Exclusive Interview: Jewel De’Nyle


What made you want to get into the adult biz?

I met Selena Steele when she was dancing and she hooked me up with the business.

Who are you currently under contract with?

I’m under contract with Puritan who I shoot and direct for.

How long did it take you to sign your first exclusive video contract after entering the biz?

I first signed with New Sensations for two years and they signed me within the first month of me being in the business.

What do you remember about your first scene?

My first scene was with Peter North and we dated for two years after that. Then I went my way.

How has your life changed since entering the adult biz?

I have complete control over my career and I get to see the world on my own terms. I’ll be retired a millionaire by the time I’m 33.

What’s been your favorite sex scene you’ve done to date?

My favorite scene is in my series ‘Facial Babes’. I do a scene with Michael Stefano which is so erotic and nasty…I got off so hard it was unreal!

What about a man turns you on? What is your idea of a perfect man?

My perfect man is rough around the edges – Sicilian, but has a lot of class.

What are some films you’ve produced?

I do one called ‘Babes in Pornland’, which is very popular.

Do you have any plans to do anything outside of the adult industry?

I’ve done some mainstream…In fact I’m in Pauly Shore’s new movie coming out soon called, “You’ll Never Weeze In This Town Again”.

How important is the internet to you?

I love the internet and I’m Fox Magazines’ Cyber-Sex Editor. And I can talk to my fans!

Who are some of your favorite bands/groups?

I like old school rock like AC/DC, Dio, Guns n Roses, Motley Crue and Metallica. Hook me up with some tickets!

Have you ever met any rock stars?

I did a radio show with Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx in NY when they were promoting their book, The Dirt. And it was a blast!

Has the adult biz ever made you feel exploited?

No, I’m the boss and anyone who knows me knows better!

What is the biggest misconception about the adult biz?

We all work at the Bunny Ranch! I’m not a whore – I’m a slut and make money fucking my friends!

Are there any fantasies you have yet to fulfill?

I’ve done it all so the only thing I can do is be a pervert!

Who is your favorite male performer?

Michael Stefano

Who is your favorite female performer?


What is the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?

“What’s your sign? You must be an angel because you look like you’re from heaven!” Boy, this guy was wrong! I’m straight out of hell!!

Do you think music is helping bring the adult industry into mainstream America?

Yes, look at Snoop!

What do you think of RockConfidential.com?

It rocks and I’m glad you are taking on porn…it fits so perfect!

Describe a little about what you do with Fox Magazine.

I write about my dirty life and fantasies as the Cyber-Sex Editor!

Message to the fans?

I answer all my own email and do my own site, so don’t be fooled by other fake sites. My site is the offical site and is updated by me personally!

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