Exclusive Interview: Brooke Haven


Brooke, it’s awesome to talk to you! Thanks for taking time out for this. Would you care to fill us in on what’s been going on in your world lately?

I’m feature dancing a lot more. I’m with Shy Love’s company as a contract girl. We’ve been getting all of that together. It’s new for Shy to have contract girls and it’s new for me to be a contract girl. We’re getting everything ready for that and we’re all going to Jamaica for Hedonism. I’m still doing shoots so it’s very busy, but I like it!

Oh yeah, I’m sure you’re really dreading the trip to Jamaica…

I’m pretty social so I’m pretty cool with it. Since it’s all new to me we’ll have to wait and see. We’ll have some stories afterwards so you’ll have to call me back to get an update!

Hell, I may just go!

You should! It would be a lot of fun, Jesse. Where are you?

I’m in Knoxville, Tennessee.

I’ve always wanted to go to Tennessee. Don’t they have Dollywood there?

Yeah, it’s just a few minutes from here.

See! I’m all over it! Actually I just wanna get in her boobs! I’ll let you know if I ever get out there.

Oh yeah – we’d have some fun! Now I know that you started out your porn career as a stripper and then you spent one week in LA to give porn a try. What was that first weekend like?

Very interesting. The first night was even more interesting because the owner of LA Direct models has a very big house. He lets the girls that are coming into town stay there. There was a houseful of girls. At the time it was a kinda wild group of girls. I walked in and tried to get my stuff unpacked. They had the makeup artist there to do my makeup, they take pictures, they have other girls running around doing this or that. They’re watching porn on the TV. There were like 50 million things going on in that house. I did not know what to think of it all. Everything was such an eye-opening experience. I will tell you that I always had a presumption that porn was like how it is in Boogie Nights. I thought I would walk on the set and there would be trays of drugs being passed around. I thought they would be unprofessional. I was surprised. It was very professional and it’s nothing like the movies!

How long ago was your first weekend in porn?

I would say about a year and a half.

In that short time, you’ve been in a ton of movies. It’s obvious by looking at your scenes that you really love what you’re doing!

Yes, definitely. I really do love it. I was reading a review the other day and somebody said that I looked like I just wasn’t into the scene or that I was distracted. That’s not true at all. Now I try to think about that more in my scenes. I think what they were talking about is maybe that I don’t look directly at who I’m working with or I look away. I have ADD! I do love it. I think it’s great. I love doing it when I’m dancing. The dancing keeps everything seperated from the shoots so I don’t get too burned out on either one.

Has everything happened like you expected or has anything taken you by surprise?

Everything’s been pretty cool. The only thing that’s taken me by surprise is my success so far. I’m not saying that I’m doing so wonderful, but I think I’m doing pretty good. I haven’t won any awards but I’ve been nominated. That’s good enough for me. It was all in my first year. All I can do is improve.

I know you do a lot of gonzo stuff. What about feature films?

I love working on features. Unfortunately I don’t get that much feature work. I get it once in a blue moon.

You mentioned that you’re working with Shy Love and Vicious Media. That’s gotta be a positive influence.

Definitely. Especially for me. I remember meeting her when I first got into the industry. We had a shoot together. I was dating the owner of LA Direct Models. I thought that maybe she thought I was gonna be a fly by night kinda girl and just be in and out. I think I’ve proved myself to her and she took an interest in me. That’s really cool.

Shy Love has a great head on her shoulders…

She’s a great businesswoman! That’s for sure. You can not downplay that. She’s great. She’s great with crowds, too. I was impressed.

Would you say it’s pretty easy for you to have a normal life outside of your job?

I would say that I like to make it easy for myself. I like to stay home and watch movies and chill out. I like to enjoy my house and my dog. I like to shop and go meet friends for dinner. Luckily for me I got all my drug use out of my system when I was 18 and 19. That was even before I started dancing. I’m happy that I don’t have to worry about that now!

How important do you think the internet and sites like MySpace are as far as fan interaction?

I do have to admit that I wish there was two of me sometimes. I would love to be able to give my fans all of my attention and return all of my emails in a timely manner. It just doesn’t get done in any kind of timely manner. I have emails that have been sitting around for probably a month! When I get time I try to return some here and there. I think it’s very important. They’re your fans! They remember how they’re treated. You’ve gotta realize you don’t wanna lose those guys as your fans.

What’s been the most positive thing that’s happened to you so far?

I always swore up and down that I would never live in LA because it’s too expensive and it’s too overpopulated. Now that I’m here I’m living a very luxurious life. I have no complaints. Besides a little traffic here and there, I’m very happy here.

What would you say is your favorite kind of music?

I listen to alternative, country, hip-hop, a little bit of rap. I’m very open-minded. If I get in my car it’s either the alternative station 106.7FM or it’s on country.

What was the last CD you bought?

I’ve not had much time to buy anything lately! It was probably Vertigo by U2.

What will you be doing in 2006?

I’m working on getting my veneers done. I want them big and white and beautiful and gorgeous. There are so many things! I guess we’ll just watch and see!

Thanks again for taking time out for this! What would you like to say to your fans?

Be patient with me on returning emails! I am paying attention I just don’t have all the time in the world. Keep watching my movies. Hopefully I’ll be doing a lot more DPs! I don’t think I do enough DPs! Bring ‘em on! (laughs)

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