Exclusive Interview: Christi Lake

How are things going?

Going well. We just finished what I call ‘hell week,’ which is the AVN Expo, CES, and BondCon all converging at once. I survived it and made a lot of new fans and met a lot of old fans again.

This must be the most exciting time of the year for you, but it probably wears you down.

The sad part is, the holidays – as much as everyone wants to eat sweets – I don’t get to do that! The first weekend in January is when we have our biggest convention so I have to watch what I eat. I hate that part of it! That’s ok, though. I still enjoy the holidays. It’s good to be busy.

I heard this year was the biggest attendance for the awards show.

Yeah, considering it was the 20th Anniversary and every year it gets bigger.

Were there any surprises at the awards show? Which band performed?

Vince Neil! He opened up with, “Girls, Girls, Girls” and it was fabulous. He was very good on stage as always. You could have figured who was going to be performing because he was wondering around the convention floor a couple of different times. We wandered into the Las Vegas Novelties booth when we were doing our group shot like we do every year. Ron Jeremy is good friends with him, Vince happened to be walking by when we were doing the shot and he was like, “Hey Vince. Come on in and be a part of the picture!” I had the pleasure of being the girl in the middle of Ron Jeremy and Vince Neil. All the other girls were on the other side of Ron. I had the two of them to myself! I was going, “It’s OK, Vince. You can get a little closer…really!” It was very cool.

So I take it you’re a Motley Crue fan?

I am! I used to feature dance a lot. When I’d dance I would use a lot of Motley Crue’s music.

What are some other groups you like?

They’re calling it classic rock, which disgusts me! It’s rock ‘n roll! KISS, AC/DC, Van Halen – good, danceable, rock ‘n roll is good for me. Some of the new stuff is all right, but I’ve got to have the good stuff. AC/DC and KISS especially! I’m a KISS freak!

If you could see what it looks like here, you’d know I was a huge KISS fan, too. A huge framed print of the Destroyer cover, Gene’s head is over there on the shelf…

In my comic book by Carnal Comics, who did my life story and my fantasy, the opening page is me as a teenager wearing a KISS t-shirt. I pay homage to them in that respect.

Was Gene at the awards show this year? He’s usually there every year.

I did not see him. I did not hear that he was there. He was there last year, I do remember. It was kind of funny. He was trying to get in and didn’t have a ticket. I was like, “This is Gene Simmons! For God’s sake! Let the man in!”

What are some things about you that you want people to know?

Most of my fans know me and have read things I’ve written on my website. I’m real down to earth. I could be your neighbor and you wouldn’t even know what I do for a living. In fact, my neighbors don’t know what I do for a living. I’m truly a tomboy at heart. Give me a pair of good, worn-in jeans and a t-shirt and I’m ready to go out the door. I grew up playing football with the boys. I didn’t really realize I was a girl until sex came into my life. I never was big on makeup or doing girly things like putting rollers in my hair. I was actually flattered when I was asked to do photos at a convention I was at. “You want to take pictures of me? Really? You find me pretty? Well, that’s really neat!” That opened up a new world of glamour to me.

When you started, was the adult business what you thought it would be?

Oh, no! Nothing like I thought it was going to be. After I signed for my first magazine, I had not done any videos yet. I definitely watched them, had sex to them, masturbated to them, that kind of stuff. I thought when I was asked to make movies, “How many movies will I make in a year? I don’t know.” I guessed maybe 12 or 15 tops. I thought it was like Hollywood and it takes a long time to make these things. Ha – ha – ha. Little did I know. In my first year I did about 60 movies! That’s a far stretch from the 10 or 15 that I thought. That was doing the commuting from Minnesota to California. I’d go to California for a couple of weeks, go back to Minneapolis for a couple of weeks. I used to call in to pre-arrange when I would have my tests done, be ready to work and just slam it…I guess you could say.

Have you ever felt exploited? Has anything bad ever happened to you in the biz?

I used to be able to say no. Unfortunately there was a website that posted pictures of a faceless blonde who had similar features to mine and posted them as “Christi Lake Does Beastiality.” There was five of these with a girl having sex with a dog. I got hatemail from fans for the first time in my life. I also had fans say, “I don’t think you’re aware of it. I don’t think it’s you.” And it wasn’t! That was horrifying. It was really bad for two years. I contemplated leaving the business. How could someone say that about me? I wouldn’t think of doing something like that. I believe in open sexual mindedness, but you will leave children and animals out of it. I won my suit and got what I wanted, which was for that site to never write about me again. That was really the whole point of it. Yeah, I won a little bit of money, but I just wanted to say, “You can never write about me again. You can never take my picture again.” That was my ultimate goal.

It’s unbelievable what people will do to get traffic to their website.

I tried turning him in to the FBI for posting beastiality pictures and they wouldn’t do dick about it. I don’t know if I can say all this stuff…

Oh yeah – don’t worry about it. What about Pete Townshend getting busted?

For someone who was actually doing research for healing themself – I always give people the benefit of the doubt – if he was doing research to reach out to other abused people, ok. Why did he get busted when there are people out there harming children and others. Like myself who was wronged and nothing happened to the guy. He posted these pictures. They were on his server for over a year, yet the FBI said there was nothing they could do about it.

You have a very popular series out called “Fanfuxxx.” Tell me about that.

It was created for the fans. I was getting tons of letters asking, “How do I become an adult film star – How can I have sex with you?” I thought about how I could help my fans and do it legally, because I don’t do escort work. Not that I don’t believe in it. I think it should be regulated and have a health care sysyem in place. It just wasn’t my forte. It’s too mechanical for me. I wanted to fulfill fantasies for my fans because I’m very fan oriented. If I choose them and they get an AIDS test and everything is on the up-and-up, we film them and I actually pay my fans $100 to do the scene with me. I’ve had to call them before and say, “Could you please cash your check? You’re messing up my bookkeeping!” They want to save it! They’ve got to cash the check to make it legal because they’re getting paid to be an actor for a day. That’s the difference between doing movies and doing prostitution. I pay the talent to be talent. It’s been a great success. Six volumes are out. I did a Howard Stern Dating Game…for a finale I took the fan and did him. I just found out this week that #7 will be released in May, finally. Volume #1 and some other films of mine are coming out very soon on DVD. They write in to me to tell me why they want to be in the movie in 50 words or less with a dressed photo. Go to my website (ChristiLake.com) and click on the News or the Frequently Asked Questions links and it will direct you to where the application is.

How many applications do you think you get?

I get so many applications! It’s very difficult. I had someone tell me I should charge just to file these. I put them in files by areas – state by state. That way if I’m going somewhere for a store appearance I can add a couple of days and shoot a scene while I’m there. After a year I shred the applications for their privacy. They do have that security. I shred them, I don’t just throw them in the garbage. They have to give me some personal information, so I shred them for their protection.

You mentioned it briefly before. Tell me about your appearance on Howard Stern.

I was dancing at a club who advertised during Howard’s show. His show got wind of me and they said they wanted me on the show. The only way I would do it was with the understanding that, first and foremost, I get to videotape it for my series and use Howard’s name on the movie…like “As Seen On Howard Stern.” Unfortunately, our limo driver got lost and we had to drive three hours from Philadelphia in the middle of a blizzard. We made it! Once I got there I signed the release and got out my camera. Then they decide to tell me, “By the way…they just told me you can’t use Howard’s name, you can’t shoot any scenes here or how he decided to pick the fan.” I just decided to go through with it because I promised I would. We shot the fan – everything was cool. The whole thing with me was my fan was happy! That’s what it was really about.

Do fans ever get so excited, nervous, or intimidated that they can’t perform?

It’s not impossible, but there have been times where it’s been difficult. I’ve had the range from where they absolutely couldn’t get to the climax to the point where the got to the climax in three minutes. I’ve timed it before thinking, “Oh god, that’s only three minutes of hardcore.” They way you get around that is editing. We took a little break. Thankfully the guy was smart enough to let the cameraman know that he was going to come, so he got the popshot on camera – took a break and came back an hour later to pick up where we left off. Even though we didn’t get another pop out of him, it was OK because of the editing. I’ve had one who couldn’t climax at all. He finally told me he had masturbated an hour earlier and that is definitely not a good thing to do. I now have a rule of “No sex for three days prior to my arrival.” It’s OK if you come early – that’s what editing is for!

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