Exclusive Interview: Alexis Ford


A native New Yorker, avid sports fan and Adam & Eve contract girl, Alexis Ford burst onto the scene in early 2010 and hasn’t looked back. She has been featured in Hustler, Club Club International, Velvet, Barely Legal, Playboy Special Editions, Playboy Cyber Girl, Fox Magazine and now Rock Confidential!

We caught up with Alexis to talk about her career and her accomplishments – professional and personal.

You’ve been around just long enough that you can be reflective on your career and where you’ve been so far. How do you remember your first year in adult?

I remember it to be very fast paced and life changing. I was going from nursing school to doing conventions and meeting fans and feature dancing. It was all a really new experience for me. I didn’t have that “porn star friend” that had already experienced those things. I was very excited. The first year was such a success and full of good times.

So much happened for you that first year. It doesn’t always happen like that when a girl enters the business.

I know! People ask me how to get into porn and honestly, my experience was different than a lot of other girls’ experiences. I didn’t do hundreds of scenes before I got signed. I wasn’t well known. I was nobody! Before I knew it I was getting my pussy, ass, face and mouth molded! I just got really lucky. My time in porn has been too good! I’m spoiled! I get to pick out my talent and have a say in what kind of scenes I want. I do have a say in my career and I think a lot of porn girls don’t know what that’s like. Some end up doing a lot of shit they didn’t really want to do.

I guess you have a “no” list – things you won’t do.

I have a “no” list with actors and sex acts. Adam & Eve is very couple-friendly so we’re not getting slapped around and spit on. They have a lot of limitations as well. Our material is definitely geared towards the consumer and our audience tends to be couples and women. That’s one thing I love about our movies. They’re not as hardcore and blatantly raunchy. We want quality scenes.

You don’t have to name names, but what puts an actor on your “no” list?

If an actor has done gay porn I won’t work with him. There’s a lot of actors that lie about doing it. They’ll go by different names. Some do gay escorting. The chances of contracting HIV and STDs is a lot higher because the testing is not the same for gay porn as it is for straight porn. I have nothing against gay people at all. I just personally do not want to have sex with a guy that’s bi-sexual. It’s primarily just for safety reasons.

Do you remember the first time you discovered your sexuality?

I was always a very open and sexual person. I lost my virginity at 13 and I’ve always loved sex. I remember trying to tell myself I was more conservative but I found myself being more and more open with women. I’m always kissing random women. I’ve very secure with my sexuality. That’s why I can squirt and do crazy things like that!

Do you see your sexuality and your career as being empowering at all?

It is empowering to know that people go out and buy your movies. I appreciate my fans in this day and age where you could go on the Internet and get everything for free. It takes a true fan to buy your shit, especially in this economy.

What do you think about how the mainstream media portrays porn?

I come from a very loving family. I spent every birthday at Disney World. I went to private schools, even through college. I have two parents that love me. I didn’t come from a fucking cracked-out, abusive family. I have an Associate’s in Science. I’m a semester away from graduating with my Bachelor’s in Science. I wanted to take this opportunity. I can always go back to school and finish. I can’t always be a young and hot and energetic porn star! It does suck when people choose to look down on porn stars. That’s the reason me and my boyfriend broke up. He couldn’t deal with the way people would talk. His family and friends would talk shit about me. I’m well educated, successful and young. I have sex for money but that doesn’t make me any less of a person. I chose to do this. I wasn’t forced into it. People are so ignorant. The more I’m involved with my career the more I realize how ignorant this world is.

If you really want to think about it, how many people are out there having sex with who knows how many others and NOT getting tested?

Exactly. When was the last time they got tested? I get tested every 21 days for everything. A lot of people are sexually active and carry shit. I think porn stars are actually some of the cleanest people out there. That’s the one thing I shrug my shoulders about being a porn star. People don’t get to know you before they’re so quick to judge. They are so fast to assume I’m on drugs or an escort or just a fucking whore on the corner, ya know?

Do you still live in New York and make the trek back and forth?

I do. I live in the city and I go to LA about once a month. That’s what’s great about Adam & Eve. They’ll shoot me a lot while I’m out there and then maybe have a month off. They work with me so I’m not too run down. I just sleep on the plane so I don’t get jet lagged.

It must be really cool mentally to have such a definite separation between work and home.

That’s one thing I tell myself when I come to New York. I can just be my regular self and hang out.

Where do you see your career going? How long do you think you’ll stay in porn?

I’ve been working a lot with Penthouse. I have a great relationship with them. I really see my career moving forward a lot. I’ve had a lot of success in a very short time so I’m very anxious to see what my future holds. I want to be a big name star – a Jenna Jameson type. I want people to remember me. I’d like to do a sex education series or a book. Something mainstream. I’m just so excited. Wherever my career wants to go I’m ready to go with it! I’m really focusing on my career and pushing hard.

Alexis, I definitely appreciate you taking time out for this. What would you like to say to your fans?

I’m very happy and thankful that you continue to support me and watch me grow as a performer. I appreciate the loyalty you have for me. I love you. Keep jerking off to my movies and I’ll continue making them for you!

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