Exclusive Interview: Calli Cox


To keep everyone up to date about why Calli has been in the news lately, here is an article taken from the Arizona Republic newspaper:

“A pornographic video shot at four Arizona State University fraternity houses and featuring a student vice president has prompted an investigation by administrators who fear it could undermine long-standing efforts to rid the campus of its party school reputation.

The professionally produced video, Shane’s World #29: Frat Row Scavenger Hunt 3, features ASU fraternity members performing sexual acts with porn stars.
An ASU staff member told university officials about the video in early July.

“There are clear violations of . . . the student code of conduct,” said Virgil Renzulli, ASU vice president of public affairs. “There will be an ongoing investigation into any individuals involved. It’s inappropriate for fraternities to permit these kind of things. You can party, but this goes beyond that. This is misconduct.”
Bob Soza, dean of student life, said the campus judicial affairs office is investigating Theta Chi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Kappa Sigma and Sigma Nu, a fraternity already serving a two-year suspension for hazing, for their involvement in the video.

“It goes without saying that this type of behavior has no place in the university setting,” Soza said. “(Former ASU President Lattie) Coor in his tenure provided enormous leadership in establishing ASU as a Research 1 university, developing the honors college and undergraduate research. Does this kind of incident cause harm to the institution? Absolutely. It is not tolerated or accepted as part of the standards set by previous or current administrations.”

The video apparently was shot last September, when a Shane’s World crew pulled up in front of the various houses unannounced in a Hummer limousine and asked members to be part of a sexual scavenger hunt.

The crew, split into two teams of two women each, participated in sex acts with fraternity members to earn points. The team with the most points won the hunt.
Fraternity members never participated in sexual intercourse with the women, but they used sex toys and other objects. Action went from house to house and took place in bedrooms, living rooms, the limo and poolside.

The video even films a dare on a public campus lawn and one in front of Manzanita Residence Hall.

The video is one of the most frequently rented videos in local adult stores.

“It is very popular. We even had to special order more copies,” said Alicia Henry, manager of Fascinations at 16428 N. 32nd St. “We get a lot of college age kids in here asking for it, but we get a lot of older men, too.”

Sigma Nu member Brian Buck, 23, executive vice president of the Associated Students of ASU, is one of the first participants and is featured in a shower scene.
“I’m not apologizing for anything I did,” Buck said. “The way I see it is 200 fraternity guys having a good time. It’s not like we planned it, it just happened.”
Buck, who recently began his student government duties, said he is not afraid the incident will turn into a scandal.
“It’s not an impeachable offense,” he said. “I wasn’t in office when it happened. It’s not like this is Harvard. I can’t see ASU students getting too upset about it.
“The only thing I care about is my family. How do you tell your family you were in a porno? They don’t pay for me to go to school to be in pornos.”

ASASU President Mike Leingang agreed that the video probably won’t affect Buck’s elected position.

“He (Buck) has put all this behind him and is ready to do the best job he can do representing the students,” said Leingang, whose Theta Chi fraternity also participated in the video. “I don’t think the (ASASU) senate will want to make a big deal of this.”

Leingang said that he did not participate in the video and that the Theta Chi members who did are no longer at ASU.

ASU’s student code of conduct includes clauses against the unauthorized use of university property and sexual misconduct on campus or within organizations.
The code applies to all student organizations and individuals, and punishment ranges from probation to expulsion to a lifetime ban from campus.
The video attempted to prevent identification by blacking out participants’ eyes and fraternity logos.
The judicial affairs office hopes to wrap up the investigation within the next four to six weeks. Any appeals made would then go to the university hearing board and could take an additional 20 to 30 days.”

Well, there is a little background information on this whole Shane’s World incident. Calli was right in the middle of it and she doesn’t regret it one bit! Read on to find out more…

Tell us about your new job as publicist at Shane’s World.

I just started doing that about a month ago. It’s going very well. I really like it.

You’re in the middle of a controversy right now…I’ve always read someone else’s view on what happened, so let’s hear yours!

Well, we filmed it a year ago and it’s just now causing a controversy with people. The fraternities that got in trouble and lost their houses on campus had all been in trouble previously for different things. This is like the icing on the cake to get them off campus. In my opinion, I think the school is taking it a little too seriously. There was nothing filmed anywhere on campus that was…there was no sex on there. Just fun and spontaneous. Whatever we did to get the guys to do. They were so excited about it, so eager to do it. They invited us in. It was so much fun. I don’t regret any of it. I wouldn’t do it differently if I went back and did it again, that’s for sure! I feel bad that anything is happening to any of them. It’s sad that the college doesn’t have anything better to do than pick on these poor guys having fun.

College and sex…the only thing missing is music! What kind of music do you like?

I mostly listen to hip-hop. My fave ‘A-list’ – Madonna, Lenny Kravitz, Aerosmith. Those are definitely my top three of all time.

Who all have you met in the music biz?

Pink. I know the guys from Korn and Cypress Hill. I’m pretty good friends with Tommy Lee. I used to live with some people who are good friends with Tommy. That’s how I met him. He had a HUGE party last year for Memorial Day. I ended up staying at his house for four days straight! That was a good time! He throws a real party, that’s for sure!

How did you get started in the adult business?

I got started through Playboy TV. I was an amateur, still living in Illinois. That’s where I’m from. I was stripping at night. I was a big fan of some of the shows on Playboy, so I emailed them and sent them some pictures and asked if they ever did anything with amateurs. The producer of Night Calls called me one day and said, “We don’t usually use amateurs, but we kind think it’s a good idea. Do you want to be the first one? You could come out to LA and we’ll film the show.” So, I did! I met an agent while I was out there and things just kinda happened from there. I’m not your typical porno girl, I don’t think. I’m very down to earth, honest…I’ll tell you exactly how I think and how I feel!

That’s probably the way it should be!

You’re right! It should be, but very few people are like that. I don’t try to hide things or be somebody I’m not; act a certain way because of the people I’m around. I’m just me!

What are some things you’re involved in right now?

I just shot a boy/girl layout for Penthouse. I just got back in town from feature dancing, so I’ve been doing a little bit of that. I go to Tampa is a couple of weeks and then Phoenix in October. In a couple of weeks I’m shooting a feature with Renee LaRue. I’ve been working a lot lately in the office at Shane’s World. They’re the one company I work for that I’m most involved with. They’re getting ready to expand their studios and they have a lot of different projects they’re working on. I’m gonn be busy doing a lot of things with them coming up.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about the adult biz?

Most people think that porn people just constantly fuck! If there’s some kind of party, I think they think we just get together and fuck each other and have a big orgy and have sex every day! It’s not like that at all! There are times when it is like that, I’m not gonna lie. For the most part, I don’t really party that much. I go out sometimes, but the people I run around with in the industry – we just kinda chill and relax and do our own thing.

How long do you think you’ll be talent in movies? I heard you were thinking about quitting.

I’ve been making movies for a year and a half now. I think I’ve done about 140. I did a lot my first year in the business. I’ve really slacked off a lot this year and cut back my hardcore stuff. I like it too much to quit yet! Realistically, I see myself for a least another year being talent.

More and more, music and porn seem to work together. What are your thoughts on that?

I think it works. I think porn and music are supposed to go together. If the two genres of entertainment can use each other and feed off each other, then I think they should continue to do it. I would love to do a music video! I’d be in one for free…just because I think it would be fun!

Has anything ever happened to make you feel exploited?

Yeah, unfortunately. I wouldn’t say I’ve had any bad experiences, but I’ve had a few that have kind of been on the negative side. When I first started in the industry I had an agent and he tried to cheat me out of money a couple of times. And they typical, “We should ‘work’ together first to make sure you can perform.” A “Have sex with me if you want to get a job,” type of thing. I expected that when I came into the industry and I’m smart and watchful for things like that. You just have to stand up and not let people take advantage of you. People will always try!

What do you remember about your first scene?

I was scared! When I moved to LA to start in the adult industry, I had met my agent at the time about six months before. I didn’t know anybody else in the whole state of California. I came out on a Monday and did my first scene on a Tuesday! It was “Oral Consumption #4.” It was just an oral movie – blowjobs, toe sucking. No big deal I did a scene with Bella Donna, who is my roommate and best friend, and Mr. Marcus. I didn’t know who Mr. Marcus was. The name didn’t mean anything to me. Mr. Marcus is a black guy. Not that that matters to me at all. Some people said, “I can’t believe you did interracial your first scene!” That’s usually something you build up to and get more money, so you don’t normally do it in the beginning. I remember being scared to death. I didn’t know what to expect or know any of the terminology. I couldn’t have had two better people for my first scene. We all three ended up fucking – even though it was just an oral movie! The director cut at one point and we all just ended up having sex! The director stood back and let us get done with what we wanted to do!

How has your life changed since entering the adult biz?

My self confidence has raised. I’ve always been open minded, but I think I’m even more open minded. I never thought I’d be here doing this. I’ve met so many good friends and people who are like family now. It’s been a good thing for me.

And, my blowjob skills are definitely, definitely, much better! I was bad before I got in the industry! I knew I was bad. I didn’t want to do it because I knew I wasn’t good at it. That completely changed!

How do you, um…’study up’ on something like that?

I talked to some of the guys in the business and asked them who was good at it, who they enjoyed getting head from. I watched those girls and saw the techniques they used and how they did it. I learned that way. I had plenty of willing participants!

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