Exclusive Interview: Bree Olson


Hey Bree – It’s great to talk to you! Let’s start off by talking about your new contract with Adam & Eve.

Well, we’ve been working on this for three or four months now. We took our time with it. My agent from Foxxx Modeling helped me through it. When a lot of girls hear the word “contract” they jump right into it because they’re so excited. I had somebody by my side to take the time and look at all the details. It was a lot longer process than what most girls go through. I got what I wanted out of it. I got a really great deal and both Adam & Eve and I are really happy with the contract.

I read a while back that you were thinking about quitting smoking. How’s that working out? Are you still puffing away?

I’m not puffing away. I’ve cut down a lot. I was up to two packs a day and now I’m down to 10 cigarettes a day. I’ve cut it more than in half! My will-power just isn’t there! My smoking habit is definitely my biggest weakness.

It’s obvious to everybody that you’ve really been kicking some butt since you’ve been in the business. You really look like you enjoy it. Is that as true as what we see on camera?

Oh yeah, definitely. I was just reading some message boards last night and they were saying that nobody could enjoy it that much, that I had to be faking it. I just wish they could see behind the scenes! If they have to cut during a scene to fix the lights, me and the talent are still going at it! We’re not stopping! I love it!

You’ve got one of those really vocal personalities…

Some people know me for being that vocal. I’ve been told that I don’t have to be that way when I’m shooting – that I can just be quiet and they’ll add some music over it later. They don’t understand! It turns me on and keeps me going to be like that! I really do enjoy it.

How long have you been in Adult?

About eight months.

Tell me a little about yourself growing up.

I’m still a pretty average person. I just want to get that out there. I come out here and work but I don’t live the porn lifestyle. I know a lot of girls come out here and always go to the porn parties and get into clubs because of what they do. I don’t do that. I still live in Indiana and I still go home. My biggest concern is sprinkling my lawn! Growing up I was really quiet. Porn really opened me up and got me more like a people person.
I got good grades in school. I wasn’t really a people person but I had a few close friends. I pretty much kept to myself. I’m still kinda that way now. I may be off to the side but I may be off to the side fucking!

What did you do before you got into Adult?

I was in telemarketing. It was a really boring office job. I was sitting in a cubicle. I’d had some pretty crappy jobs previous to that. I was really excited to get that job but once I got there I knew it wasn’t the life for me. I was going to school at the same time and I knew that there had to be something better than this! I went home and got on the Internet. I Googled “porn applications” and I posted my pictures on a site. A girl called me and asked me to come to San Diego. I wondered what to do about my job and she said, “Forget it! You’ll make enough money out here!” I just dropped everything and took a huge chance and came out here. I had no idea what it was going to be like. It really worked out for me.

That’s a pretty ballsy move to go from a job in one part of the country and just taking off to California!

I was going to school, too. I did finish out the semester last year but after that I decided to take a semester off. I’ve just been working so much lately. That’s another reason for me signing the contract. I’ll have plenty of time to go back to school and be in Indiana more often.

Has everything been what you’d expect so far?

It’s been much better. The first company I was with didn’t really treat me bad, but they were a really small company. They didn’t pay very much and everything was really unprofessional. I heard them overtalking about agencies. I had no idea agencies even existed. When I got home I looked up agencies on the Internet and I remembered them mentioning Foxxx Modeling. I went to the Foxxx Modeling Agency and ever since then I’ve been getting great jobs, getting my face out there and getting people to recognize my work.

Could you have planned it any better?

No, not really. When I came to Foxxx I thought I only wanted to do it for a few months and save up some money and get back on my feet. People really liked me. I didn’t think anybody would recognize me. I thought I’d just be one of those nameless girls that’s in the industry for just a few months. It just worked out for me.

Did you watch porn before you were in the biz?

I watched porn all the time. I just had no idea how it worked. I didn’t know it was so professional. I thought it was just a camera person and two people performing.

What kind of porn did you watch?

I would watch whatever I could get my hand on! I remember when I was younger I’d try to watch the softcore movies on Cinemax. It didn’t even come in because my parents didn’t have Cinemax! It was all snowy and every once in a picture would come in just enough. I’d be sitting there trying to get off to the snowy Cinemax channel!

I think everybody’s done that! If you’d flip the channel back and forth quick enough you could eventually make out a boob or two! When you’re a teenager that’s all you need! I’ve gotta ask – do you feel like you and women in general have an upper-hand in porn? Does it empower you?

I’ve never had anybody ask me that! It all depends. Some people think it’s so degrading. I know a lot of guys that I get attention from now that I never thought I would. I guess in that aspect. I’m a really submissive person so I don’t think like that. When you’re on set, though, everything revolves around the girl. She calls all the shots. When you’re watching a movie they’re not showing close-ups of the guy’s face. They’re showing the girl’s face. She’s the main attraction.

Did you have any misconceptions about porn before you got into it?

Just that it was really unprofessional and dirty. That’s not the case at all. Some of the people I’ve met in porn are the most professional, responsible people I’ve ever met. It’s just a regular business like anything else.

What’s next?

I’m just focusing on my contract. I’d like to work about five years and then maybe start a family and finish college. I’d get a regular job. This isn’t something I want to do forever. It’s great for the time being. I love it. It will always be a positive experience in my mind. I can look back on it and not be ashamed. Going back to school and working on my contract with Adam & Eve are my two main goals right now.

Thanks again for taking time out today, Bree! What would you like to say to your fans?

I love you all and check out my website, coming soon – BreeOlson.com!

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