Exclusive Interview: Asia Carrera

Congratulations on being pregnant! Tell us about it. Have you picked any names for the baby yet?

Yessir, if it’s a boy, it’ll be Donald E Lemmon III. Very original I know, but hey, blame the dad! If it’s a girl, it’ll be Aria Catalina Lemmon. Aria ’cause it’s like Asia but not quite, and Catalina ’cause that’s where Don asked me to marry him.

What’s a typical day like for you now? Don’s already told me you like to sleep a lot!

Grrrr! Tell Don to put a sock in it! (laughs) I’m not sleeping ’cause I’m LAZY, it’s ’cause I’m PREGNANT! And I think I’ve passed through the sleepytime phase anyway. I haven’t napped in a week, but I can tell you who was napping all day today – DON!! (laughs) The one thing I make sure to do every single day is get some exercise, usually walking, sometimes swimming, occasionally both. I also discovered that I like cooking a lot, now that I’m actually allowed to EAT for the first time in 10 years! I also read voraciously – usually historical biographies, but lately neurological science – and I finish a book off every two days. I also recently started playing piano again. I was a classical pianist for most of my life, but then I wrote a movie where I played piano about eight years ago, and it stressed me out so badly that I never played again! And um…oh the website. I update the pic of the week, pay section, and bulletins page once a week.

You are one of the lucky few who can afford to never do any work in the adult industry after your baby is born. How will you spend your time?

Well, see all of the above, and throw in breastfeeding 10 times a day, and lots of diaper changing. I’m gonna be Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart, and Carol Brady all rolled into one! And I’m looking forward to it, dammit! (laughs)

You’re proud to be a computer nerd but are computers still an interest of yours since retiring from adult?

I haven’t lost any of my ’skillz’, so to speak, but I’ve been forced to spend a lot less time on the computer because the carpal tunnel syndrome up my right arm is just too painful when I spend more than an hour or so at the computer. I used to spend 12-18 hours a day at the computer when I wasn’t shooting movies, but it wreaked havoc with my back, my wrist, and forearm. I just can’t do it anymore! And I guess it’s healthier for me that I’ve had to find more of a life away from my hand-built computer ‘babies’, but whenever anything goes wrong with our computers or the network, I’m right in there tweaking all the hardware and troubleshooting until the problems are fixed!

Rock Confidential covers all kinds of rock ‘n roll so I’ve gotta ask who some of your favorite artists are.

Call me old-school, but I’ll be loyal to Metallica and Guns n’ Roses to the end! And I still love a number of 80’s hair bands, but I won’t embarrass myself any further by naming them here!

What are your three favorite movies of all time?

Heathers, The Big Lebowski, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

What’s the best thing about being married?

Hm, there’s so many things, but I guess I’d have to say having my best friend with me 24/7.

How does living in Hawaii for the past year compare to other places you’ve lived?

I LOVE Hawaii!! It’s the only place in the world where everyone looks like me! Nobody thinks I’m weird looking, or even exotic – they just ask me for directions, and I fit right in! I love it here! Plus how can you not love a place where getting dressed up means putting a shirt over your bathing suit and trading your ratty flipflops for your good flipflops!

What was the last adult title you shot? How long ago was that and when was it released?

The last adult movie I SHOT was “Sweatshop” for Wicked Pictures, made in mid-November ‘03, released sometime in spring ‘04. The last movie RELEASED was “Cheeks and Thongs Up in Smoke”, filmed in early November ‘03, and released just this past August.

In my mind – and many others – you’ll always be a legend in the adult biz. You’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Were you ever intimidated to work with anyone?

Raquel Darrien, because I’d seen her on film before I got into porn. Also Randy West, Steve Drake, Mike Horner, and most of the other guys, just because I knew their names ahead of time. But the two that kept on intimidating me time after time because they were just so gorgeous in person were Janine and Teri Weigel. Some girls look great in pictures and scary in person, but those two looked every bit as good in person, even right up close. Getting paid to work with them was pretty sweet! (laughs)

What about mainstream work? Anything you’ve been offered we might find interesting?

I’ve never tried to pursue mainstream work. The stress of doing auditions and getting rejected just never appealed to my fragile ego. (laughs) I was lucky enough to be hand picked by the Cohen brothers for a role in “The Big Lebowski”, so you can see me in that. And I just got offered a role in the upcoming “DragonBall Z” movie, but I had to turn it down since there’s no pregnant characters in the movie! (laughs)

What are three of the most important things that happened to you outside of porn while working in adult?

Discovering that fame is not all it’s cracked up to be.
Finding out that money can’t buy happiness.
Meeting my husband Don Lemmon.

I appreciate the fact that your website is so involved AND that it’s all free! What made you decide against the run-of-the-mill paysite?

Back in the dark ages when I started my site (early 1997) there wasn’t really any run-of-the-mill paysite. There were a handful here and there, but the internet was a whole different ballgame back then. People were just venturing online and just learning HTML, and the internet wasn’t as intimidatingly professional as it is now. So I felt perfectly comfortable learning the ropes along with everyone else and making my mistakes online where the fans could correct me and support me as I went along. Everyone thought it was hella cool that I was doing it all myself, and I had fun doing it, so I just stuck with it! But make no mistake about it, it’s been a lot of work, and there were times I thought about throwing in the towel, so I’ve had to cut down on updates and stopped living my life online 24/7 so I can finally enjoy some quiet time for a change!

I really hope that you’ve had nothing but good experiences in the adult biz but what would you say is the the worst experience you’ve had?

I’ve been really lucky, because I came into the business under the wing of my first husband, longtime director Bud Lee, and I went right to Vivid Video my first year in the biz. Then I won “Performer of the Year” at the AVN awards show in Vegas, and after that I was A-list all the way. And while I’ve heard horror stories of things that go on in the crappier end of the biz, low-budget fiascoes, gang-bang flicks and the like, I was always treated well on the sets of cable-friendly porn movies with decent budgets and a professional cast and crew. The days are long hours and grueling work under hot lights, and I definitely earned my paychecks, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I could get away with more than the other talent if I wanted to, just because I was the star. Not that I ever actually pulled any “star trips” on set, though – I never really had to! The directors/producers are always careful to treat the stars well because it’s virtually impossible to replace an A-list girl on short notice, and you don’t want to burn any bridges with the top girls if it can be avoided. Y’know, I gotta say the worst part about being retired is having to give up being the ‘queen bee’ on set! My husband Don does treat me like a princess, but there’s something to be said for a whole movie crew doing it! (laughs)

Do you feel porn today goes too far with the really hardcore stuff – anal, A2M, DPs, and on and on?

Ugh, yuk, yeah that stuff’s pretty gross. I wouldn’t be caught dead doing most of it, that’s for sure. But I also feel that as long as it’s legal and everyone’s consensual, then to each his own! Don’t condemn me for doing my thing, and I won’t condemn you for doing yours.

Why do you feel some talent resort to bad plastic surgery or lying about their backgrounds?

(laughs) I don’t think anyone intentionally goes in for bad plastic surgery! Hahaha – “Hello doctor, I’d like a Michael Jackson nose-job and two shiny rock-hard fake titties, please!” No, the reason they go for the boobjobs is simple – more money, more money, more money. More money dancing on the road, more tips, more boxcovers, more starring roles in movies. It’s that simple. Even bad boobjobs make more money for the girls than no boobs. So it’s an investment, and it’s tax-deductible too, so how can she lose, really? As for lying about their backgrounds, I don’t know what to say to that. I took a lot of flak early in my career being called a liar when I said I was in Mensa and an academic overachiever, and I was incredibly hurt by the accusations because I was only a 19 year old kid from New Jersey, and it had never even occurred to me to lie about myself! So then I started inviting reporters to my house and showing them proof of all my claims after that, just to shut everyone up. Hm, maybe ALL the girls should have to do that, and then we wouldn’t have to listen to the obviously b.s. claims that some of the girls make these days!

Did you fulfill all of your goals before retiring and are there dreams you’re still shooting for?

Yeah I’ve done everything there is to do in pornoland, directing, producing, starring, writing, editing, music, everything. Been there, done that! And the web stuff too, of course. So I’m happy with my professional career, and now I’m looking forward to throwing myself into a homemaking career the same way I do everything in life – 110%!

What are the last four books you have read?

“Catherine the Great”, “A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness”, “The Foundation Trilogy”, “Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain”

Thanks for taking the time to do this, Asia. What would you like to say to the readers?

Don’t forget to visit my site, AsiaCarrera.com and when you’re done there, you can check out my husband’s site DonLemmon.com!

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