Exclusive Interview: Carmen Luvana


Hi Carmen! How is everything going with your contract at Adam & Eve?

Oh, I feel very special! I’m very happy, actually.

What was your first ‘line of business’ after joining the adult biz?

I did the normal boy/girl, girl/girl. The first thing that I did I probably did over seven movies. After that I was contracted for a year with New Sensations and now I’m with Adam and Eve. I’m only doing boy/girl, girl/girl – I’m not doing anal or any of that other stuff.

How many movies are involved in your contract with Adam & Eve?

From six to eight.

How has your impression of the adult industry changed since you first started?

I see it from a different point of view. When I first got into the business I was scared about how it worked, AIDS…all kinds of things. Now that I’m into the business and I see how it works I feel I am more secure in the business than when I wasn’t…It’s the people you work with. You understand that it’s just a job and I just feel safer. That changed my whole mentality when I got into the business.

I’m curious here – I hear your accent. Where are you from?

I’m from Puerto Rico. I was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Puerto Rico.

That turned out to be a great combination!

(laughs) Yeah, but my accent…my English is not that perfect.

Speaking of where you were raised – What did you want to be growing up?

I’ve always wanted to be on TV. That was my thing. Mainstream or porn – I always wanted to be on TV. My goal was to be an actress. I thought it was gonna be impossible so I tried meeting people in the industry and I got into it. Well, one way or another I’m on TV! (laughs) Adam & Eve is going to start targeting the Spanish audience with English and Spanish versions. There are a whole lot of things we’re doing that will hopefully be successful.

With Adam & Eve you know you’re going to have a highly-produced, big-budget movie.

With our film, “Riders In The Country,” we filmed it in the desert. They do have a high budget. It’s going to come out looking great. The first one came out great. It was pretty interesting, pretty nice.

What do you like to do to prepare for a movie shoot?

Definitely the dialogue. Memorize the script…That way you won’t have to spend extra hours on the set. That, and show up with your AIDS test.

Who do you look to for inspiration – either in or out of porn?

In the mainstream business I admire a lot of people…Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro. I really admire their work. In the business, someone who comes to mind is Jenna Jameson. I like everybody and I get along with anybody.

Are there any bad seeds out there? Is the someone you would never work with again?

I can say I am lucky. I haven’t had any problems with anybody. Most of the guys I’ve worked with are pefect – they’re nice, no problems. I can’t complain about anybody because I haven’t had any problems.

I like to ask this question…What’s in your pockets right now?

Well, nothing! I always have a vibrator in my purse, though! I have a contract with Topco Sales, too. They have this little, tiny, vibrator! It’s so small, like a pinky finger. I always have it in my purse.

What are three CDs you couldn’t live without?

Oh my god…right now there are so many. I love Staind, Linkin Park, Nickelback. That’s the kind of music I like. Of course my first pick would be Spanish music which nobody would know about.

Now, you’re not one of those Luis Miguel fans are you?

(laughs) Well…If you know who he is, then yes I am a fan of Luis Miguel. He’s huge in Puerto Rico so anyone who’s Puerto Rican will love him. I really am a fan of his. He’s very good. You surprised me by mentioning him, actually. Not a lot of people know him…Unless you’re Spanish or something.

Here’s an important question for all the guys that read the site. What qualities do you like in a man?

Somebody who is smart. I’m not a girl that’s so much into the looks. Of course you always have to have a sense of attraction, but I’m not just into a guy because he’s pretty. I want a guy to fuck with my head, just get into knowing me. Just be smart and be into me. That’s all it takes!

So you want a guy to fuck with your head?

You’ve just got to know how to say the right things and not use some cheesy line. I want them to get into my head. I’m not even into the ‘big or small’ thing, either. If you know how to work it, you’re in!

That’s a relief…What is something that really scares you?

The only thing I could say that really scares me is AIDS. I think I take really good care of myself. That’s the only thing that scares me – I’m a brave girl!

Do you like to be called a ‘Porn Star’ or an ‘Adult Entertainer.” Does it matter to you?

It really doesn’t matter to me. The way people have degraded it is what bothers people. That’s what I am and it doesn’t really matter what you call it. It is what it is. If I’m in an interview, of course I will probably refer to myself as an ‘Adult Film Star.’ It doesn’t really matter. That’s what I am!

I guess the term ‘porno’ sounds more degrading to some people.

Exactly. If people hear you’re a porn star they automatically think of the word ‘porno.’ I’m not going to get mad at anybody if they tell me that. If I’m on a regular show I’ll make it sound more sophisticated, but you can call me a porn star!

Is there anything shocking that I would find in your bedroom?

Well…I have more toys than I have room for my bed! I have a lot of porn in my house and a lot of toys. My contract with Topco definitely has it’s benefits! I’m not always watching porn, but I enjoy a lot of stuff! (laughs)

Anything you’d like to say to the readers and your fans?

Good bye! When you see my movies you will 100% enjoy them! Because of you guys I will stay in the industry and have no plans to quit anytime soon. I’ll be here for a while and hopefully you guys will enjoy it and like me!

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