurningAngel.com off and on for a while now and I know I’m not by myself! Tell me a little about that.

Me and my friends came up with the idea for the site. Burning Angel has become it’s own company at this point. It’s not a huge company, but there are five of us working on it. There’s definitely someone doing something for Burning Angel about 15 hours of every day. It’s always being updated and worked on. There are thing being worked on that you don’t see. We’re constantly shooting for it and putting up new content.

Explain the timeline for me a little. Which came first – the website or the porn career?

Everything came together…we were doing Burning Angel. We put out our first DVD called “BurningAngel.com – The Movie”. I went to AVN one year to just try and meet some people. Through a friend I got introduced to some people from Hustler. I then went to meet with them to see if I could get Burning Angel to make a movie for Hustler. At first they weren’t into the idea but I bugged them enough to where they kinda came around. We made “Joanna’s Angels” which was the first porn that Burning Angel made. Things just started happening after that.

So everything in the beginning, including Burning Angel’s first DVD, was self-financed?

Yeah. We have a projection company called Burning Angel Entertainment. We still self-finance our own movies and make features for Hustler as well.

I dig the fact that you’re so into music. Who are some of the people that you listened to growing up?

The Misfits, Black Flag, Minor Threat. Bands like that. I still listen to a lot of those bands now.

You interview a lot of bands on BA. Have any artists or labels refused to do an interview because of your adult content?

Yeah. We’ve had a few. Sometimes the label won’t do it and the artist wants to. Sometimes the artist just says no because they’re scared to even ask the label. I’m not angry. It’s not the artists fault. It’s not even the labels fault. Everybody want to do what they want to do. If they think being on a porn site is going to hurt their career…if there was something in my way that made me want to stop doing porn, I wouldn’t want to do it. I’m not a jerk about it. I understand. It just sucks for me.

You do a lot. You write. You produce movies. You direct. I’m sure it all blends together but how do you balance it out? What parts do you enjoy the most?

I love directing movies the most. That’s my favorite. I like writing the scripts.

You’re a big push for the “alt-porn” genre – you’re what other people are trying to reach, I think. Who are some mainstream directors that influence what you do in your porn career?

Mel Brooks! That’s not joking! He’s really funny!

I can tell you love horror movies, too. Did any influence you at all?

“Halloween” is one of my favorite movies. We’ve never really made a movie like that but it’s definitely one of my favorites.

Do you prefer scripted movies or do you like gonzo stuff, too?

I love gonzo! I really like making porn. We make gonzo, too. We have a line called “Cum On My Tattoo” – that’s our gonzo line. I like everything for a different reason. With the scripted stuff, you can’t overload yourself on those. You can only make a few of those movies a year because they take so much work to get together. The gonzo stuff you can make a lot more quickly. It all just depends.

Since you’re working with Hustler, what was it like when you first met Larry Flynt?

It was pretty awkward. He has a hard time talking. He doesn’t speak very coherently.

Did that make it more intimidating or did it not bother you that way?

I wasn’t intimidated. Larry Flynt is supposed to be my boss. He’s the guy that signs my checks, ya know? Before I worked for Hustler I was a big fan of Larry Flynt. Once Larry Flynt became my boss I really couldn’t be a fan of his anymore! (laughs)

I read somewhere that you claim to have a dirtier mind than any guy could ever claim to have! That proves to me that you have a great sense of humor. How important is laughing and having fun to you?

I just won an AVN Award for Best Sex Comedy. Incorporating comedy into my stuff is very important to me. It’s what I like to do.

What’s in your immediate plans?

I’m going to keep my mouth shut about that! I’m trying to figure some things out. When I figure them out I will let the world know.

Thanks again for taking time for this, Joanna! What would you like to say to your fans?

Go visit JoannaAngel.com and BurningAngel.com. Check out my new movie that just came out. It’s called “Porny Monster”. It’s a 2 DVD set loaded with behind the scenes footage. You’ll feel like you were right there.

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