Exclusive Interview: Austyn Moore


Austyn, I heard you made the move to LA at the beginning of the year. How’s LA life treating you so far?

I left Palm Beach the day after Christmas. I’ve been in LA since the last day of December searching for a place to live!

Was it easy to find a place?

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I found a place in five days! The first few days I thought it was crazy but now it’s not so bad. I have a place to call home, you know? I owned a home in Palm Beach. I sold it and I was living out of suitcases and bouncing around since the beginning of December. I didn’t want to leave for LA until after Christmas. I got to LA and was in a hotel just trying to find a place to live! I just wanted a home and to unpack my shit and be a normal person for a change! I like LA a lot, but the traffic is horrendous! Everybody’s horn crazy! Everybody blows their friggin’ horn! Geeze! Relax! You’re not going to get much further because it’s always bumper-to-bumper anyways! (laughs)

Well, Ms. Austyn, there seems to be a lot of good things going on with your career! How does it feel to be under contract with Adam & Eve?

I absolutely love it! Visiting North Carolina was great because I finally got to put a face to the voices I’ve heard over the phone. It’s really cool. They’re just wonderful people! I’m really glad to be a part of Adam & Eve.

How did you hook up with Adam & Eve?

They made it easy, to be honest with you. What they stand for, business wise, is great. They’re more couples-oriented. They have a lot of great things coming out this year. They’re doing a lot of great things as far as production. I love Carmen Luvana! That was easy. I enjoy being around her and being affiliated with her. In general, Adam & Eve is a great company. They’re almost like one big family. I’m very family oriented so it’s great to be a part of their family.

Any word on when you’ll start working on your first title for them?

I’m shooting for Pirates, the film we’re doing with Digital Playground. There are TONS of hot women in that movie! That’s the first one I’m doing. We have a couple of other things that we’ve talked about that aren’t definite, but things are starting to come together.

How many movies are you contracted to do?

I’m scheduled to do eight movies.

You’ve “officially” been in the adult biz since 2003, right?

Right. I started a while ago just doing amateur stuff. I have a website, AustynMoore.net, and I’ve been running that for about three years. It’s evolved from there. Being on the cover of Hustler has made me very busy, too.

The amateur stuff you did, you put it together yourself. Could that have in any way prepared you for what happens on a real porn set?

This will be my first time on a real porn set, but the dialogue will be new. There’s training involved. The amateur stuff I did was “get into it and get it done,” you know? This is definitely different. I’m excited because I just want to do it! I’m really excited.

Has everything happened the way you thought it would so far?

Definitely. Everything that I wanted has happened. I know that only better things are going to follow. It’s getting better each day!

When you appeared in a Playboy Special Edition, did that ignite your fire to do more modeling and stretch your boundaries a little?

Yeah, that was the first thing in print. It wasn’t anything major like my layout in Hustler. I did a small photo shoot for Playboy. From the girls in Miami they picked 10 girls and it’s been so long I don’t really remember! (laughs)

That lit the spark, right?

That was the spark. I thought, “Holy cow! This is really cool! I could see myself doing this.”

Obviously, you started you career on the internet. How important do you think it will be in your career now?

I’m still running it myself. I’ll probably continue to do it on my own. I’m always open to suggestions. I like having that. It’s what I’ve done on my own and I’ve learned a lot from it. I like having that – it’s my own little gig.

You’ve accomplished a lot so far with your career, and you’re just getting started! What’s your goal for the upcoming year?

I want to be the biggest, baddest, sexiest girl! (laughs) I want to be known! Oh my god, there goes Austyn! (laughs) That would be very cool. I have huge goals. They’re all coming together. I keep setting new goals as I go along. Good things are coming, I swear! I’m excited.

Oh, I can tell. From your attitude you definitely deserve it, too.

Thank you! That was very nice.

A lot of people, usually not fans of adult, assume everyone involved with the industry has some sort of deep, dark secret of a crazy, abusive childhood or relationship. Blah, blah, blah, right? What was your childhood like?

My childhood was pretty normal. My mom supports me in what I do. That could be a little crazy in some people’s eyes! (laughs) I don’t think she was ever like, “Oh, I have this beautiful daughter and someday she’s going to grow up to be the best porn starlet,” or something like that! (laughs) She may have thought I could be like Julia Roberts. She knows that I think long and hard about the decisions I make. Certain people may not agree with me and that’s cool. As long as they’re there for support, that’s what family is all about. There are different strokes for different folks!

Thank god! It’d be a pretty boring world if we all thought the same way.

Wouldn’t it? Sometimes it gets way boring anyways! Could you imagine it any worse? (laughs)

You were a dental hygienist before. How did you know it was time to leave it behind?

I’d been doing stuff on the side with my website. It got to where I had to make a decision. I was either going to do this and give it 150% or I could stay being a hygienist part-time and juggling both back and forth. I don’t think by doing things part-time that you can achieve the goals you want to achieve. I’m crazy! I sold my house and I sold all my stuff in it. I had my friends come over and I told them to take anything they wanted! Now I visit my friends and go, “Nice couch!” Everybody has a little piece of me. I think you have to give it your all. I could never go back and forth from California to Florida. It’s not exactly a hop, skip and a jump. I’ve given it a lot of thought. If I didn’t do it, in 10 years I would’ve been like, “You know what? What if I would have tried that?” I didn’t want to ask that question.

I’ve gotta ask you a music question. Who are some of your favorite bands?

I honestly like every type of music. Country to classical, isn’t that sad? I love Kid Rock. I like Fred Durst. I like Metallica. Then again, I like Kenny Chesney! I like Jessica Simpson, too. She’s hot! I can listen to anything. As long as I’m with good people having a good time I can listen to anything.

What can we expect from you in 2005?

I’m sure I’ll be doing a ton of appearances. I have photo shoots lined up. We’re getting scripts on movies. There’s Erotica LA and tons of other stuff. Let me get my calendar out! (laughs) It’s all subject to change, too! You don’t want to be in the business standing around picking your ass wondering what to do next!

What would you like to say to your fans?

I want to thank all my fans for supporting me. There’s only bigger and better things to come. It’s like a whole new ride. I’m taking them on a ride and I’m still on it, too! There’s a lot of great movies that are going to come out and you can see Austyn in action! If it wasn’t for the fans, this whole industry wouldn’t be what it is. The fans are really a part of who each person is in this industry.

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