Exclusive Interview: Alexis Amore


Alexis, thanks for taking time out for this! What have you been up to?

I’ve been working on a new website called ClubAlexisAmore.com. It should be completely ready by Christmas. It’s going to be fun because after all these years I haven’t been able to do any camshows. I’ll be doing one every other week for my website. That should be very interesting!

How does the website fit into your schedule? I’m sure you’re spending a lot of time working on content.

We’re shooting a lot of content. I have a ton of content already because I’ve been in the business 10 years but you can never have enough! Guys want to see things all the time. I’m trying to shoot new content every week. I really want to take over my site because before it was really hard with me being under contract and going on the road all the time. Now that I’ve slowed down on the feature dancing I can focus more on my website. I spend a lot of time with my webmaster setting up photo shoots and things to make it more fun. I want to make it very personal instead of just shooting new content and walking away.

Everybody better click over in December and check this out!

Yes! It’s only one page right now but there are other things you can do. My 2008 calendar is coming out. You can get that on AlexisAmoreCalendar.com. It’s been hectic putting the calendar together and my website and auctioning off my clothes and shoes! I think I have my hands full!

Fans love things like that.

I know! I love it because I have so much clothing from so many movies that I’ve done. I’m going to start auctioning clothes from particular movies and they’ll get a copy of the movie with the clothing, too. They get to see the outfit in the movie and have the outfit, too. They can see the magazine layouts and have the clothing I used for them. I think it’s a great combo.

When you first started in adult would you have ever imagined that any of that would be possible?

No, never! I’m so glad I kept all of those clothes! I knew all of that storage was needed. I’m happy to be able to share that. It’s good to share that with my fans and collectors.

Looking back on your first year in the business, how do you think that compares to what new girls are going through now?

It was so nerve wracking and overwhelming. Not that I’m overwhelmed now, but it’s so exciting to get on stage and see your fans and go to another state and do a signing. I’m pretty sure that girls now can get pretty overwhelmed with the adult star status and they should enjoy it all while they can! Some girls won’t last 10 years.

Do girls have more opportunities now than five or six years ago?

The market has grown so much. It’s expanded in so many different ways. There’s a market for everything. There’s a fetish for everything. It’s definitely grown since I started.

I’ve seen DVDs that feature nothing but girls blowing up balloons until they pop!

Yes! I’ve done those, too. I did that about five years ago. I’m surprised to see more coming out. I guess the director knew what she was doing because I didn’t understand what was going on! Now I know there is a whole market out there!

With the market being so open do you feel like it’s being saturated with low-quality product?

I think it’s so big that there probably is too much. I’m glad for the girls that have a following because they can make their money. Now, anybody can do anything and it doesn’t matter if it’s too raunchy or not. The industry has moved from the classic adult movies to very degrading stuff these days, but to each his own! There’s still beautiful contract girls that do very classic, sensual, erotic porn. I like it that way. I like to see the companies keep that up.

I think today’s porn stars are like modern day rock stars! They have the glamorous look, people know their names, and they’re usually associated with partying and having a good time – always in the spotlight.

I’ve been a contract girl three times – twice as a performer and once as a director. I can not complain! Not only does it give you the publicity, but you work really hard as a contract girl. You have to represent the company. The focus is on you. All the promotion and traveling takes a toll after a while. People don’t realize that but yeah, we are like rock stars! Some girls let themselves go and you can’t do that. You have to always maintain yourself and always look flawless 110% of the time.

Like you mentioned, you’ve been a contract girl a few times. Was it always what you thought it would be or did you ever feel let down?

I had my good contracts and I had my bad contract so I won’t complain. I never stopped being a contract girl because I felt I was being mistreated or I wasn’t happy. I just wanted to go more on my own and have more control over my career. All my contracts were great because I had 75% control over them. That was really nice. Now I can pick and choose and work for whoever I want.

Tell me a little more about yourself before you got into adult. What were you like as you were growing up?

I was always very outgoing. I was the funny girl in school. I was a cheerleader. I wasn’t shy, obviously! I was in long-term relationships so I wasn’t all over the place. I was very in touch with my sexuality and I was very proud of what I looked like and my body. I grew up in a great household and they always made me feel like I was the prettiest girl in the world. I started modeling and did a few mainstream things here and there. I ended up working for Playboy TV for a couple of years. That’s what got me into adult movies. I met a few performers there and asked a lot of questions and here I am! That’s the short story! If you want more than that you’ll have to go to my website!

What motivates you from day to day?

My fans. My fans are awesome! They are 110% supportive. My family is very helpful. This is kinda like running my own company and they help. They’re is nothing better than having my family there when my life gets a little out of balance or out of control because I have so much going on.

The latin porn market is huge now. It’s got to be one of the fastest growing niches in adult. Is it easier to be a latina porn star now?

It is nice. In our culture, porn has always been very taboo. It is more open now. I wish girls would last a little longer than they do. Their families find out and give them a hard time about it. I hope it continues to grow and consumers will be as open as they are now.

I always like to ask a music question or two. What’s your favorite kind of music?

I love Korn. I’m a huge Korn fan and I know Jonathan and he’s such a great person. I like System of a Down. I like the heavy stuff. That’s what I dance to when I go out on the road.

Do you go to a lot of concerts?

The last show I went to was Red Hot Chili Peppers. There’s nothing better than seeing them live. They’re awesome.

The year is almost over – how will you be focusing your career for the next couple of months into next year?

My website is getting all of my attention. That will be my new contract home. It will eventually take over for everything I do. My MySpace is keeping me busy enough!

Thanks again for taking time out for this, Alexis. What would you like to say to your fans?

Keep checking on me! Don’t forget me! Go to ClubAlexisAmore.com and myspace.com/AlexisAmore!

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