Exclusive Interview: Devon


Hey Devon, it’s great to talk with you. Tell me what you’ve been up to.

Actually, we just wrapped up my third film for Nic Andrews called “No Limits.” It’s a very different film from anything I’ve ever done. My sex scenes in it are very, very, hardcore. They’re almost rape-type scenes, which is something I really haven’t done since I’ve been in the industry. The movie is loosely based on – I don’t know if you remember the Michael Douglas movie, “The Game.” The husband wants his wife to open up and be more aggressive so he sets it up that he gets kidnapped and she freaks out. She gets all these phone calls from people that are telling her where her husband is and they’re fucking with her head. She’s being chased all over the place. It’s a very dramatic movie.

I think I’ll enjoy your take on that plot a little better. I’ll give you three seconds to figure out why! So, how would you sum up your career in the adult business?

I would like to say that I’ve definitely paid my dues. I’ve been under contract with three different companies, which I guess is a rare thing for girls to be able to get contracts like that. I went from being signed with Vivid when I first turned 21 and moved out from Pennsylvania. They offered me a contract on the spot and I signed with them, which was a big mistake. I stayed with them for two and a half years. The first year I was with them everything was OK. The second year things started to go bad. The thing was, I signed a two-year contract with them during my second year there. Halfway through that second year I was tired of working for them. They hadn’t promoted me the way they promised they would. I basically got into an argument with the owner at the time and it got pretty nasty. Because of that, he held me to my contract and for a single year I did not do a single scene in the industry. After that year was up Jill Kelly signed me. I only stayed with her company for less than six months because they promised me a lot of things they did not come through with. I left them and a couple of months later Digital Playground offered me a contract. I’d have to have been crazy to not jump on that! I’ve definitely had my fair share of companies and I’ve learned a lot. I know what a good company is and how a girl should be promoted.

Well, you seem to be in good hands now! Were there any films you shot with Vivid that they haven’t released yet?

I believe they just released my last title. I’m sure they’ll comp some things. There will be more titles, but they won’t be full movies – just comps.

When you make a movie are you paid one flat fee or do you also earn on each video that’s sold?

It depends on the company and what they promise isn’t always what they deliver. At Digital Playground I am paid a salary and bonuses and they always deliver.

Completely changing the subject here, who is someone you looked up to when you were younger?

Probably my older sister, to be totally honest. She got a scholarship to Penn State. She is very, very, intelligent. She was really popular…I guess I’ve always looked up to her.

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

I always wanted to be a movie star. I don’t know how I ended up in porn, but I did want to be a movie star! It’s so hard when you’re in porn to switch over to mainstream because you’re pegged for life. It’s the whole stigma of, “Oh, she’s done porn so she probably can’t act.”

Yeah, but did you see what she did with that baseball bat? Well, porn movies have changed a lot. There is some real acting involved sometimes.

Oh, absolutely! The movies that I’ve done for Nic are more like real movies with sex rather than a lot of sex with stupid dialogue. The budgets they’re using are just amazing. The movies I’ve done with Digital Playground are the kind of movies I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve finally found a company that is making the kind of movies that I’ve always wanted to make – big budget with hot sex, not a three-page script about having sex with the pizza delivery guy. The movies I do now have big, huge, plots and action.

And stunts! You do you own stunts, too, right?

Yeah! In the last movie I did I jumped off a five-story building into an airbag. They had a full stunt crew there and I did it six times. I was also hanging over a side of a building in a harness acting like I was falling. I actually strained all the muscles in my neck doing that, so I couldn’t move for three days! It was a lot of fun – hard work, but a lot of fun.

Speaking of work, does anything in life scare you?

Not too much! They’re really isn’t much. I’m an Aries, I’m a fighter! Oh! Spiders! If anything, it’s spiders!

Is there anything you used to be afraid of that you’re comfortable with now?

I used to be a little bit afraid of heights. When we shot “Island Fever 2″ in Hawaii, we had to take a helicopter to every location. I got to fly the helicopter and that was a lot of fun!

I guess that would break your fear of heights!

Yeah, and jumping off a five-story building…that helped, too!

Of all the people in the adult industry, whose phone call would you immediately return?

Tabitha Stevens. She’s my best friend. Digital Playground runs both of our websites, DevonXXX.com and TabithaStevens.com, if you don’t mind me throwing in a shameless plug, everyone can check us out together on both sites!

Here’s an off-the-wall question. What’s in your pockets right now?

Hmm. Let’s see. A lighter and some lint! Sorry there’s nothing more interesting!

How has your impression of the industry changed since you started?

I think it’s become more mainstream. Not so much that girls who do porn can be in mainstream movies, but a lot more mainstream actors and actresses admit to watching porn and they’re not embarassed that they watch porn and jerk off. People talk about it on television more, whereas five years ago it wouldn’t have been something people would feel comfortable talking about.

Name three CDs you couldn’t live without.

Stevie Nicks, Eminem, and Dr. Dre. “Chronic” era Dr. Dre, and Stevie Nicks’ voice – I love it!

Do you still do a lot of feature dancing?

Oh yeah. Actually, right before I called you I was on the phone with my dance agent. I’ve been dancing for two and a half years now and I love it! I’ve got fabulous costumes. When I go on stage, if they’re not screaming and yelling and shouting then my show isn’t as good. When the crowd is amped, that makes me more amped and it makes me do an even better show. It’s a lot of fun and it keeps me in shape because I don’t go to the gym! I should, but I don’t.

I think you look just fine. What’s something that pisses you off?

People that drive really slow and brake constantly. I have really bad road rage and that…ugh, I can not take it! In porn, I like doing my sex scenes the way I like to do them. I don’t like being told how to suck a cock. I don’t like to be told, “Do it this way, do it that way.” I like to do it my way. Usually, that’s how I do the best scenes.

Well, since you mentioned it – I’ve overheard that you have a special technique for putting the lipstick on the dipstick.

You’re probably talking about the corkscrew.

That sounds like a fitting name for it!

Where you put your hands around it and twist it up? Marc Davis taught me that. Yeah, that’s probably one of my specialties!

Since fantasy is an important part of watching a porn I might as well ask this question. What qualities do you look for in a man?

I like height.

Did I mention I’m 6′3″?

YUM!!!! I’ve never been into short guys. I’m only 5′3″, but short guys don’t do anything for me. I’m not into pretty boys. I like a rugged look. I like tattoos and muscles. The weirdest thing is I like veins…like guys with big veins in their arms. That really turns me on for some reason. I don’t know why, but it always has. I like guys with big, bulging veins.

Do you ever want to work on the other end of the camera?

No, I’ve never had an interest. I know a lot of other girls in the industry are, but I like to be in front of the camera. It’s always been a rush to me to be in front of the camera.

Are there things in life you’d like to do that you haven’t had the chance to yet?

I want to go skydiving. I’ve never been skydiving.

Forget your fear of heights! You’ve totally pushed it to the side!

After flying a helicopter, jumping off a building, and swinging in a harness – I might as well!

What’s in your future? What do you want to do in the next couple of years?

I want to stay in the industry for at least another two years, maybe longer. I want to try my hand at mainstream. I’m going to be doing some stuff for Cinemax and Showtime. It’s all simulated sex, not real sex. It’s a lot less money, but it is more mainstream. I’m taking acting classes right now. Even though I realize how hard it is to cross over I want to give it a shot.

Any message for the fans?

I love my fans very, very, much. The fans are who make you. If you don’t have fans you don’t have a name in this industry. I owe pretty much everything to the fans. If I didn’t have fans my movies wouldn’t sell and I couldn’t be who I am. So, “Thank you and I love you.”

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