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Since 2009, Los Angeles based Pornstar DJ Helly Mae Hellfire has been successful at making her mark in both the electronic dance music scene and the adult entertainment industry. Most famously, she starred as Lady Gaga in Hustler Video’s feature film parody This Ain’t Lady Gaga XXX and has deejayed at top dance clubs, raves and celebrity-studded private events in North America and Europe.

In 2010, Helly completed her first American East Coast Tour as the DJ for Brazzer’s “Are You Hardcore Tour” and wrapped up the year with shows in Cannes, France and London, England. Now in hot demand as an international DJ, she is setting her sights on creating her own all-female DJ tour and is working on producing her own original tracks for release later this year.

It’s just been announced that Helly will be deejaying for Brazzers at Bike Week in Daytona and will be the official DJ of Brazzers new mainstream website.

We caught up with Miss Hellfire a few days ago to talk about her rising popularity in porn and her love for music – especially when it comes to being a DJ and spinning her own original music.

In your “previous” porn life you were known as Eden Sinclair. Please tell me you took your name from the badass character in Doomsday.

You know what? It was a total accident! I don’t really know how I came up with that name. I was living in London, England, for the summer. I was gonna make some money so I needed to come up with a cool porn name. It was just a weird coincidence that I picked that name.

So you left the industry as Eden Sinclair and suddenly came back into the biz, full steam ahead, as Helly Mae Hellfire. What inspired your enthusiastic return to porn?

I was deejaying under the name Helly Mae Hellfire with this shock rock band Rock Stars On Mars. I decided I really wanted to focus on deejaying and a really great way to make money and have a lot of spare time is to go back into the adult industry. I took the name I was using as a DJ and entered the industry using that name. That way I could cross-promote the two and be the porn star DJ.

They both really work off of each other.

Yeah. I get a lot more publicity just because I have the gimmick of making adult films. This past year with the AVN nomination and the XBIZ nomination for Best Actress, doing the Lady Gaga parody for Hustler – it’s just really pushed me in the right direction musically. It’s been like walking a tight rope between doing porn and being a respectable DJ. The projects that I’ve landed have helped me solidify myself as a DJ.

The Lady Gaga parody has done for you what Nailin’ Palin’ did for Lisa Ann. It’s really catapulted your career.

It was a huge launch for me. It came up three months after I really got back to the business. I did my first “official” scene February of last year. The Lady Gaga parody literally fell into my lap in May. I didn’t even know I was going to be playing that character until someone at my agency called and said, “By the way, you’re playing Lada Gaga in a parody tomorrow.” You’ve gotta be kidding me!

It looks like you’d have a lot of preparation for a role like that – wardrobe, makeup, the choreography. And you had one day to prepare!

I’ve been a trained dancer for 15 years. They showed me the video a couple of times while I was on set at Hustler and I hadn’t learned the songs before. I listened to them a couple of times. I was able to knock them out after a few tries. That was all done on the spot.

And think of all the fantasies you made come true with the Beyonce scene.

That scene got so messy!

And the age spots on Larry King – that looked pretty gross.

Totally! Good job on Scott Lyons having all that done to him, sitting through all that makeup. They did such a good job. I really felt like I was having sex with a 70-year-old! (laughs) It was a trip!

They were just slowly building you up to your Ron Jeremy scene, right!

Oh yeah! (laughs) I run into him all the time at the Rainbow now, too. It’s so funny. He’s a really nice guy.

You mentioned briefly that you’re the DJ in Rock Stars On Mars featuring London LeGrand. Tell me more about how you hooked up with that project.

I met London at the salon where he was working. He overheard me say to the woman that was doing my hair that I was a DJ. He quickly came up with this sketch of what my character Helly Mae Hellfire would look like. He showed it to me and gave me the rundown of the band and asked me if I wanted to join. I enjoyed the theatrical aspect of it was like, “Yeah, sure!” It’s been an interesting project ever since.

It’s obvious you’re a big music fan. What kind of music did you grow up listening to?

I was always in heavy metal from the 80s. I love Motley Crue, Guns N Roses. Then I got into the industrial side with Nine Inch Nails and Ministry and then Marilyn Manson and White Zombie. I think that’s what got me into electronic music. Now that I’ve started making my own music – which I did for the AVNs – I really want to do something that’s on the industrial, metal, electro side.

You seem to have a ton of things going on!

I know! I’m also going to be deejaying the first of a kind virtual adult entertainment convention. They’re building me a web avatar and I’m going to be deejaying via a live webcast. My avatar is deejaying the XBIZ party after the convention.

Porn and music seem to be so important, like it’s all just a natural part of your life. Does it all just smoothly flow together for you?

Pretty much. I think of myself as a DJ that pretends to be a porn star to make money and get the publicity that I need. I think of myself as a DJ and the porn thing is a job – a job that I really enjoy.

Well you pretend really well!

(laughs) That why I got the nomination for Best Actress! (laughs) Sometimes you go to work and you’re having a shit day but when those cameras come on you have to put on a show or otherwise they’re not going to hire you back.

So what’s next for Helly Mae Hellfire? Any live gigs or big feature movies coming up?

We did a sequel of the Avatar parody for Hustler studios. That should be out soon. That was really cool. As far as live dates, I’ve been in talks to do some summer festivals. I’m also in talks with a band right now to be on the cover of their album, on their merch and in their music video. That should happen later in the year.

Very cool! I hope you keep on havin’ fun! What would you like to say to your fans to wrap things up?

Thanks for your interest in me for Rock Confidential. I’ve done several interviews lately and this is one I’ve been particularly excited to do. Thanks for listening to my music and thanks for enjoying my scenes. I love you guys!

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